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New VGK Coach Will Have A Chance To Win But Won’t Have Long

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Following the release of Pete DeBoer, the Golden Knights are set to hire their third coach in team history. DeBoer coached a total of 160 games with Vegas, won 98 of them, and amassed a .650 winning percentage. He was fired with a winning record like his predecessor Gerard Gallant. VGK’s first coach was behind the bench for 213 game, registered 118 victories, and a .601 win percentage. All in all, the average lifespan of a Golden Knights coach is 186.5 games or 2.2 seasons.

I can’t say I was surprised. Peter DeBoer is an excellent coach but things kind of went sideways down the stretch. It was more than just injuries. The way certain things were handled there was a lot of discussion about that. I actually felt that they might need to change the GM. It seemed unlikely they would be back together. -Brian Lawton on NHL Network

After Gallant was fired the organization expressed to fans that he was “basic” and “wasn’t the right fit.” Now, VGK enthusiasts are told the players “need of a new voice.” No wonder Golden Knights fans are apprehensive the same front office that hired and fired two head coaches, will get it right the third time around.

DeBoer’s firing is another example of the front office being impatient, indecisive, and masters of disguise. Twice now, after some adversity, the Golden Knights made the quick decision to find a replacement instead of standing behind their coach. The organization tried two different styles and despite “nothing but success” were unsatisfied with both. And without fail, the organization’s sleight of hand fooled fans into believing DeBoer was safe.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Fans were told Gallant was a highly respected hockey guy but lasted two and half seasons. DeBoer was described as a detailed, championship-caliber coach only to be told two years later that he wasn’t the right guy. Why should fans believe Barry Trotz, Paul Maurice, Rick Tocchet, John Tortorella, David Quinn or any unsurfaced candidate will have a lengthier tenure in the Valley?

You’ve done so many things with this roster and the term of these contracts, the price of these contracts, the age of some of these players. I’m not sure how much more you can shake this up. They’re married to this lineup to go into next season. -Mike Rupp, NHL Network

If the average timespan for a Golden Knights coach is 186.5 games will the next one get a little extra time? And if not, how many more hires will the front office be given? Three in six seasons seems excessive for a franchise five years removed from an expansion draft and boasting three trips to the conference finals.

Surely, Trotz is an excellent coach and would be consistent with the organization’s philosophy. The 2018 Stanley Cup winner is the safe choice and is the shiny toy most notable name on the market. It only makes sense for Vegas to show interest. The Golden Knights’ big game hunters covet star players and star coaches alike.

No matter who it is though, the burning question will remain, what’s different about the team’s third coach compared to their first two?

And I’m not sure there will ever be a good answer to the question.




Understanding Ownership’s Role In DeBoer Firing


  1. A VGK Fan

    Kelly mcrimmon needs to be fired.

  2. have another donut

    give us a break with this nonsense.

    fact—PDB was not well liked by most of the Vgk fans, and they are glad he is gone.

    fact—his handling of the forechecking system, the PP, the goalies, and the dmen pinching failure, were all reasons to can his ass.

    fact—they also fired Spott and McGill, and rightfully so. their work with the PP spott, and the dmen Mcgill, were complete failures, and they deserved firing.

    enough with the media bs crying about poor widdle DeBoer, and this phony “scapegoat” narrative.

    • have another donut

      just to be clear, that is only the start of moves necessary. KM needs to be replaced too, for his mishandling of the cap, and several trades, which leaves them in a bind and mess now…..

      they will have to get younger, faster, cheaper players to be sprinkled into the mix. their cap constraints and no move clauses make it the only possible way.

    • Gerald

      Just for you have another donut, Vegas is not gonna be satisfied whoever they get, look what happened to Gerard galant he’s in the playoffs, flurry , in the playoffs,it’s not the coaches problem , the problem is with the players they suck , most of them been playing ten years or more and can’t even get the puck in the net, no coach is gonna change that , period

      • THE hockey GOD

        ! GERALD!

        ******** five stars for you !

      • Daryl

        It’s the coaches job to out his players in a position to succeed. If the players are older and slower then you don’t run an offensive scheme where your dmen are constantly jumping up in the offensive zone.

