Job seekers! We’ve got some direction for you to make your dream of working with the newest NHL team a reality. Previously the team had set up a generic employment inbox in which they asked perspective employees to send in resumes, but now they’ve launched a page on the team website with specific job openings that will be updated as more become available.

The page can be found here, or by visiting and hitting the Contact Us/Employment tab.

There are currently two positions listed, one as Director of Ticketing Operations and the other as an Account Executive in ticketing.

The team has also partnered up with Teamwork Online, the leading website for employment in professional sports, to formally accept applications. All those who sent in applications via will receive an email directing them to go through the new system.

Remember, you actually have to be qualified to work for the team. Like really qualified. More than, “I run this awesome website that follows the team.”

This is certainly progress for everyone looking for a job, as now you all know exactly where to go to get updates on new available position. And knowing those looking for jobs, I’m sure you’ll be on there at the top of the hour every hour until you get that call.

Nonetheless, the site is there and jobs are available, so get crackin’. Oh, and remember, if you learned about openings with the team from, and you land a job, you are required to be an unnamed source for the site for the rest of your life. Thanks.