As you know here at, we read into everything. So when I read that the NCAA is getting soft, I thought hey this can help us. Us being the public that wants the NHL in Las Vegas. So how did I come up with this soup to nuts theory? Well simple. The NCAA has gone soft by finally deciding to invite Las Vegas to the big boy table. Or maybe more appropriately, the big girl table.

The NCAA has changed its tone, and want to make Las Vegas a destination for the Women’s NCAA basketball tournament. Sure, we say duh, it’s about time. People are finally realizing there are thousands of hotel rooms, restaurants, shows and venues all in one city. Wait, what the f@*# am I saying? We have all that on one boulevard.

So why does the NCAA’s new opinion on Las Vegas help our NHL dreams? For one, the stigma of sports gambling is long gone. And other than Morie from Goodfellas, name the last time someone brought up shaving points? Just ask Nunzio, he’ll tell ya.

Secondly countless college football and basketball games get played in Las Vegas every year with no issues. Las Vegas is a city, just as much as its a gambling city. It can handle major concerts, presidential debates and 40+ hockey games without the roulette wheel. Entertainment is what Las Vegas does best and that’s why the NCAA wants in.

The NCAA is arguably bigger than the NHL and is very good at making money. College officials dont see Las Vegas as a gamble anymore and neither should the NHL. Fans will travel to Sin City to cheer on any of their favorite teams or events. If the NCAA has finally come around on, it’s about time the NHL does as well.

Money is money, and tourists love to spend when traveling. So why not take their money and run? If its women’s basketball, UFC, or even curling people will come to town. (Oh and btw the Las Vegas Curling tournament is coming up soon at The Orleans. We’ll be there.) Whatever the event is, people will travel to Las Vegas to attend. That’s the formula the NCAA came up with… Pretty much what we’ve know all along.

The NHL just like the NCAA likes to make money, a lot of money. That’s why an untapped market like Las Vegas can bring in new revenue for both leagues. For all of our sake, hopefully Gary Bettman has met for coffee with NCAA Pres Mark Emmert. If not, can we set this up fellas?