        There were a lot of mistakes made by PDB. No I don’t completely blame him, but he without a doubt deserves blame and since he’s the HC, he’s responsible

  3. Roberto

    We’re all aware of how the move can be seen as either:

    Odd as he was a good coach with a 65% win percentage.
    Odd as the front office put together the roster, not the coach.
    Odd as the team still decries all of the injuries as cause of this season’s failings.
    Just odd, cause the front office is just odd.

    From here, want to know maybe 10 guys the team should look at, and why. With that, break them down with their ability to:

    Get the most out of older players (days off, line changes?).
    Deploy a system something other than a clogged toilet, spray and pray offense.
    Utilize scrap heap/waiver depth the team is going to have to rely on.
    Advance development of rookies, who are cheap and will be necessary.
    Fix the power play.
    Workout the goalie situation.

    Look forward to looking forward. Although, the minute that column is done, a new HC is likely to have just been announced.

    • THE hockey GOD



      ^^^^^ five stars Roberto, the only thing KM has going for him is a pipeline to under the radar , un drafted Canadian players. Like LT, among others, that he brings to the table I also felt that KM hit the nail on head when he said the players were over worked in last two years due to covid, bubble, and short shifted playoff series. Players are not ROBOTS, over working them lead to physical and mental fatigue, and could contribute to injuries. The many bone headed mental mistakes made in the last few weeks of season points to this, and NO COACH can correct that unless t hey give players days off. And the coach couldn’t do that do to SAL CAP restrictions and lack of depth in the organization.

  4. Ditto, Kelly McCrimmon needs to be fired.

  5. Blitz

    The truth will always be, if you didn’t fire Turk you would still only have one coach. That is 100% on the GM and with the current roster/max cap you will be hiring another coach in 2-3 years. That too will be on the GM. Seems like a pattern.

    • THE hockey GOD

      no that is on the owner, for not negating the firings in first place

      why have an owner who is clueless ??

      examples of good owners
      Charles O Finley
      George Steinbrenner
      Eugene Kline
      Al DAvis

      examples of bad owners
      whoever owns the tigers , red wings now
      jones the clown who owns cowboys
      grape stomper in vegas

  6. LVsc

    looks like Trotz is going to Winnipeg. that is where he is from.

    Winnipeg Jets Interviewing Barry Trotz

    From the moment that Barry Trotz was relieved of his duties as head coach of the New York Islanders, speculation began about where he would head next. The Winnipeg Jets seemed like an obvious possibility because of their current vacancy, and Trotz’s connection to the area. The Winnipeg-born Trotz not only played junior and college hockey in Manitoba, but also started his coaching career there, first with the University of Manitoba and then with the Dauphin Kings of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League.

    The connection now is more than just speculation, as Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet reports that the Jets will interview Trotz for their head coaching position today.

    Of course, in this scenario, a meeting may be just as much Trotz interviewing management as them interviewing him. The veteran coach is expected to have his pick of several spots, after being a surprise addition to the pool of candidates this summer. After 1,812 games as a head coach in the NHL, a 2018 Stanley Cup championship, and two Conference Finals appearances in the last three years, it’s difficult to find a more well-respected name in the league. Trotz won the Jack Adams Award as the best head coach in the NHL in both 2016 and 2019, and has an overall record of 914-670-60-168, despite starting his career with the expansion Nashville Predators that struggled for several years before becoming a consistent playoff contender.

  7. Obvious

    How that fat bastard McCriminal kept his job is bloody shocking.

    His arrogance and repugnant demenor are insulting to the fan base

    The only way this adds up is because 2 faced foley being an investment banker who has made a living screwing over and fleecing the average joe while telling them how great he is

    Cue up the excuses for next season cuz if they even make the playoffs they won’t get out of the first round with their geriatric squad

  8. Henderson One

    Trotz said thank you but no thank you. In discussion with Foley he indicated that he would want McCrimmon gone and more control of future roster moves. Foley did not agree.

