For much of the NHL expansion application process it’s been regularly considered that if the league does indeed decide to go ahead and grow, they would do so in both Las Vegas and Quebec City.

However, our friends at have heard some buzz that may challenge that narrative.

Word on the NHL street is that the League may only be expanding to one market this time around, and it doesn’t sound like Quebec City is the frontrunner. There is legitimate concern across the NHL over the sinking Canadian dollar. -David Pagnotta, The Fourth Period

Here at we are not a hateful people, we really aren’t. But…

YES!!!!!!!!!!! WE WILL TAKE IT!!!!!!

Sorry Canada.

Speaking to several very high-up, in-the-know people in the NHL circle, from both ends of the spectrum, the sentiment is that Las Vegas will be awarded an NHL franchise once all is said and done

Obviously the waiting game will have to continue for now, but this is spectacular news from a very well respected (Canadian) source.

The NHL wants to be in Las Vegas, make no mistake. But it all has to make sense. It’ll all play out in the New Year, mind you. And as I’ve been told numerous times in the last 12 hours, anything can change.

In a word. Score!