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My Heart Will Go On

The Jets have plenty of reasons to celebrate this year. Winnipeg is in second place in the Western Conference with 34 points and are on fire at home. Like most clubs, the Jets enjoy a special locker room celebration song. Even after the hot start, it wasn’t until they landed on the Las Vegas Strip that the Jets found the right victory song.

We were in Vegas and we saw the concert with Celine Dion… A lot of guys were singing, big fans I guess. Now, it started to become one of the song after we win. It’s pretty funny to see some of the rough, tough guys singing Celine Dion. –Josh Morrissey, Winnipeg Defenseman to TSN1290

What ripoff artists. The Winnipeg boys came to town, enjoyed Strip entertainment and then took it home with them. I know Celine is Canadian, but she’s ours now. Plus, the Golden Knights organization already plays “My Heart Will Go On” on the KnightTron.

I know pro sports are copy-cat leagues but stealing celebration songs from an opposing team’s Jumbotron is stepping over line. If this were college football, a golden Celine trophy would be on the line tonight, and this game would be “more than just a hockey game.”

Some of the Las Vegas Strip’s finest entertainment 🤩😎 #VegasBorn

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Next thing you know these posers are going to have a Gila monster as a pet in their locker room.




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  1. TK

    Rip off artist??? Every NHL team that has a goal horn is a rip off of the Blackhawks, the first team with a goal horn. Every crowd that chants the opposing goalies name, has ripped that off from the Chicago Blackhawks also.

    If you live in a glass house, you better hope that you don’t have a gravel driveway.

    • You may want to read the article again but this time with the clear sarcastic undertone in which it’s written.

      (We are not seriously upset about this.)

    • Slack

      Still stinging from October two four I see. Don’t worry, we won’t steal your lame ass Chelsea Dagger song.

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