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NHL’s Business Booming In VGK Era

Credit: NHL TV commercial

It’s no secret, the NHL is the least profitable, poorly marketed, and the lowest draw of all four professional sports leagues in North America. However, according to the Associated Press, business has picked up across the National Hockey League. It happens to coincide with one of the league’s freshest markets throwing one heck of a Stanley Cup championship parade in 2023.

We’ve seen an influx and a growth of female fans, diverse fans, They’re finding our product, they’re falling in love with it, they’re starting to watch more. -Kyle McMann, NHL Development to AP

Two years ago, we reported that it was estimated that 40% of Golden Knights fans are made up of women. After Vegas’ Stanley Cup championship, those numbers have most certainly increased. When you add young kids and newcomers to the sport the population of VGK’s community continues to rise. In turn, so are other NHL markets.

New fans, new franchises, and new broadcast partnerships aided the league’s latest boost in revenue and viewership. Sure, the sport may have seen a bounce back from the pandemic but let’s not forget the Golden Knights’ impact on the bottom line.

Business is booming for the NHL, which has bounced back in a major way from the pandemic. Backstopped by new media rights deals, digital dasher boards and helmet and jersey ads, and buoyed by an overlap of generational stars, ratings are up, attendance set a record and revenue is at an all-time high — an estimated $6.2 billion annually.

Trying new things, including puck and player tracking and cartoon versions of games to draw in younger fans, has set the table for this success. Decades since the experiment of the glowing puck, experts credited the league for attracting and retaining a bigger audience in a crowded sports marketplace… the league has done a good job reaching beyond traditional markets, overcoming some of the unavoidable shortcomings of being expensive to play. –Steven Whyno on

Vegas may turn off some snobby traditionalists, but last year’s Stanley Cup Final was the second most-watched series since 2020. And in 2018, Vegas’ five game series against the Washington Capitals had the second-highest ratings since 2015. In seven seasons, hockey enthusiasts have gotten used to seeing Vegas deep into the postseason. The NHL has benefited from their competitive play.

While the Golden Knights successfully share a city with the Raiders, overall, the NFL and NHL are far from equals. For starters, professional football rakes in almost $20 billion. Which is three times what the revenue commissioner Gary Bettman boasts about. The Las Vegas Raiders made that all by themselves in 2023.

The NHL still has work to do to catch up with the NFL ($18.6 billion in revenue in 2022), NBA ($12 billion) and Major League Baseball ($11.6 billion), but it’s not unrealistic to think $10 billion is attainable before the end of the decade.

One challenge is getting fans who are focused on their own team to watch others. There’s evidence that is also starting to turn, with Bedard (Chicago) and Artemi Panarin (New York Rangers) jerseys the highest-selling this season and good ratings even when Canadian teams are on national television in the U.S. –Whyno on

It’s hard to believe the NHL will ever get close to what the NBA or NFL produces annually but the league has its sights on Major League Baseball. It’s a tall order but baseball hasn’t grown enough with women or young kids. At least not like it has caught on with hockey fans here in Las Vegas or across the continent.


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  1. jeffrey m sutton

    I like hockey.

    • knights fan in minny

      me to greatest game in the world

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  2. JB

    Hockey and football are tied for first in my love for sports! (a close third is pickle ball or cornhole). 🙂

    • Ricardo

      Football and MLB are woke. Hockey, not so much.

      • knights fan in minny

        yes sir

      • Emmanuel

        Not woke? Check out the league and league sponsored hockey news website, not to mention some of the reporters & trade rumor websites. Its not woke in canada its mainstream.

  3. Knights Forever!

    Great article! It’s great to see the NHL starting to get that kind of attention. It’s the greatest sport in the world to me. I wish the Knights were still in it this year of course but I’m still streaming the games and watching some of the greatest athletes ever. I think the fact that they have started to make it less violent and more about skill has really helped the fan base.

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  5. Emmanuel

    It hurts that most people in warmer states dont grow up playing hockey. I played Gym Hockey in the 80s and that was rare much less the ice version.

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  9. Rozelle

    Football strictly a TV sport. made for TV. very profitable thanks to TV.

    case in point……….the Cleveland Rams, then LA Rams, then St Louis Rams, then LA rams again.

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  10. ThG

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  11. Vic

    Nice to see Florida suffer a horrible loss after dominating the Rangers in every category except goals. Of the remaining 4 teams, I’m rooting for the Rangers as the other 3 are on my hate list. However, I think Dallas will likely be the last team standing.

  12. JB

    Glad to see Rangers go up 2-1. Hope Dallas can do same tonight.

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