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Night Hawks Is The Backup Plan, Different Name Selected

The final name for the Las Vegas NHL franchise has been selected, and it’s not Night Hawks. has confirmed the name Night Hawks will not be used, unless the preferred name falls short of the NHL’s vetting process.

Name selected but still needs vetting and clearance. Night Hawks still in mix but not primary. –The Creator

It’s essentially a backup option in case the primary name gets thrown out for what ever reason. Based on previous comments the name was selected about a week ago in a teleconference between The Creator, Adidas, and the NHL.

This certainly clarifies the confusion from late last week. reported the final three names were Night Hawks, Red Hawks, or Desert Hawks. They redacted those as the final three the following morning. The Creator then said the name Night Hawks had not been thrown out and was “still in the mix.”

With Night Hawks as the backup option, it absolutely still is in play, but the plan is not to use that name.

So what will the name be? That’s really anyone’s guess… just like they want it.

What we do know is the word Knight, or Night, is likely to be a part of the name that’s currently being finalized and vetted.

But not Night Hawks. So relax Chicago, it’s all going to be okay.

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  1. Eric

    Black Knights or something completely random.

    People may not like Black Knights, but the team has been referred to as the Black Knights or Knights for almost two years. People are used to it and people will like it.

    Every name is going to be hated by half the population when it’s announced. It takes time to make these things sound normal.

    • Eric

      Still holding out hope for Peregrines, though.

      • DB

        I can get down with that, sure we know he is open to birds, its the word !

        • Peregrines is a cool (and out of the box) name but like fetch it’s not going to happen. Too many people are too dumb to know what a peregrine is and how to pronounce it. That’s not a good thing for a team name.

  2. DB

    Glad to hear Hawks is not THE name, Nigth Hawks was just not well received, I agree Eric something Knights has been pound into us for too long. He likes “Knights” so I would guess its BLANK KNIGHTS!

    Hopefully the State or locals are represented as well in the first word of the name.

  3. Chunky's Choice

    Las Vegas Nights!! Do it do it do it, it would be so great
    Black jerseys with the night sky on ’em

  4. I’m guessing Night Owls or Knight Owls as the name. We’ll see.

    • DB

      I do not see where they own any Owl names so my guess is no and besides an owl…

      Give me a badass Silver Knight that can cut the head off a King!

  5. Thomas

    Las Vegas Silver Knights would be fine, although better one-word spelling might be SilverKnights so that people don’t shorten it to just Silvers or Knights. I had suggested Las Vegas Talons (claws of a bird of prey, including hawks, used to capture animals) to Mr. Foley and received a “Thank you for your e-mail! We appreciate your support and enthusiasm!” response.

    • Tommy

      Talons I believe is taken by an arena football team, they used to be in my hometown. A shame– I always loved the name.

      • Thomas

        There was a Tulsa Talons team in Arena Football League that moved and became San Antonio Talons, but then went out of business in 2014 and team is defunct. Las Vegas Talons would be a great name for new NHL team but Las Vegas SilverKnights will win over fans.

  6. Neil A

    I like Silver Knights. Nevada is the Silver State, and if he so desperately wants the word “Knights” in the name without having to pay Dale Hunter a fortune for road trips north of the border, then we have a winner.

    • Silver Knights is kind of generic but it’s okay. Whatever name they pick will grow on people as they get used to hearing it.

  7. A Fan

    Would you like $100,000? Maybe there is a chance it’s the Las Vegas Mustangs. (best name) And if it is, hopefully having the Mustang name will help what’s happening to them in the NV desert. George Knapp of Channel 8’s I-team just did a story two days ago about someone turning the water off on purpose on a rescue ranch in Elko county NV. Boone Pickens wife has a rescue and there are people who want the horses gone, enough to kill them by cutting of their water and letting them die a slow death. There is a $100,000 reward to help find these POS. C’mon Mr. Foley, give this majestic animal the recognition it deserves. What a great name and logo with the Mustangs!

    Here is a link to the Channel 8 story:

    • Dave

      You managed to mix politics into this, nice.

