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National Media Expect Golden Knights To Be “Big Players” At The Deadline

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Blockbuster trades are exciting and Vegas is always rumored to be an interested party. It’s looking like that’ll be the case once again on March 3rd.

I don’t want to connect names to the Golden Knights but you lose a piece like Mark Stone for an indefinite period, we don’t know what that means. There’s so much uncertainty. I know that Vegas felt they would likely add a forward before the Mark Stone situation. I can’t imagine Kelly McCrimmon, George McPhee and Bill Foley, who’s as hungry as an owner as there is in NHL, not going to swing for the fences one more time. -Darren Dreger on TSN 690 Montreal

While many expect the Golden Knights to be in the mix, there’s no indication which direction the front office will go. With the devastating news of Mark Stone’s indefinite absence, which impact winger is Vegas targeting? Who are the in-demand players are the front office willing to risk picks and prospects for?

So who is that? I think it’s all of the above. Vegas is being real careful. I think for sure Vegas could be a big player here. -Dreger on TSN 690 Montreal

Being a “big player” suggests ownership has made it clear for the front office to go out and buy. And buy big. Plain and simple, the Golden Knights have plenty of available cap space accrued by injuries they might as well use it. Whatever it is, The Creator has given the green light to purchase reinforcements.

We know Vegas is uber-aggressive but always in trouble with the cap. Well, Mark Stone makes nine million bucks. I have no doubt that they will take that money that’s freed up and use it to go out get somebody else. I’d expect Vegas to be even more aggressive than usual. As good as they sit, they’re not guaranteed to even make the playoffs. Five teams are separated by six points. I think that is significant for Vegas because it’s so long-term for such an important player. -Mike Johnson on TSN 690 Montreal

It’s difficult for insiders to gauge how big Vegas is willing to go. Is it Vladimir Tarasenko, or Ivan Barbeshev. Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews? James van Riemsdyk? With some salary retention it’s even possible Vegas will add a second standout player.

When it comes to it, the heat is on for the Golden Knights. Last night’s commanding 5-1 victory in Nashville was a great start. They’ll need to continue that performance on a consistent level over the remaining 30 games. With such a tight divisional race, the next two months and half months will decide the outcomes of many Pacific division clubs. Along with the Golden Knights, the Seattle Kraken, Edmonton Oilers, LA Kings, and Calgary Flames are all in playoff contention and are open buyers. It’s a crowded field, so the Golden Knights won’t be the only franchise looking to make a splash.




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  1. Hockey nuts

    Stone (who may never be the same again) and Lehner for Kane and a pick.

    Take it or leave it.

  2. knights fan in minny

    blachawks are not that dumb no more older guys

  3. Emmanuel

    Guess who’s in 1st place! Happy days are here again!

  4. Emmanuel

    Which one of these guys is our best bet?:

    Vladimir Tarasenko: Offense + not too high a price (no 1st) = Yes
    Ryan O’Reilly: great playoff player + in decline = No
    Ivan Barbeshev : Would be a great fit on 3rd line = Yes
    Patrick Kane: Hurt = No
    Jonathan Toews: In decline? + a high price = No
    James van Riemsdyk: gets hurt + an SJW = Hell No
    Max Domi: cheap + a perfect 3rd liner overused by bad teams in the top 6 = Yes

    • knights fan in minny

      domi would be okay if you’re going to make a splash make it a young guy like mier price will be steep

  5. THE hockey GOD

    fake news

    Big player coming to bat at plate with a tooth pick in hand, not a baseball bat.

    I will believe it, when the news crosses the wire. “I think” “probably” “i’d expect”
    “I have no doubt” “I know”

    these guys know nothing, and they will like it.

  6. JV

    Too bad they didn’t try to sign Rodrigues and Milano at the start of the season like I had hoped. Would have solidified the middle 6, not cost any assets except cash, and the disappointing Kessel wouldn’t be here. Now the team will have to pay for similar players.
    I like Tarasenko, but do they need another player on the wrong side of 30 that gets hurt almost every season?
    If Stone is done, and he has 36 million reasons not to risk his ability to walk again, who takes his spot on RW1? Hopefully we will know sooner after the season ends, not later like Lehner.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Timo Meier and I would not rule out a deal involving Theodore. Let’s say Meier is $9m and Theodore is worth $8m with two years remaining at $5.2m. That would make assign a value of $5.6m to Theodore’s existing contract. No picks, if anything something to Vegas.

    Maybe enough cap space would remain to get a medium grade LW for the top line. Martinez is the answer to additional space for a higher
    grade LW but Foley would have to buy him out.

    • Pistol Pete

      Meier btw is 26 almost exactly Eichel’s age and the two would make a core for the future. So far Meier has been relatively injury free. Foley was probably advised in the Pacioretty deal that injury is a concern when acquiring older players
      (he was nearly 30) and as far as Stone, his back was just bad luck as he was only 26.

      • Pistol Pete

        Maybe Martinez is OK…after all he is 35. Reviewing his numbers when he came back from injury last season he was stronger than I thought (3 G/5 A /+3). Hague, he’s a possible trade to free up space for a higher end LW for the top line. If Meirer is $9m that would leave about $3m for an LW plus Hague. Theodore and Hague to San Jose for Meier +?

        Korczak and Miromanov with Hutton as #7.


        • Emmanuel

          The problem w/the F & D (excepting Eichel & Theo) is that all their good players are old (NHL old, 28YO and over)! I would rethink moving one of their 2 good young guys…..

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