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Next Season Jersey Ads Are Unfortunately Coming To Vegas

We were told it would only be on helmets, and that it wasn’t necessarily permanent. Well, now it is and it just got a lot worse for stiff traditionalists like myself.

The NHL board of governors unanimously voted to approve the ad policy, according to a memo emailed this week to all 32 teams. Clubs are now free to start negotiating with potential partners, according to the memo… The ads must fit a rectangle 3 inches by 3.5 inches, making them slightly bigger than the patches that the NBA added to its jerseys for the 2017-18 season. –Sportico

It’s been no secret the league has been exploring the idea of selling ads on jerseys.

To be fair, it’s hard to blame the NHL and its owners for their apparent decision. After almost two unprofitable seasons adding a sponsor patch is nothing more than making up lost revenue. Plus the league already witnessed what a small tweak could do for their bottom line. According to Bettman, the team partnerships generated an additional $100M for the league by introducing advertisements on players’ helmets. Just imagine what prime real estate on a player’s jersey would be worth. Toss in that any ad patch will be clearly visible on TV, it’s an easy sell for the Golden Knights. With that potential, it’s a wonder why all 32 franchises unanimously voted in favor for the 2022-23 regular season.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s inevitable. It’s something that makes good sense for us to be considering and looking at but certainly not for next season. Beyond that, I’m not prepared to predict but it’s something we’re looking at. -Gary Bettman, March 2021

The NBA began selling jersey space in 2017 and since then fans have gotten over the initial eyesore. At this point, the paid stitching above looks like it’s been above the team name for decades. The NHL is hoping for the same type of acceptance from hockey fans, as they received after the introduction of helmet ads. However, there’s a big difference between an NBA tank top and an NHL sweater.

In the past NHL commissioner Gary Bettman had addressed jersey ads and shrugged at the idea of them. However, Bettman said it would take an unusual circumstance to open up that door. After an unexpected pandemic leaving owners with 31 empty buildings for an entire season was the situation he was dreading.

The jersey is especially valuable real estate for marketers, who benefit from a lot of TV exposure during games. For a long time the NBA wouldn’t even let Adidas, its jersey provider at the time, put its logo on the top of the uniforms, keeping that space solely for the league’s own marks. –Sportico

Well if you’re like me it’ll take adjusting. The Golden Knights uniforms may not be historically recognized like an original six jersey but they are sharp and look fine the way it does now. An off-colored patch may become a distraction on the shoulder of a clean white Golden Knights road sweater. Or a poorly chosen partner with an obtrusive logo might mess up Vegas’ bold home greys. I know I’m stretching but an untouched uniform is the proper way to dress a club. Unless we crowdfund for enough to stitch on a SinBin logo.


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  1. Tom

    This is a really horrible decision by the NHL. It’s turning it into the Premier League. It will be Credit One vs. Southwest Airlines. How much money is enough? Sorry to see it. Cheapens the league.

  2. P.C

    Cmon Pornhub patches

  3. THE hockey GOD

    or the Floyd Mayweather Cottontail Club versus the Pahrump (ph)floosies Rancheras y muchacha – cha chas .

    threw an extra cha in for doc, cause we all know the rules.

    • Squidward

      ok boomer

      • THE hockey GOD

        ok spongebob squarehead

        • Thechosenone

          It’s squarepants, not squarehead.

          • THE hockey GOD

            no, for this poster I am pretty sure it’s squarehead, or maybe flathead. Member of flat earth society.

            listen to me NOW
            believe me LATER

        • Larry

          Wonder how much of the revenue will pass through to players? One more thought: HOW ABOUT THE ZEBRA’s Sweaters?

    • Blitz

      I am not up on my brothels these days. Does Floyd Mayweather actually have a brothel? Brothels are a dying business in NV. I travel thru Winnemucca alot down thru LV to AZ. Winnemucca had like 7 brothels 10-15 years ago or so and now they have 0. Beatty had a couple, i think, and now they have 0. I am not a brothel go’er, but I do find the biz fascinating and I don’t live in NV so I am not desensitized to its taboo-ness. It is one of the unique things to NV, but apparently dissolving.

      Yeah it is a slow boring offseason.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Thanks for the “cha”, son.

      You’re really going to miss me, it’s obvious. I know it’s going to hurt your feelings, but gotta go!

  4. Vic

    The Dollar Loan Center leg breakers are salivating.

  5. Ryan

    Garbage, bush league move by the devolving, dont hit anyone, which player has the cutest dog contest, NHL…I will probably be not watching soon

  6. Sheri’s Ranch would be interested in advertising should the NHL allow it. Who can we contact to get some information?

  7. Jason Mason

    Welcome to all sports becoming a NASCAR type event, where each player will need to get in the names of as many of his individual and team sponsor names during an interview as possible.

    It might not be so distasteful if the price of tickets were coming down in direct proportion to all the corporate money coming into the sports business, but we all know that’s never going to happen. I mean let’s face it, how’s a billionaire sports owner going to afford to buy water in the future while maintaining his bank required minimum balance?

    It used to be that horse racing and F1 were the rich man’s sports, but the reality is they all are today. My season ticket in front of the radio has never let me down…but I’m sure one day it will.

    • Blitz

      Agree. Prices are ridiculous for pro sports. You almost have to find joy in the minor-sports. The AHL or WHL or ECHL for hockey and leave the big boys for TV watching. I lived in Portland (i hate portland) for a few years and got a ton of enjoyment out of the Portland Winterhawks (Lepsic, Seth Jones, and many others NHLers, Glass was there after I moved). Season tickets were $400 bucks for awesome seats. Anyway point being is I got my sports live fix and didn’t have to pay $150 or much much more for a ticket. They wanted to bring an NHL team in and WH fans were like hell no.

      • THE hockey GOD

        being a far left haven of liberal nut jobs I am surprised they let hockey in , in the first place.

        morons all of them, I hope the rest of state secedes from Portland and joins Idaho.

        • Blitz

          No argument from me. Portland is as douchie as they come, followed by Eugene, and the soon to be douche bag left stronghold, Bend. I know the non-California imported people in Oregon want to become part of Idaho, but I don’t know why idaho would want any part of it.

          Hockey was brought into Portland in the 50s, probably about 2 years before it became a total shit box.

  8. Mike StG

    I don’t mind a patch or two. Would take the focus off those ridiculous, embarrassing gold domes. Players look like they should be sitting in the corner with their dunce caps on for talking in class.

    • THE hockey GOD

      when i see those gold domes I think “roller derby”, and WWE/WWF. And Ric “”woooooo” Flair.

  9. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    My concern is only, how they play.

    Not what they wear. Who cares?

    Plus, growing up 6 blocks from Notre Dame campus ….. those gold helmets are great! (on the Irish that is). ha ha

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