The Raiders to Las Vegas garbage doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. The Southern Nevada Tourism and Infrastructure Committee met again yesterday to discuss the (now) $1.6  billion domed stadium.

I’ve voiced my concern on how a second team in Las Vegas could impact the first coming in, but I’d never go so far as to say the NFL relocation rumors to Las Vegas should be of any concern to the NHL. Well, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly appears to agree.

When asked whether the possibility of the Raiders moving to Las Vegas would impact the NHL’s plans one way or the other, deputy commissioner Bill Daly responded to by email, “No impact whatsoever. Doesn’t even enter the equation.” When asked whether the possibility of having another league in Las Vegas might cause the owners to reconsider Las Vegas, he said, “Doubtful.” -Ken Campbell,

The NHL’s been exploring Vegas for a lot longer than these Raiders rumors have been around, and they are certainly not going to let the NFL rob them of the $500 million The Creator is ready to fork over.

Also, County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak said yesterday the stadium would not be completed until the Summer of 2020 meaning the Raiders would “stay in Oakland as a lame duck” for the next three seasons. So, even if this ridiculous plan sees the light of day, the NHL would have a solid two seasons under it’s belt before the Black Hole comes to Vegas.

I still firmly believe the plan, as it’s currently constructed, has little to no chance to come through, so the Raiders moving to Las Vegas isn’t happening. But, even if I’m wrong (never happens), the NHL’s not backing down.