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NHL and NHLPA Agree To Expansion Draft Rules

One of the largest hurdles involved in expansion process has been settled, essentially paving the way for the Board of Governors to vote and eventually approve Las Vegas as the NHL’s 31st franchise.

Our favorite Lawless, Gary Lawless tweeted this extremely important piece of knowledge early this morning.

No word yet on exactly what will happen to players with NMC’s (no movement clauses), but it appears that saga has come to a close.

The latest rules we’ve heard about the specifics of the expansion draft are that each team can protect either 1 goalie, 3 defenders, and 7 forwards OR 1 goalie and 8 skaters. There’s also expected to be a provision stating each team must leave at least 25% of their salary cap unprotected.

The NMC news is significant in the fact that it really was the last thing in the way.

Lawless’ also hinted at the timetable we confirmed earlier last week.

The league has stated if it is going to expand for the 2017-18 season it would have to inform general managers prior to this year’s upcoming entry draft in late June. A source said Friday if expansion is going to move forward, mid-May is the timetable for an announcement. -Gary Lawless, TSN

Sharpen up those skates people, this thing is happening, and it’s happening soon.


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