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The new contract will keep the 27-year-old Hanifin in Vegas through the 2031-32 season.


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  1. JB

    Well there goes Marty and maybe Theo? That seems like a little too much for a just above average D-man? I like the guy but……..

  2. knights fan in minny

    h is more then above average

  3. Hanafin is a solid puck moving defenseman. Management has a lot of tough decisions coming up. The fact that this team is playing so poorly this year, barely a playoff caliber team. This will require a lot of changes before next year.

  4. DeezNutz

    Holy shit he actually signed! I thought for sure he was gone after watching the team around him quit. This is fantastic news even if we don’t make the playoffs now.

  5. Niggles

    This is a big fucking deal. Great signing. He’s been carrying Hague. Total fucking stud who want to win. GKG.

    • vgk21

      Hanifin has played 16 games for Vgk, Petro has played 64. if you factor that over 64 games, Hanifin would have 8 goals and 28 assists for 36 pts, more than Petro who has 33 pts. But the big difference is that Hanifin would be PLUS 28 compared to Petro MINUS 5…..and Hanifin did it mostly paired with minus 1 Hague.

      • ThG

        and no. 7 was paired mostly with marty, who is also a -1. Last year he was a plus thirty. Tell the whole story !

  6. Stuart Cohen

    Great Signing! There will be massive changes to the roster. Underperforming since early November.
    Squeezing into the playoffs for a most likely first round exit based on their current performance.

    I have a feeling Stone’s contract is getting reworked. Can’t be the captain making highest salary and miss 25-30% of every season. Great player, great leader, but he’s hurt all the time.
    Martinez-Gone ($5million)

    Next up, signing Marchy to his well deserved extension.

    • TS

      Stuart, great thoughts on Stone’s contract “revision”. Can teams do that?? And: SIGN MARCHY, for Crying out Loud— SIGN HIM, ALREADY!!

  7. Richie-Rich

    I like this move. If Petro can get healthy this is a great D1.

  8. NAM

    I like Hanifin a lot, but 7.35 mil for 8 years seems like top dollar. That is right there with Victor Hedman or Quinn Hughes money. The team is getting too many high dollar guys and not enough good-deal guys. I always hear vegas is a great place to play and everybody wants to play here, but then we give everyone max dollar and get rid of other quality guys for nothing. If we have to replace that giant list of players with only 7 mil cap space then I don’t see how this team is getting better. Marchessault is going to require most of that or let him walk. Marty is gone no doubt (and should be) and I wouldn’t be surprised if Theo goes too and probably for no return, as is standard operating procedure.

    Again I am totally happy with Hanifin, but top dollar just makes me shake my head.

    • NAM

      …and full no-trade clause. Christ!

    • Pistol Pete

      NAM no way if they trade Theo do they get zero for him. Are you kidding? One more year @ $5.2m is a good asset. Theo may be a bit off perhaps due to a nagging injury but the guy can still move the puck, create scoring opportunities and defend. Long considered one of the best puck moving D’s in the NHL and still is. How many D’s are career .61 pts/game? Even higher than Petro’s .59.

      • NAM

        Oh I am not saying he isn’t worth value, cause he is. I am saying they won’t get anything for him because Vegas has a history of not getting anything for its players, but just off loads them for space. What did they get again for the, at the time, Vezina winning goalie? The hottest goalie in the league, at that moment, and they got what again? (it’s a rhetorical question, but the answer is one step lower than “Future Considerations”….Mikael Hakkarainen). How about Reilly Smith or Max Pacioretty?

        Not sure how you can be on this site for all of these years and not understand the tongue in cheek comments I made about getting nothing in return for quality players. It is almost mind numbing as this has been the VGK’s standard operating procedure for a long time.

        • TS

          Nam, I don’t know your sarcasm from realism, either. I’ve misunderstood you before. Sarcasm is hard to decipher in written statements. You confused me a couple times, too
          …just saying..