    • Where do you get your info or are you just another THg who posts nothing but BS all the time. Of course it could be wishful thinking on your part and probably shared by many.
      No question the cancer cell of the organization McCrimmon should be fired. Regardless who they hire as long as KM is still around nothing going to change. I am not sure who would even take the job if KM is still there. Biggest disappointment is Foley buying into this bull shit. Guilty by association at this point very sad state of affairs. KM’s performance yesterday just proved again if his lips are moving he is lying.

      • THE hockey GOD

        hd biker I
        don’t post BS all the time.


        The fact remains TROTZ was not VGK first choice, giving a lot posters here butt burn because they were touting the Barry , being best coach available. VGK will have a hard time getting a good coach because Foley doesn’t know a damn thing about hockey or how to run a sports franchise. The FO puts options before him and he’s like one of those bobble head dolls bouncing his head up and down. The problem with this organization is not the FO, not the coach, not the players, not the training staff; the problem begins with ownership. This franchise will never win a cup with someone who is not officially the laughing stock of NHL.

        Two coaches in three years, both being fired for spurious reasons ! That is no way to build chemistry, that is recipe for chaos and confusion. You can’t build anything in one year. The odds are highly against it. No wonder Barry didn’t make Vegas his first choice. VGK will get some second rate hack with no input on the draft and deal with a roster riddled with over paid damaged good veterans.

        “In discussion with Foley he indicated that he would want McCrimmon gone and more control of future roster moves. Foley did not agree.” this is complete bull shit statement, no coach interviewing for a job would do an end run around FO/ GM for a position that doesn’t doesn’t include “future roster moves” that is job mainly of FO not a coach. Whoever made this comment, it is bull shit comment of day. Anyone with a brain would recognize that immediately.

    • Julie

      Oh, I didn’t see that. Good for Trotz, bad for VGK.

    • Is there a source on this?

    • Stu Kertiss

      That’s probably why Gerard is gone too

  9. Obvious

    Ryan Craig…. Does something here not seem very odd??

    How has he been the only person to survive while every other member of the various coaching staffs have been let go??

    What has he done that is sooo special he has dodged the bullet??

    This smells… one could argue he is a mole for the 2 mc’Clowns. Surprised nobody questions his survivorship.

    • THE hockey GOD

      he is NOT the only person “to survive”, the goalie coach remains as well as the Russian coach , or eastern European coach who conditions players recovering from injuries, among other things.

      Also, the very poor training staff has been kept. The public relations department has been kept.

      There is no word on “mask girl”, but her work during the playoffs points to a move out of shit hole Vegas to a hot market where NHL fans really appreciate the sport.

      • Thg, Shane Knitey is also busy with his playoff gig..wonder if he is ALSO looking for a new job?? I like his work, would be bummed if he left…

        • THE hockey GOD

          TS I ran into Shane ‘s partner, the lead broadcaster. I forget his name, at the store the other day. I asked him if he’s coming back. He said he was hoping to do so !!

          I run into players and coaches all time in local area, it’s pretty funny. They are regular guys and don’t want to be bothered for most part. So I leave them alone. Just wave hello.

  10. Obvious

    There is WAY more to the Lehner situation than has been exposed by the media. Not sure why. Has 2 faced foley got that strong of influence over them

    The pouty lunatic is despised by the coaches and the players.

    What a cancerous group this has become

    • Susan Spencer

      While I agree with your comments, I just wanted to point out that calling Lehner a lunatic promotes the stigma of mental wellness and illness. It’s inappropriate to demean a person with an illness (such as cancer, autism, little people syndrome, and depression), by calling them names. It just wasn’t the right word to choose. Thank you.

      • Susan, thanks for calling this out. Critique the players’ PLAY, but NOT his personal mental issues!

        • Daryl

          So, I can call a person with no illness a moron and it’s ok but if they have a mental issue I cannot? BS! I agree you don’t make fun if someone’s illness but that doesn’t mean you can say what you think of a person. RL needs to kearn to to worry about himself. These are adult professional athletes and they don’t need him speaking up for them. His game suffers when he is more concerned about others instead of worrying about himself

  11. LVsc

    David Perron had a cap hit of $3.75m in his one year with the Vgk.

    he was not re-signed by the FO, and then proceeded to sign with St Louis for 4 years at $4m cap hit.

    so, for a measly 250 grand, the geniuses in the Vgk FO dumped a winger who scored 50 assists and 66 pts for the Vgk.

