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Motive In Eichel Trade Must Be Winning The Cup, But There’s Reason To Believe There’s More To It

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Jack Eichel to Vegas rumor mill will not stop churning. The latest installments come from a pair of very well-connected sources, Frank Seravalli of and Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman. (Click their names for the link to each rumor.)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the Golden Knights, it’s that they are not afraid of making the splash move. So as long as there continues to be smoke, we have to consider the possibility of it turning into a full-blown fire.

I have a major concern with this move though that I have never had with any of the previous superstar pursuits in the past. It really has little to do with Jack Eichel himself or even the package the Golden Knights might have to give up to get him. Instead, it has everything to do with motive, or at the very least, a thought lingering in the background.

If you go back to the trade for Tomas Tatar, or the following ones that brought in Max Pacioretty, Mark Stone, Robin Lehner, Alec Martinez, and Evgenii Dadonov. Consider the signings of Alex Pietrangelo and Paul Stastny or the re-signings of Mattias Janmark, Shea Theodore, William Karlsson, and Alex Tuch. In every case, the goal of the move was clear, it was direct, and it was incontrovertible.

The Golden Knights were trying to win the Stanley Cup.

Sure, we can toil over the cost of the trade, the price of the contact coming in, the age of the player, the fit, the talent, the need, you name it, but never has anyone been able to say “is there something more to this than making the team better?”

We’ve never even discussed it because it’s never been up for debate.

With Eichel, it is, or at least, it will be if the trade does end up taking shape.

The reason for that is the situation the Golden Knights are currently in, as well as the history of how we’ve gotten to this place.

I don’t need to recount the entire story because if you’re here, you probably know most of it, but I’ll just remind you that the Golden Knights were three wins from winning the Stanley Cup in 2018, and since that moment, they’ve never come closer.

Over the past two years, they’ve made some bold decisions and have dealt with a pandemic. However you wish to assign a percentage of the blame to each of those, the fact of the matter is a large section of the Golden Knights fan base has been alienated in the previous 24 months.

The team doesn’t feel the same to a lot of people. And I can’t even begin to think I know the entire pulse of the locker room or the offices at City National Arena, but I’m fairly confident in saying, it’s not the same as what it used to be.

Now, facing what could be a challenging season due to a rash of injuries and a fan base that simply isn’t showing up in droves the same way they have before, there’s a chance the focus might shift, even if it’s just ever so slightly.

A trade for Jack Eichel would mean the acquiring of an elite-level player, but one that is not physically able to play hockey at the moment, and likely won’t for the majority of the rest of this season. It will cost a package of players and assets that will inevitably include at least one starter from the already banged-up roster struggling to keep their heads above water. And it will force even more salary cap gymnastics that will lead to trades like that of Nate Schmidt, Paul Stastny, and Marc-Andre Fleury, in which the Golden Knights are simply buying cap space as opposed to maximizing what in all three cases were excellent assets.

In short, acquiring Jack Eichel would diminish the Golden Knights’ chances to be the next team to lift the Stanley Cup.

That’s not the problem though. The problem is the why. Why acquire Eichel?

Of course, a huge part of it will be because he’s one of the best hockey players in the world, and adding him to a mix of Mark Stone, Alex Pietrangelo, Robin Lehner, and Shea Theodore would have everyone considering the Golden Knights to be among the most talented teams in the league. But what it would also do is completely belittle the failures that will happen on and off the ice this season and have happened in the past. The entire focus would shift to next season.

For some, that could be a good thing as this season has an ominous look to it so far.

This is a franchise that has seen nothing but winning and they are commanded by an owner who does not accept anything less. A terrible season, even one riddled with legitimate excuses like injuries, could lead to the dismissal of any number of people. The precedent has been set, from top to bottom in this organization, failure will not be tolerated, and there will be no hesitancy in replacing the person or people deemed to have failed.

Missing the playoffs, while doing it in front of a fan base expressing their displeasure both in their words and their actions (not going to the games), will not be tolerated, and everyone knows it.

Trading for Eichel is the trapdoor. It’s the fire escape. It’s the get out of jail free card.

If things go south, it gives the Golden Knights a perfectly fair reason to cast this season into the sun as they’ve done in the past with any number of horrible games they’ve played. Forget it and move on to the next one.