      I agree with the majority above Silver Knights or bust…

      • A Fan

        What the hell does bringing up some horses that are getting screwed over have to do with politics?

        Las Vegas Silver Knights, 4 words, bad for marketing. No pro team has a 4 word name for a reason.

    • DirkDiggler

      Derek Sutton endorses this name.
      (Kudo’s to those who get the reference)

    • b

      There is a University in Waterloo ON, Canada, named the Mustangs.

      • John

        there’s far too many teams already named the Mustangs, that making sure they don’t upset UofW is the least of their worries

      • Crisp_Egg

        The Mustangs are actually from Western University in London, Ontario – coincidentally, the same city the London Knights are from…

  8. Mickey B

    Please – not Nights or Neon Knights. Those are a joke. Silver Knights is lame too. I’ll be glad if it’s either Mustangs, Scorpions or Peregrines. Maybe Wranglers secretly has a pulse. And it would be sick if they went with the jersey concept on this site. Las Vegas Vipers is still my favorite by a mile even though it’s a reported no-go.

  9. Dave

    @”A Fan” please do not be offended but on one hand you mention 4 words is not good but then mention in your situation everyone just shortens it during discussion any way. So essentially answered your own problem. LV SilverKnights, Vegas SilverKnights, Las Vegas SilverKnights, SilverKnights or ultimately just calling them Knights when discussing them. The name is ultimately not an issue to marketing.

    As far as the other three names you mention, Scorpions has been out for several weeks, no insects. Peregrines is awesome and would be great, make for a sweet logo and unique. I can get behind that, sure. Mustangs, not liking it, reminds me of football to be honest, a horse is amateur and a simple plane not enough (Winnipeg). To top it off youd have those psycho out skirt Las Vagians trying to kill over it lol

    • A Fan

      @Dave. Nope not offended. But you’ve missed the point completely. You’re marketing knowledge is limited it appears…but don’t be offended. You may want to look into the real reason the Los Angeles Angels have the name they do, do your research. Kind of comical that out of all the pro names, you base all your comments above because there is one pro team name that has more than 3 words. I guess all of those other many, many teams are missing the boat by not having 4 or more words in their team names. Maybe you should see if they would hire you, so you could correct the huge error of all of those misguided teams.

      It also seems you have 100% knowledge of what Mr. Foley has decided on for a name. You also missed the fact that he wants the name to be a surprise, after all he spent $500M, I think he’s entitled to that. So don’t be sad when you realize that the name isn’t the Silver Knights when it’s announced.

      I also don’t follow your logic that Mustangs is amateur, doesn’t make any sense. It’s a great team name in my opinion, and some others on here have agreed. There is plenty that can be done making a great logo with that name, you don’t sound very creative Dave. I think it’s safe to say that a lot of team names are used in some form in most other sports, there are only so many good names to go around.

      And Dave, I doubt those ‘psycho’ cattle ranchers (as you called them) that kill Mustang horses by turning off their water in a NV rescue ranch, won’t have the same luck turning off the water for the ice in the T-Mobile Arena. lol

  10. Dave

    Is this real life?

  11. Ryan Dunne

    Uhhh, is it too on the nose to call them the Las Vegas Gamblers? Ok, what about the Vegas Strip? I mean, I don’t what color you call them, but what does the name ‘Knights’ have to do with Las Vegas? By the way, not to kiss a$$ on the website, but the ‘Sin Bin’ would be a great nickname for the arena!

  12. JL

    Las Vegas Knight Riders – make it happen!

  13. John

    Las Vegas Warheads

    and play off their atomic history!

  14. Jamie

    They cant use “Knights” name, because of the London Knights.

  15. Pat

    Doesn’t the owner have a connection to West Point? That would make Black Knights a strong contender. Personally, I like the Las Vegas Aces as a name.

  16. Rondothemidget

    Wyld Stallyns!