    Perron then proceeded to score 255 more pts including playoffs, for St Louis, including the Stanley Cup win in 2019, the year after the Vgk FO einsteins let him go.

    that is just another glaring example of the FO looking for the new shiny toy when they already had their man.

    • Perhaps their vision was:


      $4m for third liner Perron so they passed on him.

      They did not yet have that top line but that was their stratgey and come mid season #2 had it. Misfits was to be seconf\d top line. Perron at $4m was too expensive for bottom six (although could be used as a fill-in for injuries to the top six that is true).

      I agree they needed to acquire a second top line to move past sesason 1. Not everyone will agree. McPhee and McCrimmon had seen this situation countless times and made a sensible call imo.

      • knights fan in minny

        stats had 2o goals this year

      • Tim

        LVsc, was so right and Pistol Pete once again you defend the management. I’ve been saying for four years not signing Perron was one of there two biggest mistakes. He’s durable has more points then Patch in the last four years and he was a Misfit and he plays on the first line with Ryan O’Reilly but with us he would have been a third line is that what your saying? Does that really make any sense to you? The other big mistake was acquiring Tomas Tatar for a first, second, and third who in there right mind would do that? There’s been plenty of other missteps which have cost us plenty of draft choices but those are the two that stand out.

    • THE hockey GOD

      perron did not want to come back to VGK, he likes St. Louis , he is a like a boomer rang he always comes back to VGK. The Blues knew this, that is why they let him go. Neal didn’t like VGK either.

      • Tim

        THG, I’ve told you this before but you won’t believe me. Fact the year Perron left we were is ST. Louis and Ally our girl at the time went for a ride with David Perron and she was showing her the city. Now this was a taped interview and someone with computer knowledge could probably locate it but this is what he said and I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw this interview but here goes. She asked him if he wanted to stay in Vegas and he said yes but they never offered him a contract now that was a fact heard by all that listened to that interview not some fake news your so ready to condemn. So all you posters please get the story right. Now in hindsight he won a Stanley Cup and is back in the playoffs so I’m sure he’s now happy with the choice he made.

      • Daryl

        Wait, I thought everybody loves vgkand everyone in the league wishes they had a chance to play there?

        Rhere have been several on here making that exact comment

    • Daryl

      Couldn’t agree more

  12. THE hockey GOD

    i think they should hire quenneville

    • THE hockey GOD

      i think they should hire YOU

      you’d make a GREAT COACH !

    • Tim

      THG, I’m shocked you agree with me on Queenneville but good for you to change your opinion. Look at all the leading candidates Babcock, Quinn, Tort, Tocchet, Maurice, these are the choices of a loser. Again if able to coach Joel Quenneville is the ONLY choice and if you can’t see that I don’t know what to tell you.

  13. Pistol Pete

    Is it safe to say a GM is often a puppet to the P of Ops? That certainly seems true with McCrimmon. McPhee’s GM experience is so deep it’s hard to imagine any major move by McCrimmon is not conceived as a collaboration with McPhee.

    • Pistol Pete

      Ok my point being, criticism of McCrimmon is by implication that of McPhee. The further point being that it’s difficult to say at least imo that McPhee is incompetent. He built this organization from the ground up—-Craven, him and McCrimmon. They engineered the expansion draft which included trading for Tuch from MIN and Theodore from ANA. They had to supervise the hiring of everybody—marketing, scouting, analytics etc. etc.—hundreds of staff. McPhee built the Cup-winning Caps. He drafted the players and traded for some of them. Experience does not grow on trees. Have GM/KM made mistakes here? Yes—mistakes are always made. When mistakes destroy an organization, the owner has to make changes. Some fans think the organization has been destroyed. Each fan is entitled to their opinion.

