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NHL Great Patrick Roy Had A Major Impact On Marchessault’s Formative Years In Hockey

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Jonathan Marchessault’s path to the NHL was far from the standard one for a player of his caliber. From going undrafted to spending four seasons and playing over 300 games in the AHL to bouncing around from Columbus to Tampa to Florida and eventually, Vegas, Marchessault always had to fight his way through the world of hockey.

On the recently produced episode of VGK Origins, narrated by Shane Hnidy, Marchessault dove into that “bumpy” path from his parents recommending he had a Plan B if hockey didn’t work out to becoming the leading scorer in Vegas Golden Knights history.

If you haven’t watched the episode, trust me, it’s the best 40 minutes you’ll spend today. (It’s embedded at the bottom of this article.)

A relationship with a hockey legend made a massive impact on Marchessault’s journey to the NHL. It was his coach for four seasons in the QMJHL with the Quebec Remparts, the great Patrick Roy.

It’s remarkable that after he won four Stanley Cups and he’s a Fall of Hamer that he comes back here and coaches juniors. He doesn’t do it because he needs it, he does it because he’s passionate. -Marchessault in VGK Origins

Even Marchessault’s path to playing for that team was unorthodox. As Roy explains, the Remparts also owned the Midget Triple-A team Marchessault had been playing on. So, in order to keep him, they asked Roy to select Marchessault late in the draft, never expecting him to be ready for the QMJHL at age 17.

Marchy came to camp and he was outstanding. So we called the Midget Triple-A team and said, ‘sorry, he’s going to stay with the big club.’ It’s funny how things happen sometimes. You give a break to a player and they take advantage of it, and that’s the story of Marchy. He always found a way to make room for himself in any lineup. -Patrick Roy in VGK Origins

The effect Roy had on Marchessault over those four years can still be seen as clear as day now.

The thing I learned most from him was his passion. I’ve never seen someone as passionate about something as he is about hockey. It was quite remarkable and I would say I have the same passion as him. I would have never made it without how he was with me. He was great for my path. -Marchessault in VGK Origins

But that doesn’t mean Roy went easy on #81, or #18 at the time.

I was a little tough on him because I saw the talent he had and sometimes you have to push harder on those guys, but I always thought if a coach is tough on a player it means he likes them. -Roy in VGK Origins

Every week he would find something to get after me about. It was unbelievable. Even after a great game, he would keep me humble. He would find something to say about me even if I scored two goals. He would just come at me for no reason. Some days I wanted to fight the guy but I think it just builds your mental toughness and that’s where I got it was the four years with that guy and it definitely helped my career. -Marchessault in VGK Origins

There’s one particular story about Marchessault eating a muffin that’s absolutely hilarious.

Nonetheless, it shouldn’t take much for a Golden Knights fan to have an appreciation for one of the original Misfits, but there’s no doubt, learning more about his story, including his relationships with former coaches and teammates, amps that appreciation up even more.






  1. Jailbird

    The “misfits” still have an important role to play this season. When the dust settles, after trade deadline I think they will be put back together, as they should be anyway!

  2. Pistol Pete

    Nice piece Ken on an interesting and important subject.

  3. Richie-Rich

    #81 isn’t elite, but Marchy is my favorite player on the Golden Knights. An over achiever who delivers 100% and 60 minutes per game. I hope to see him playing for another 3 years if he can remain healthy or even a year or two beyond.

  4. Emmanuel

    How would any of you rate Marchy defensively on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being awful, 3 average and 5 “top 50 in league? I think he’s a 2, which is adequate for being the best goal scorer on the team.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    he should change the spelling of his name
    Patrick WAH

    because that is how he wants it pronounced

    wahhhhhh !!

  6. JV

    OT, but to bad they can’t trade Lehner and Patrick to CBJ for Quick and a pick. That would puss off LA and Quick is already mad as hell. Would even get LA fans rooting for

  7. Sorvino

    LETS GO!!!!