  17. Moi

    Las Vegas Vanguard. It certainly applies in regards to an expansion team plus it relates somewhat to buddy’s Knight fetish and has some wicked awesome aliteration to boot. Who cares if it doesn’t have any connection to the city? There aren’t many dinosaurs kicking around in Toronto but the Raptors is still a pretty badass team name.

  18. Horse with no name

    The Ratpack

  19. Name

    I know its not gonna be Lav Vegas Nocturnals but if it was the logo could be like a owl

  20. RJ Colston

    caballeros de Nevada

  21. Rob


    Could be here all day. But a singular name is better than the likes of BLACK KNIGHTS, NEON KNIGHTS, SILVER KNIGHTS, NIGHT HAWKS,

    Nevada sounds better than Las Vegas.

    Example: NEVADA NIGHTMARE or NAVADA HUSSARS using Las Vegas is to long unless use short name like LAS VEGAS GOLD.

  22. Harley

    For all of those suggesting “Aces”, “Gamblers”, etc. The NHL has made it very clear the name cannot have anything to do with gambling, which makes sense to me. Also the name Black Knights has been in circulation for years because Bill Foley (Owner of the team) went to West Point and is very patriotic to the military, hence the desire to use Black Knights. However it’s been said the school won’t allow Black Knights to be used, and OHL London won’t allow just “Knights” to be used either. Personally I think Las Vegas Knights sounds the best out of all potential names that have been mentioned, however it’s doubtful we’ll see that used. Not a big fan of “Night Hawks” either as it would just be weird having both them and the Blackhawks in the league. Also to whoever said no sports teams have 4 part names or whatever, there are of course the LA Angels of Anaheim in the MLB, the former Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and even in the NLL there is the New England Black Wolves. Which coincidentally is a name I like for the Vegas team. Why not Las Vegas Black Wolves, Night Wolves, Wolves or Wolfpack? All of which I think would be better than anything aside from maybe Knights (Can’t use), Aces (Can’t use) and Outlaws (Won’t use).

    • A Fan

      @Harley. You may want to read all of the comments on the 4 word team name posted on this site. You bring up 3 examples:

      Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – Research why that name is used.

      Tampa Bay Devil Rays changed the name to Tampa Bay Rays in 2008.

      New England Black Wolves. A Lacrosse team. Enough said.

      Even the Chicago Black Hawks changed their name to Chicago Blackhawks.

      And Nevada already used the Wolf Pack name in Reno college football. Where do you live anyway???

      Again, a 4 word team name just a bad idea all around. I’m sure Mr. Foley understands this. But we’ll all find out soon enough.

      • Lsegundo

        NY Rangers AHL farm team is the Wolfpack. That is probably a bigger deterrent than a college team in a different sport.

        “Where do YOU live anyway???”

  23. nick

    I still think it will be SilverKnights, if Knights is a must it’s the only logical option and one the nhl approves.

  24. Zak

    Scorpions is a good name, better than any “hawks” or “knights/nights” name. AND scorpions have 8 legs, so it’s a homage of sorts to the original eight hockey teams. I like it!

    • DB

      But bug names out, has been for months.

      That is why IF a KNIGHTS theme only Silver makes sense 🙂

    • Crisp_Egg

      What are the two other teams in addition to the Original Six that comprise the Original Eight?

  25. Cam

    New to the site. Good stuff here has this idea been discussed before:

    Las Vegas Neon

    I think names that aren’t plural really stand out, and I think the Neon could have really cool marketing/in-game usage, along with great uniforms. I’d go with mainly white, black, or dark gray unis with neon accents. Excited for hockey in Vegas!

  26. Beat Navy

    As a former graduate of West Point myself, I hope he doesn’t pick Black Knights. I don’t think most ‘old grads’ would appreciate having to share our nickname.

    I like Scorpions, Aces, Bighorns, Venom, Vipers, Sidewinders, Outlaws, Nevada Night Hawks, and Black Jacks (which is also the name of the Army mascot coincidentally). Silver Knights is a little too generic.

    Honestly, if they were called the Las Vegas Silly Nannies, I’m still going to show up.

  27. Rob

    Navada Legion

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