We can’t afford to send a photographer to Edmonton, so this picture of VGK losing will have to do. (Photo Credit: SinBin.vegas Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Yesterday was brutal for the Golden Knights, there’s really no two ways about it. It doesn’t matter what sport we are talking about, 8-2 is never good. After the game we were hit with a reoccurring comment by many Golden Knights fans and members of the media, the idea being “it happens to everybody from time to time.”

So, as we are one to do, we took a look at that very principle. As it turns out, nine of the 31 teams in the NHL have yet to lose a game by 4 or more. For those who aren’t math wizzes, that’s 29% of the league who have yet to be blown out even a single time this year. In short, no it hasn’t “happened to everybody.”

However, while researching we did come across something else that is a good sign for the Golden Knights and their Thursday tilt with the Vancouver Canucks.

In games following a loss of four or more goals, the blown out team has a record 20-12-2, and teams who have only blown out one time this season, that number is 8-4-1.

1OTT (1-0-0), BOS (0-1-0), CBJ (1-0-0), PHI (0-1-0), CAR (1-0-0), WPG (0-1-0), DAL (0-0-1), COL (1-0-0), CGY (1-0-0), SJ (1-0-0), VAN (1-0-0), ANA (1-0-0), ARI (0-1-0)
2  – WSH (1-1-0), NYI (2-0), NSH (1-1-0), EDM (1-1-0)
3 – FLA (1-1-1), BUF (1-2-0), PIT (3-0-0)
4MON (2-2-0)

The goal of every road trip is to get at least a point per game, and that’s still possible with a win at Rogers Arena tomorrow night. Maybe getting blown out was just what the Golden Knights needed. We’ll see tomorrow.