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New Location For Practice Facility, Creator Expects Announcement Within Month

Things are changing behind the scenes with the practice facility. In November we broke the news on the location of the facility, however, a city official has confirmed a new location which will allow the building to house four sheets of ice rather than just two.

The new location is just west of I-215 off Far Hills Road. The location is near Palo Verde High School in northwest Summerlin. Click this for a jpeg map. If you are on an iPhone or Mac, click this for the interactive map.

The land is currently owned by Howard Hughes who have agreed in principle to allow Clark County to purchase and improve upon the land.

Just as before, the facility will be owned and operated by Clark County, paid for out of the parks budget, and leased by the NHL team team for approximately one to two hours per day, offsetting almost all of the building’s cost to the county. The rest of the time it will be rented out for Las Vegas locals to use.

The reason for the change in location is simply to allow for a larger facility. There will be four sheets of ice and at least two locker rooms.

When The Creator asked for an update on expansion and confirmation he and the county should continue exploring options for the new facility, commissioner Bettman reportedly told him to, “keep plugging along.

But that’s not all we heard!

The Creator said he expects an announcement soon in a face to face meeting with this city official. When pressed a bit harder, he narrowed it down to “no later than a month,” said our source. His expectation is to hear from the NHL sometime in March or in early April at the latest

There’s been a ton of noise about expansion coming from the NHL’s General Manager Meetings. Hopefully we get some good news real soon. The Creator seems to think we will.


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  1. Stephen (@me_so_hungy)

    I still like my April 5th hypothesis. Looking better with each comment.

  2. Adrian

    This post has a contradiction, the land stated for the new practice facility is in the City of Las Vegas but you stated the County is going to pay for the facility with park funds. I would question your source for credibility. Or is there a mistake with the post?

    • The City of Las Vegas is in Clark Country. Our source works with the City, but the building will be paid for by the county.

      Not sure I’m following what you are questioning.

      • a

        The County doesn’t pay for construction projects within other jurisdictions. The stated land is City of Las Vegas not Clark County. I would question the source for further info and details.

  3. I’ll go with our sources. Both a source from the city and a source from the county have confirmed that the facility will be paid for by the county.

  4. VegasJay

    It’s off the 215 not I-15

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