  14. Nothing makes sense with his Sociopathic McCrimmon… Let her over Fleury, De Boer over Gallant, Ryan Craig (just as you say, an arrogant suck ass mole), Pietrangelo at 9Mil with a no trade…
    Every move he has made was to put his twist on what wasn’t broken to “look” like the hero that won the Cup! Had to make big moves to get credit if they won, because McAfee had already has then knocking on them door year 1.

    Every move was to attempt to make himself look like the genius… One tip for a GM…

    The only answer…
    Remove everyone of those narcissistic, arrogant, sociopaths… From the ownership down. Greed destroys and they took something so good to something so toxic so fast at is mind boggling.

  15. Richie-Rich

    Trot sighted in Vegas TODAY – CONFIRMED.

  16. Original 6 ✅

    @Richie Rich. Back door Trotz couldn’t beat Quenneville. so the Knights FO continue to hire another wrong coach. Let’s see Cups Trotz 0. Quenneville 3.

  17. Come on Rr don’t join the rumor monger crowd.

  18. THE hockey GOD

    now we know
    why McPhee was not worried about


    RL probably told FO either he goes or I go. Now it’s becoming very clear. RL gets pulled, his “feelings” get hurt. And he gets the coach fired.

    • THg – they both needed to go Lehner as well and take McCrimmon with them. Just as a matter of info how do you know that might not still be the case. As long as McCrimmon is on the play roll nothing will change. Repeating the same mistake and expecting different resolves is the definition of insanity.

      • THE hockey GOD

        HODOR !!!!

        PS hodor gives KM one year, HODOR .

  19. Original 6 ✅

    @Richie Rich. Back door Trotz couldn’t beat Quenneville. so the Knights FO continue to hire another wrong coach.

  20. Travis Green for coach of our VGK

  21. The REAL hockey god

    This organization is a joke.

    • THE hockey GOD

      that is what I said PDB is fired story

      LAUGHING STOCK OF NHL- Gary Bettman has egg on his face !

    • dp

      Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  22. THE hockey GOD

    an ill conceived concept that has finally reached end of it’s useful life:

    water beds in top stories of apartment building high rise !

    (did you know buildings ‘ water damage insurance claims are one of the highest every year?)

  23. Tim

    All these rumors Trotz going to Winnipeg now Trotz in Vegas this is getting more like the Elvis sightings. Actually Winnipeg have a good core and being from there just seems to be the ticket.

  24. Henderson One

    Hey guys it is probably a matter of a coach selecting the VGK rather than the VGK selecting the VGK. We don’t offer a pretty picture with the salary cap, Lehner, Patches on the downside and Stone facing surgery.

  25. Henderson One

    Meant the VGK selecting the coach.

  26. dp

    Doesn’t matter who coaches when the front office and owner are so trigger happy. This franchise died with the Fleury trade. Bad PR.

  27. TR

    Pete was not liked as a head coach because of his grading personality . He got the guy he wanted to be his goaltender and then even that relationship soared. But it is only going to get worse for the next head coach . Too many players heading to the wrong side of 30 with large contracts and injured prone. Traded away all their prospects to get these guys so nothing great to build the future on. Win now mentality has hurt them.

    • Henderson One

      TR I think you are right on. This Franchise has lost its glow and it is troubled. Rather than VGK interviewing coaches it will be coaches interviewing the VGK. The selection of the next coach will clearly show the esteem within which the VGK is held or not held. by the NHL community. Foley needed to clean house at the top and he failed to do so.

  28. Gary

    Whatever coach is hired, they need to realize they have a job for 2 years and have a crappy FO. What coach wouldn’t sign up for that?

  29. Daryl

    Bring in Torts…. can’t stand the guy but why not

  30. Gallant is a finalist for the Jack Adam’s Award again this year and in the 2nd round of Cup finals sweet Karma!

  31. Michael

    VGK made a major mistake by keeping Lehner over Fleury. They should have signed Fleury for 4 more years(and then hung his jersey up in the rafters) and traded Lehner, who is terrible! He let in so many soft goals and was too inconsistent! Who ever made that decision needs to be fired and offered a job serving coffee in the break room!!

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