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The contract stalemate that kept RFA Nic Hague out of the entire Training Camp and all seven preseason games has come to an end today as he and the Golden Knights agreed to a three-year contract worth $2,294,150 per season.

Hague becomes the sixth highest-paid defenseman on the team and will remain an RFA under Golden Knights control when this contract expires following the 2024-25 season.

Nic loves being a Golden Knight and we love having him. It was slower than all of us would have liked but the good news is he’s now under contract. -Kelly McCrimmon

Hague is expected to join the team in Los Angeles tomorrow but will not play in the season opening game.



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  1. Why didn’t this get done in order for him to get tuned up under the new coach? Easy, McIdiot! McIdiot! McIdiot!

    Look, Hague has yet to prove himself to be anything more than a 3rd line defensemen. He’s questionable both defensively and offensively. Personally, there are other options available, not the least of which is Zach Hayes.

    This isn’t big news, but it does throw a wrench into the defensive lineup that is just learning a new system under Cassidy.

    • I find it puzzling that a lot of fans consider him a “key piece”. Seems like a 4/5 D who might be a little better in his (soon to be) prime. Im glad they didnt overpay.

    • Pistol Pete

      That he is a 3rd pair D I basically agree then why do you poo poo McCrimmon for taking time to get it done? He’s probably not a huge impact and was likely asking for more than he got, hence the delay. It’s sufficiently low to make him an attractive trade should they deem Korczak superior in the future for example.

    • SMH

      Richie, is that what you pant breathlessly while Kelly is mounting you from behind: “Easy, McIdiot! McIdiot! McIdiot!” I just hope you two lovebirds are practicing safe sex…

  2. Blitz

    3 more years of him using that big body to crush opponents along the boards, punish them in front of his net, and tune up any body messing with his guys. Oh you said Hague, never mind, disregard.

    Uhhh…his shot has a cool nickname? Haguer-bomb. Can’t wait to hear it 2 or 3 times this year.

    • don

      we have BEEN HAD AGAIN ,, REMEMBER he was a healthy scratch after we went on a loosing streak at end of seson brought bake to line up and then hurt,,, i WOULD NOT OF EVEN GIVEN A MILL MAYBE 900K THATS ABOUT IT wait and see no pre season ,, we are stuck i hope he has been working on his shot during off season

  3. Get your ass in their and be ready. This BS should of been cleared up along time ago, WTF !!

  4. Vic

    Blitz….Wouldn’t it be nice if your first sentence was true. If I was 6 ft 5, 225, and 50 years younger I would be doing my best Pronger or Chara imitation every night. Pay me 2 plus million, and I would have been nearly arrested on the ice nightly. Hoping coach feeds him the right vitamins and wakes him up.

    • Blitz

      Exactly Vic. I always hear “you can’t coach size” in discussions about his contract. But what if your big guy plays like a 5′ 8″ finesse player, but without the agility and skating of a 5’8″ finesse player? And really I shouldn’t even pick on smaller sized guys, cause I remember guys like Jordan Toto, who was a wrecking ball in juniors and he would beat your ass too if that was needed. All grit and fire.

      Unfortunately “you can’t coach grit” either.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @Blitz “he working on his skating over the summer and added 20 pounds to his frame” Wait until you see him, the reincarnation of Larry Robinson.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    i woke up this morning and found my tongue still attached to rest of my mouth, and my head not spinning around on the floor. I had nightmares last nite. And I am grateful to be alive. Now I tune in to find all the negative nillies
    posting again.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    It’s COLUMBUS DAY , on top of it all. Happy Columbus Day !! (and my head is still attached to my neck !)

  7. Tim

    I think signing Hague is a good thing. Some of the younger guys showed promise but Hague has a lot more game experience.

  8. Edward Foley

    Nic who?

  9. THE hockey GOD




    some one is odd man out for opening day roster, I wonder who it is going to be ? GM KM said they are going to carry seven D men, and three goalies.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Jesse Granger
      Golden Knights 23-man roster:

      F (14): Amadio, Carrier, Cotter, Eichel, Howden, Karlsson, Kessel, Kolesar, Leschyshyn, Marchessault, Roy, Smith, Stephenson, Stone

      D (7): Hague, Hutton, Martinez, McNabb, Pietrangelo, Theodore, Whitecloud

      G (2): Hill, Thompson

      Brossoit on IR

    • Don

      yea that wont be the line up and Stevenson will be on top 6 and no goal bill will be bottom 6

  10. Kevin

    NHL is reporting:
    “the contract begins next season [which is correct literally, since next season is literally tomorrow].” and that the “deal runs through 2025-26 season” which isnt correct.

    Correct me if I’m wrong (cant believe I wrote that … of course this place will do that without asking … lol)
    Hague’s contract ended wtih the 2021-22 season
    The new one is 3 years, so that’s 22-23, 23-24, and 24-25
    It seems the NHL article is wrong.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Gary Bettman is NEVER wrong. He told that personally, once.

    • Contract begins today. So it will expire at the conclusion of the 23-25 season.

      • Kevin

        Yeah, same as I thought. Thanks Ken. NHL has it wrong. Here is their headline…

        Hague signs three-year contract with Golden Knights
        Defenseman had 14 points last season; deal runs through 2025-26 season

  11. Time for Hague to MAN UP and earn that paycheck!!

  12. don

    we have BEEN HAD AGAIN ,, REMEMBER he was a healthy scratch after we went on a loosing streak at end of seson brought bake to line up and then hurt,,, i WOULD NOT OF EVEN GIVEN A MILL MAYBE 900K THATS ABOUT IT wait and see no pre season ,, we are stuck i hope he has been working on his shot during off season

    • THE hockey GOD

      that is the downside Don, on the flip side if he turns out to be the second coming of Shea Theodore, then that contract would be good for VGK. Odds of that happening are not too high though.


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