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Nick Cousins’ Unforgettable First Goal

Over the course of the Golden Knights’ three seasons, there have been so many minor stories, little quotes, or video clips that create inside jokes only Golden Knights fans would understand. One of the worst parts about the shutdown in sports is the absence of those moments.

After watching an interview Nick Cousins did on Facebook with Lorraine O’Quinn, I heard a story that gives us one of those moments even though it happened four years ago.

Cousins was playing in his 19th NHL game still searching for that elusive first goal. He blocked a shot in the high slot then won a race to the loose puck in the neutral zone. This sent Cousins on a breakaway with a chance to net his first career NHL goal.

Cousins skated in, ripped a slap shot from about 15 feet out, and found the back of the net. He skated to the boards to celebrate with his teammates where a fan turned what was always going to be a memorable moment for Nick into something unforgettable.

That’s one of the funniest pictures I’ve ever seen. So the picture is actually on my wall downstairs because when you get your first goal in the NHL they keep the puck and frame it for you and put it in a plaque. The picture is downstairs (in that plaque) but the guy with the middle finger is cut off so you can’t see it but I have the picture on my phone, it’s hilarious. –Nick Cousins in Facebook interview with Lorraine O’Quinn

To tie to story to Vegas a little bit more, the goal was scored against Buffalo and the man between the pipes was none other than Robin Lehner, who was acquired by the Golden Knights just minutes before Nick Cousins. (Here’s the full highlight.)

Reminds me of this other run-in the Golden Knights had with the angry bird earlier this year in Carolina.

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