    We need more then Barbashev

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ sorvino

      we need a veteran ghoulie, maybe svenghoulie is available ??? Eggplant would make for good ghoulie mask ?

      • Sorvino

        I’m sure Columbus will want to flip Jonathan Quick to another team.
        Can’t get much more veteran than that but his numbers have not been good

  8. Vic

    Quick and Korpisalo moved. Not crazy about the remaining goalies mentioned as available. Gibson might move, but at what price? The VGK injury-prone, overworked young goalies have me worried. Going to be tough to beat the good teams unless one of our goalies stands on his head.

  9. A great piece on Marchy , very well done. There are a number of Knights who could use his attitude.

  10. mcart

    Vgk are rumored about to add the washed up Quick to the merry go round in goal . not the real Quick of 2012, but the benched and dumped by LA, not very Quick of 2023

  11. Sorvino



    We need more then Barbashev

  12. Sorvino

    I have absolutely no issue with the VGK bringing in Jonathan Quick in spite of his terrible numbers this year. They need goaltending depth.

    He played okay against the Oilers last year in the first round of the playoffs.

  13. mcart

    my guess is that both Quick and JVR will be Vgk acquisitions very soon.

  14. THE hockey GOD

    Feb 28
    Donald Trump was one of the best Presidents this country has ever had and we need him back!

    • Emmanuel

      Whatever happens Nov 24 I just want it counted by election night, These elections are taking 5 plus days and everyones treating that as normal. We sent someone to the moon in the late 60s but cant have ballots counted within 12 hours? sounds shady to me…just saying…..

  15. Sorvino

    If at the end of this deadline The result is Barbashev, Quick and van Riemsdyk then I would say that it was not a very good trade deadline for Vegas.

    I think Barbashev can help this team a little bit but not the other guys

    • Emmanuel

      Imthinkmthe plan is Quick is rejuvenated by a fresh chance at the cup and a better Blue line in front of him. My issue is the garbage Fs available, only Boeser, if he hasnt been traded yet, would make a difference.

  16. mcart

    Los Angeles Kings Acquire Goalie prospect Erik Portillo

    The Buffalo Sabres have traded the rights to University of Michigan netminder Erik Portillo to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for a 2023 third-round pick

    Ottawa Senators Acquire Jakob Chychrun

    In exchange for the star defenseman, the Coyotes are receiving a 2023 first-round pick, a conditional 2024 second-round pick (originally acquired from the Washington Capitals) and a 2026 second-rounder.

  17. knights fan in minny

    yotes in tank mode for that number 1 pick

  18. THE hockey GOD

    TRADE ANNOUNCEMENT: The Penguins have acquired defenseman Peter DiLiberatore and a 2024 third-round draft pick from the Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for Teddy Blueger.

    not to be confused with Teddy Kruger

    • THE hockey GOD

      who is teddy kruger ??

      “Teddy Krueger, also known as The Brother of The Freddy, was a demonically empowered Human from the Nightmare on Elm Street Multiverse”

  19. Sorvino

    Blueger is a two defensively responsible forward.
    Nothing exciting to see here

  20. mcart

    so, the Vgk are bottom six feeders these days? no more shiny toys, no more blockbuster deals?

    Teddy Roosevelt?, er Blueger?

    so now Vgk are in the business of creating deadline cap space for Pittsburgh?

    stay tuned for more

  21. mcart

    Pens acquire Mikael Granlund from Nashville

    gee, thanks Vgk for making that possible for the Penguins

  22. JV

    Blueger a 4C that wins just 38% of his faceoffs. Doesn’t score, barely shoots, doesn’t hit. If you arent going to do anything else, at least win half you faceoffs. What a find.

    • JV

      I don’t mind not going Big Game Hunting, but to they have go after the Tilapia? You know, the fish that eats other fish’s shit and keeps your fish pond clean?

  23. Richie-Rich

    Well, I am all pumped up as hell now! You go McCrimmon! You GO!

  24. Trader man

    Odd man out Howden


    This article hit different after watching Marchy eliminate the Oilers. Talk about stepping up!

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