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New VGK Coach, New VGK PP

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No matter who becomes the next coach of the Golden Knights they will have to address Vegas’ underachieving power play. Clearly, the man advantage was one of the reasons the organization missed the playoffs, and why Pete DeBoer was fired. It’s a cold world when your team struggles to net pucks 5-on-4. So, regardless of how it looked over the past two and half seasons the new staff will be tasked with fixing it by opening night.

Trotz has got a lot of interest there’s mo question to that. Additional to Philadelphia his list includes Winnipeg, it’s also believed to include Vegas and Detroit. There could be more. -Elliotte Friedman on Hockey Night In Canada

Last season the average power play efficiency was 20.61% with teams scoring on average 49 PP goals. The Golden Knights were below the cut line and totaled ten fewer goals than the league mean. Vegas ended up 25th out of 32 clubs and missed the postseason like all but one team below them (LAK). Had the Golden Knights performed to just the league’s average we’re probably breaking down a second round series or grieving a first round exit.

Most suspect the front office will hire a coach and staff that has had special teams success. Realistically, any candidate that performs above average would net Vegas an extra ten goals. However, there is a lot of expectations and pressure for the next staff. The power play has been under a microscope for some time now and it will continue to be scrutinized. Putting in simple terms, power play success could be a quick way to win over the fanbase.

Currently, the Florida Panthers are the perfect example of how an inept power play can severely damage a team’s pursuit of the Cup. One of the league’s best man-advantage units in the regular season is coming up empty in the second round. In ten power play opportunities the Panthers have one goal to show for it. Tonight, they’re facing elimination. A few conversions may have changed the trajectory of the Sunshine State series.

No one is expecting the Golden Knights to lead the league in power play goals next season but fans are simply asking for an improvement. Letting go of Pete DeBoer was a sign the organization desired an upgrade. Maybe it’ll be a simple strategy change or new offensive weapons. All the Golden Knights need is more production from their special teams to go along with VGK’s history of solid 5-on-5 play. If not, history will most definitely repeat itself.


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    “Letting go of Pete DeBoer was a sign the organization desired an upgrade”

    trotz is only “upgrade out there.

    And the odds of him coming to vegas are SLIM
    and NONE.

    letting go PDB was more like a sign that the organization is CLUELESS
    and laughing stock of NHL is more accurate statement.

  2. Tim

    THG, I have to agree with you the front office is clueless they always overpay for there new toy and how’s that worked out? Your core players need to be mid-20’s not mid-30’s and thats our biggest problem. Patch, Dodonov, Martinez, Petro at there age should be third and fourth line players not first and second line here lies our biggest problem. We made it as Misfits year one because we were relatively young and out hustled teams now were slow and can’t put the puck in the net. A new coach with these over the hill players do you really think our PP will improve? Dream on my friends. Like I’ve said fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. That’s my attitude on the management they lie and then they lie to cover up there lies it’s despicable. You can continue eating up there line of bull shit but there just rotten to the core. They have showed us after the first initial draft have done nothing to improve the team and have given away how many draft picks? Perron, Perron, Perron, if that doesn’t show you how stupid they are I don’t know what to tell you.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    PK is more important than PP, people are focusing on wrong part of glass

  4. DL

    I’m focused on THERE vs THEIR vs THEY”RE vs…

  5. Ron

    The coach has been terminated so what is the status on the staff!

  6. Eichel broke his thumb vs. FLA and kept playing, toughing it out.

    Up to and including FLA (first games in nearly a year: 15 games): 5 G/5 A
    After FLA (injured: 19 games): 9 G/6 A

  7. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    Florida was the highest scoring team in 27 years, and Andrei Vasilevskiy eliminated them with a casual 49-save shutout.


    too bad VGK never had a high quality goalie like this ever in their organization.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    Peter Baugh
    Nazem Kadri: “I guess I needed some fuel. I was pretty upset from the last couple days.”

    He was not happy with Craig Berube’s comments:
    “Starting with their head coach, he made some comments I wasn’t a fan of. I guess he’s never heard of bulletin board material.”

    his response a hat trick

    PDB pulls RL, and his response ?? Goes crying to Emily Kaplan and Elliotte Freekman about how he was ‘disrespected’ and having a season ending knee surgery (which he never had). VGK fired the wrong person, yet again. FOLEY the grape stomper is CLUELESS owner. Maybe he should sell to Jerry Jones, another clueless putz.

    • knights fan in minny

      he should sell to you since you know everything

    • RES2

      This team is becoming the Washington Redskins of the NHL. A team that keeps firing coaches while the guy who seems to be the common denominator in all this still has a job, GM McCrimmon.

  9. Chuckles

    The great start by the Golden Knights doesn’t diminish what the team now knows. You don’t stay in contention forever. We will find out if it’s just a hiccup. Plenty of thoughts to go around. This coming season will determine what direction the club will take as the fairy tale is in the past. The now 32 teams won’t make it any easier with other systems on the rise.
    Go Knights Go.

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