A healthy Jack Eichel is being added to a Cup Contending team for next year. That’s the focus and no matter how bleak it looks now, it won’t matter, because there’s a bastion of hope waiting in 2022-23.

That’s pretty powerful for anyone with even the faintest shred of fear that 2021-22 could go poorly enough it would lead to their exit from the organization like the droves that have exited before them. The trap door is there. If it works out, it’s the most brilliant move ever, this year or next. But even if it doesn’t, it buys some time.

If anyone with any power over the decision to make this trade has had this thought cross their mind, it will mean the sole focus of the move will cease to be exclusively on winning the Cup.

That would instantly disqualify the move as being in the best interest of the franchise at large, and if an owner who is truly in it to win sees it the same way I do, he cannot allow that type of transaction to be completed.






  1. John Schnobrich

    I definitely agree that the intention has to be focused on winning the cup so our owner doesn’t end up on freezing cold takes in a year or two. The more I think about it, the more I have convinced myself that it’s going to happen.

    I believe the him filing a grevance against buffalo helped moved things along.

    My gut tells me that he will be a golden knight by end of next week

  2. Rager

    The team has already messed up this window. We have no chance of winning a Cup in the next decade when we should have had at least 2 or 3 during that period

  3. Daryl

    This would be win now at all costs. If they make this trade and done win it this year, the team will be screwed for years to come. It would be worse than the Petra acquisition

  4. THE hockey GOD

    “If anyone with any power over the decision to make this trade has had this thought cross their mind, it will mean the sole focus of the move will cease to be exclusively on winning the Cup.

    That would instantly disqualify the move as being in the best interest of the franchise at large, and if an owner who is truly in it to win sees it the same way I do, he cannot allow that type of transaction to be completed.”

    I am firmly in the do not trade for damaged good JE Buffalo player camp. I don’t see how they could justify at this point in time. It would appear to be a knee jerk reaction move.

    “the droves that have exited before them” have no idea what this refers too.
    Seem sensationalist and feeble attempt at fan mind bending, again.

    “Golden Knights were three wins from winning the Stanley Cup in 2018, and since that moment, they’ve never come closer.” another fan mind bending sensational false statement. The Knights were closer than approximately 90% of other teams by reaching the finals in two of last three years by reaching the semi finals. And probably would have made finals last year if not for the discombobulated Gary Bettman NHL “covid enhanced” favoring Canadian divisions in getting into finals. IN normal season VGK would easily have beaten their main competitor the AVS and gotten into the finals. So I would put a Roger Maris like * by that statement.

    Otherwise good article. pass on damaged goods, like they passed on Perron and Neal. Damaged goods.

  5. Henderson One

    The VGK organization is rapidly losing its fan base. Once that connection with the original fan base is lost, it will be difficult to regain. The way MAF was treated in the 2019/2020 season by PDB was the beginning of the disaffection with the VGK organization. The way the trade was handled by VGK management was also not appreciated by the fan base. Most thought that MAF would retire here and become an asset to the organization as its original face. That is not to be. How to regain the trust of the fan base and pursue the Stanley Cup is not mutually exclusive. I am not sure that Eichel is the answer since he is damaged goods. Not sure either that the combination of McPhee, McCrimmon and PDB can pull it off. It will be interesting to see when Foley pulls the trigger.

    • THE hockey GOD

      ^^ BS comment, MAF stabbed the fans in back. his back stabbing cartoon was no more than whining about not playing . His lies about wanting to retire hurt the franchise lowering his trade value.

      Don’t believe the hype, his 7 million a year salary with no return and his poor performance, his whining, and his lie about retirement are not endearing to fan based. He deserves to be spit on , not treated with any reverence by how HE TREATED THE FAN BASE.

      MAF= seven million a year failure, didn’t bring cup, choked in playoffs.

      too many brain washed moes out there drinking the koolaid.

      • Daryl

        Do you realize that you are about the ONLY fan who believes your nonsense??? Maybe you should team up with Doc

    • The biggest problem IMO is McPee, McCrimmon & PDB put Foley in a position where his integrity was tarnished by the MAF situation regarding what commitment was made to him. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not Fleury was the face of the Golden Knights and Mr. Foley made it very clear from the get go he would retire here and apparently committed to that. Yes its business but I believe Mr. Foley being an X military man where honor is very important if probably not to happy despite putting on a good front. They don’t need anymore damaged goods and the best thing to happen for the Knights is let the chips fall where they may. If they can get their act together fine, if not the necessary changes should be made.