  9. John W

    Next years D pairings:

    Hanafin – Hague or Whitecloud
    Petro – McNabb

    Need to trade Theo, Howden, and probably Whitecloud to free up almost 10 million to retain or sign forwards

    Possible somebody takes a stupid Hometown deal, but not likely

    Just my 2 cents

    • Emmanuel

      You will get assets for Theo…..the other 2……meh

    • Pistol Pete

      Howden stays we need him for Howden-Roy-Kolesar which is about the same as Carrier-Roy-Kolesar.

      We’ll see how Theo does in the playoffs. Folks need to consider he has been impactful in the postseason every year. See for yourself:

      • Pistol Pete

        Theo 60 pts (13 G/47 A) in 87 playoff games = .69 pts/game (+25). Trade him? I don’t think so.

        • Emmanuel

          Theo you might not have a choice but to trade him, its not that we want to trade him.

          I dont get the Howden love, he is a fringe NHL’er in his prime years,
          he will decline to mid-AHL levels of play in a couple of years.

          What makes this franchise great is that they ARENT sentimental about players!

          • Pistol Pete

            I think Howden is roughly the equivalent of Carrier. He’s heavy, checks, is defensively responsible and a fast skater. He will score on Roy’s line about as often as Carrier. Was decent in the playoffs and won a Cup. Viable replacement for Carrier. I am more skeptical of Cotter anywhere in the lineup than I am with Howden on Roy’s line in fact he might be better on a Karlsson line than Cotter. Thing is I don’t like Cotter anymore on the 4th line than I do him anywhere else. Wish the HSK’s top scorer Grigori Denisenko could show himself to be able to play in the NHL. Still just 24 years old. Brisson has not scored as much as Denisenko but has shown he can play at this level. It may be slim pickins at this point but I have him on the Karlsson line next season. See below.

  10. Tim

    What’s not to like a 27 year old very good D-Man too replace Martinez who is 36. Keep getting younger on the fly. There’s enough dead weight on the team that can be moved out to cover his cap hit. Were not even sure if Stone will ever come back we hope so but maybe he’ll put his health above hockey.

    • ThG

      get off the floor, hitting the juice again TIMMAH

      Stone was in red shirt today !!!

      pay attention, stop watching ENTER THE DRAGON, and MLB network during the games !

  11. Pistol Pete

    I could be wrong they trade Theo pick up some prospects and free up $5.2m in cap space and extend Mantha but for around $3m. We’ll see how Mantha does in the playoffs. Personally I think two young puck moving D in Hanifin and Theo to go along with an aging Petro is the plan. Trade Whitecloud freeing up a little more cap space.



  12. Pistol Pete

    Oilers are deeper and better defending than last season proving they can win without McDavid just as the VGK did down the stretch last season without Stone. Fine Stone is out and Carrier but subtract Petro and Roy and let’s be honest it contributed to the 0-3 roadtrip. Just brutal. Cotter-Howden-Kolesar is not Carrier/Howden-Roy-Kolesar and it is harder to win not to mention Petro. C’mon guys let’s overcome the short roster adversity and beat the Wild tonight! With an STL loss we clinch.

  13. JB

    It’s all n our hands. Just win a couple games, it’s over. If the Blues want to help us and lose , we’ll take it!

  14. Pistol Pete

    Mark Stone has been cleared to practice in a red no-contact jersey. Looks like we’ll have him for round 1 (in Dallas probably)!

    • JB

      Yea baby! It’s coming together!

    • knights fan in minny

      sweet the boys have to beat the mild tonight flower will want to play spoiler

      • knights fan in minny

        2 days ago was reported flower was starting now reporting wallsted in goal

    • TS

      Well, looky here…Stoney may be playoff-ready, just like last year. Just in time. I’m stunned at this news, lol….

  15. vgk21

    lines in morning skate today======



    11:09 AM · Apr 12, 2024

    looks like #7 is still mia

    • knights fan in minny

      roy is back thats huge i like amaddio with wild bill had chemistry in the past

  16. VGK fan

    Awesome job by management! Hanifin deal makes him the 29th highest paid defenseman. I have no idea how you can’t love this deal. This is a steal.

  17. knights fan in minny

    dumb question can players rework contract to save cap space like the nfl i think i know the answer

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