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NHL Network Sweet On Two VGK Forwards

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

On Wednesday, the NHL Network affectionally announced their appreciation for under-the-radar players across the league. While they’re well-loved in Las Vegas, the league’s television outlet highlighted two beloved Golden Knights forwards on Valentine’s Day.

Likely a favorite Valentine for most Golden Knights fans, Jonathan Marchessault is proving yet again how valuable he is to his team. The 2023 Conn Smythe winner leads Vegas in goals, offensive point shares, and total point shares and is third in shooting percentage. Through 53 games, Marchessault continues to be the Golden Knights’ most lethal shot and has found success on multiple juggled lines. At the age of 33, the unrestricted free agent is on pace for a career-high in goals, even strength goals, and points. His numbers indicate a bump in pay contract extension should be in the works.

Former NHL’er Dave Reid gushed on Wednesday over Marchessault’s team-leading statistics and his infectious emotions on and off the ice. There’s no doubt, the television analyst is an admirer of Mark Stone and his passion as well. Between the two, Vegas has no shortage of motivators in their lineup. It’s no surprise both are on pace for career years.

Love his game and love the fact of what he’s done. We always talk about Ovi scoring goals and the excitement that he gets every time he scores, well that’s Jonathan Marchessault. And the goals that he scores, he scores huge goals. He’s 5’9″, 33-years-old, Conn Smythe trophy winner and a Stanley Cup winner. Here’s a guy that I can really relate to, and I love his game. He gives it everything on every single shift. When he scores, which he does he a lot for Vegas, especially big goals, it is the emotions that he has that the rest of the team jumps on. I admire his game and I’m watching and cheering for him. -Dave Reid on NHL Network

The next NHL Network secret admirer to openly admit his desire for a Golden Knights player was longtime studio analyst EJ Hradek. While he was all on board for the praise his colleague gave Marchessault, Hradek was crushing on a current linemate. Normally, Nic Roy anchors the Golden Knights bottom six but lately, he’s been filling in for some injured teammates and is unsurprisingly succeeding.

Since January 6th, Roy has recorded 16 points and is also on pace for career highs. In that span he’s earned an assist on eight goals scored by Marchessault and has built instant chemistry with Ivan Barbashev. Heck, it’s a juggled line that some would like to stick around for a while. Seeing Roy’s flexibility over the past couple of months is one of the reasons Hradek chose him as his special Valentine.

One thing I love, I love to win. Think of Vegas, they have a lot of guys like that but I’m going to go with Nicolas Roy. I’ve brought him up many times. This is why the Vegas Golden Knights win; they find pieces that fit their group. On this team when everyone is healthy, he’s their fourth center but everyone is not always healthy. Like right now with Jack Eichel out he can move up in the lineup and be effective offensively. He can be on the second power play. When they have everyone there like last year in the Cup final, he can be a really good fourth center that can do all the little things that help you win. You need everybody pulling the rope if you’re going to win. I love winning, so I love Nic Roy. -EJ Hradek, NHL Network

It’s no surprise that Marchessault and Roy were featured on NHL Network’s secret-admirer revealing. Both Golden Knights are thriving together and quickly formed into an effective top-six line. With Eichel still sidelined, Marchessault, Roy, and Barbashev will be expected to continue driving offense and matching up against top units. Most likely the trio will be broken up when the roster is fully healthy, but for now let’s enjoy the sweet acknowledgment Vegas’ flexible forwards have earned.

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  1. JB

    Can’t disagree with either one!

  2. Jake

    I would highlight Barbashev.

    Marshie’s comments last year with his signing were the ultimate: “I was so glad to see Barbashev was going to be on our team. I always have hated to play against him and now he is one of us.”

    A player with talent and thump is something other top lines need to keep an eye on at all times because he can go “psycho” if needed.

    I would love to see Buchnevich added this year!

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