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  1. a great player at bottom basement pricing

  2. THE hockey GOD

    next up THE HAGUE

  3. Scott Yardley

    I can live with that! Of course they’ll trade him after next season!

  4. John W

    Good deal for both sides, Roy is worth it for his defense and shoot out record alone.

    Sin Bin Twitter says 3.26 mil left, with Hague left to sign.

    Prediction: Hague signs 1 year deal, then gets extended mid season. Brossoit to LTIR, Thompson to the Back Up role. VGK sign Stasny, and/or Sonny Milano for 2 years.

    Stephenson to wing on line 1 or 2 – Roy centers line 3, with Stasny and one more. Line 4 are the grinders, centered by Howden.

    Just my take.

    • Emmanuel

      Too many C, we need W.

    • Mike StG

      John W – if they sign Stastny he will be 3C not wing. He’s an excellent center with premier passing ability. Roy would almost certainly be 4C, which is where he was most effective last year. He’s a better center than he is a winger. That would give them a pretty good bottom 6.

      Top 6 is probably going to include Stevie and Marchie at LW, with RW and C already determined. If they got Kessel instead of Stastny I could see Phil in the Top 6 and moving Stevie to 3C, with Roy at 4C.

      • Mike,

        I agree with you if some how they came up with money to sign Stastny he would be the 3rd line center. That would leave the team with the following other centers 9, 10, 20, 21 and 71. With the new coach wanting to tinker with the misfit it would make for some interesting line speculations. I would be shocked though to see Roy making 3 million on the 4 line playing 4th line minutes.

        • LouDog777

          As much as I like Paul, he only scored like he did last year because he played wing and not center.

  5. Tim

    Getting Roy signed is good news big kid with upside. I wouldn’t worry about Hague if he signs fine if not our D will be OK. You never have enough bullets if it was me I’d concentrate on signing Paul Stansty a good piece even at 36. We need more offense I think we can all agree on that.

  6. Roberto

    Terms look like an offer sheet would have cost a second round pick to beat that deal. Roy is a good young player and on an upward trajectory. All of that, for a reasonable 5 year deal and only a 2? A bit surprised that didn’t happen. Maybe he just didn’t want to leave Vegas, although that, according to many ‘experts,’ is impossible.

  7. Emmanuel

    Roy and Steph are the best bang for the buck.

  8. Wise investment. He WILL continue to improve his game, and his puck shot is pretty wicked-i think that will show itself more as time goes on, esp with his contract secured…Confidence- builder. Really like him.

    • Big, fast and game, he’s never quits, his enthusiasm resonates with the team. I’m glad we got him, it was a good move to trade for him, I loved Haula but he was coming off a knee injury. Go Knights !!

  9. Pistol Pete

    Ken, nice article on KK. I posted a response yesterday—probably unread by most (so far). Again, nicely nuanced analysis and hopefully Cassidy can bolster KK’s offensive production which btw is not exactly weak for a fourth liner. Let’s compare Nosek who KK doubters may think is way stronger.

    Nosek: 35 G/48 A (83/332 = .25 pts/game)/-11

    Kolesar: 10 G/27 A (37/122 = .3 pts/game)/-10

    Plenty of KK upside imo especially if Cassidy can address his “cage fright”.

    • Pistol Pete

      Thing is, Kolesar is a very good skater for a big man.

    • PP,

      Good points I’m not sure how many times KK played on the 4th line and 3rd line. But the 4th line was brutal at times with all the the injuries. Nothing against the HSK players but they weren’t ready for the NHL and likely won’t get a roster spot to start the season.

      • THE hockey GOD

        vgk fan
        i am crossing my fingers that a few of AHLers will make the team infusing new blood and new motivation and high energy into the franchise

  10. THE hockey GOD

    speaking of going after ‘shiny new objects” which seem to pet peeve of some of the “fans’; lets take a look at some real stats.

    I stopped counting at 60 , but in the off season, more than 60 players are “shiny new objects” moving on to other NHL teams. VGK wasn’t involved.

    So stop your whining about getting “every new shiny object out there”, it is not true. and quite frankly way over the top.

    In other news, my prediction of FBI needing to be on FBI list came true. One party is weaponizing the FBI going after political opponents. And soon AMERICANS via 87,000 new goose stepping brown shirts, errr, IRS agents. Soon coming to a town near you. Herr Biden is looking more and more like 1930s Germany.

    And hockey is politics, it started in 1960 when a young college, amateur team beat the highly vaunted professional RED ARMY Soviet (socialists) team. Continued to 1980s Olympics, and to the 1972 and 1972 Team Canada Summit series. Now we have Putin sympathizers playing in NHL and slo poke woke Bettman isn’t doing a damn thing about it.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I went to bed in America and woke up in Venezuela.

      • knights fan in minny

        the democraps poked the bear thg if this backfires on the democraps the fbi and the doj have a lot to explain the fbi has no credibility with the american people

    • Jailbird

      Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Ha ha

  11. knights fan in minny

    another worthless goose chase bird jail

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