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Nate Schmidt’s Going To Be Your Favorite Player, You Just Don’t Know It Yet

Unfortunately, has nothing to update regarding Nate Schmidt‘s pending contract. His scheduled arbitration hearing on August 3rd is quickly approaching and we’re hoping a third-party ruling is unnecessary. If you need an arbitration lesson, watch this quick video the Golden Knights posted.

According to some projections, Schmidt is due to make $2+ million per year. By all accounts the Golden Knights are anticipating a signed contract with the former Golden Gopher defenseman.

We’ll do our best to reach a deal. But we’re comfortable with the arbitration process because it gets the deal done. -George McPhee to Review-Journal

It’s in everyone’s, including fans, best interest a deal gets done amicably. The last thing VGK fans need is an unhappy Mr. Smile. Vegas fans will want the same fun, wild Schmidt Washington adored. Don’t believe me? Believe the hundreds of pissed-off Capitals fans on Twitter. Their collective depression should have Vegas fans ecstatic. Schmidt is the early favorite to become a the next Strip celebrity.

Here are comments from heart-broken Capitals fans this past week.

Haha, seriously these fans are furious. And they’re not too happy with George McPhee either. Oh well. Schmidt is 25-yeas-old and ready to break out. He has a big opportunity to become part of the Golden Knights. His impact on and off the ice has major potential for the club as he’s part clown, in a good way, and fans will love his silliness. If he was beloved in a city with an abundance of sports stars, imagine his approval rating with Golden Knight fans. Check out more Twitter reaction the day of the Expansion draft.

We’ll ignore, for now, the ongoing rumor of Schmidt’s “hated” for dogs. That’s for another day. Most likely, the hearing will never happen and a deal will be done soon. Once it’s done it’s show time. Vegas fans get ready for smooth skating, bleep-talking, hijinks, and a loony smile.


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  1. Cappy

    “Nate Schmidt is top five caps legends all time”

    Speaking as a Caps fan, and one who likes Schmidt, uh… no.

    The person posting that must be young and new to Caps fandom.

    Schmidt has a great personality which makes him a fan favorite, but as for “top five caps legends all time….”

    Not even close. Many many many more come before. In the grand scheme of things, he was just getting started.

    Thanks for the laugh, tho.

  2. James

    Instead of a bridge contract, does it make sense to lock him up to a long-term deal? You can save money in the long run if he pans out. Teams will overpay for free agent defensemen

  3. Christopher Alexander

    As a long suffering Caps fan who has decided that I’ll take a losing team with a future in Vegas over a team of perpetual losers, Nate Schmidt is not even close to top 5. But he was a major steal in the first place by GMGM (As we called him-before the cursing began.) I mean, Jim Carrey beats out Schmidt, before we even get to Dale Hunter or Rod Langway.

    GMGM is great long range planner, I think he is looking to win big in the future, rather than build a first round playoff loser (at best) and then do a rebuild. One thing I am curious about is size versus speed. GMGM drafted for size, and as the game has morphed I am curious how he has adjusted. I have en’t looked at the player size for Vegas yet.

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