    • sb

      Nonsense. The VGK’s are sold out. They are not losing their fan base.

      • Daryl

        If you read other articles and Twitter it does seem they are losing a lot of their fan base. Maybe they were fairweather fans to begin with but that doesn’t change the fact they have lost a lot of fans. Now, I’m still a fan and supporter but I have lost a lot of respect for the FO and even PDB even though I didn’t have much for him to begin with

      • Daryl

        Being sold out and having a sold out crowd are two completely different meanings

  6. Jim

    hey Ken, the reason for acquiring Eichel is that the Vgk need a #1 center. and THAT would help in their quest for the cup. got it?

    and he will be available in the second half of the season, just like Tuch and all the other injured players

    all we have to do is look at Tampa, and the addition of Kucherov at playoff time.

    I don’t see you upset at the stupid waste of cap space, $5million, to acquire that washed up garbage named Dadonov?

    • Daryl

      Who does VGK trade to make this happen… When all players return VGK has no Cap space and adding anyone puts them over the limit. Buffalo isn’t going to keep part of his salary whicu means VGK not only has to give up top draft spots they also have to give up several players

      • Jim

        there will be a 3rd party broker to make it happen, just like there was in the Lehner trade.

      • Richard Santomauro

        I am 100% against this trade. Krebs is going to be star in this league when he fills out. There is no doubt that Krebs would be in the trade package along with a few other younger players. Reilly Smith is likely a piece and dare I say Pacioretty (likely has a no trade clause or teams selected).


        for Eichel?

        That would be the dumbest move every by this organization.

        The younger players are beginning to gel.

        Oh, and Mr. Dadanov had the game winner tonight. Earned some cred.

  7. Rick D

    Let me see if I have this straight. To relieve the discomfort Knights fans are in now, we give up some current healthy assets and now have a press box with Pacioretty, Stone, Tuch, Martinez and Eichel

    • Jim

      let me summarize the Vgk social media fan lament–

      we must not trade Carrier for McDavid because he is an original Knight.

      we must not trade McNabb for Makar because he is an original Knight

      oh, if only 2017 could be brought back in the time machine

      • Daryl

        Are you really that clueless???? We aren’t talking about trading a 3rs or 4th liner… We are taking about getting rid of several players and top liners at that

        • Jim

          no kidding Crosby. I was just pointing out the ridiculous attitude that they must keep the original players or the fans will revolt.

          • Jim

            top liners my ass. not one top 6 player has been mentioned in any trade talks with Buffalo

          • Daryl

            People had an issue with getting rid of MAF in favor of RL…. This was after MAF was told he would retire in VGK and that he just led VGK to a great season. Overall most fans aren’t upset over keeping the original team together.

            As for the trade, Krebs and Whitecloud have both been mentioned but there will have to be more as those two don’t clear enough Cao space

      • sb

        And if only Karlsson could score 43 goals and Haula 29. The “original misfits’ thing is ridiculous and childish. Despite what this article writer is spinning, the goal of the team and its owner is Win The Cup In Six Years. The GOAL HAS NEVER CHANGED. WIN THE CUP IN SIX YEARS. And that’s why they are looking at Eichel. Gotta solve the PP.

    • THE hockey GOD

      ^^^ Bingo , give this poster a cookie ^^^

  8. Tim

    We go along have a nice time posting and then Bam we get a few posters so out of touch it makes your head spin. These guys come out of the woodwork every so often.
    Jack Eichel kind of like that Kraken commercial on TV it’s gotten real old. Personally weighing the good and bad I’ve come to the conclusion of bad decision. I think they missed out on Conner Garland by taking Dadanov that’s enough mistakes for one year. My logic is were loaded with D-Men so at the trade deadline see what’s available. Don’t be in a rush to fail patience is a virtue.

  9. Tim

    Daryl I usually agree with most of your points but not this time. Tomas Nosek an original Misfit traded to keep Janmark who’s not as good made no sense. Getting Dadanov 2 years 5 million makes no sense, trading Nate.S mister personality Misfit made no sense he may not of been a first liner and bombed in Vancouver maybe he was disheartened after the trade but he was our Nate. S Erik Hauls a week before his wedding was told he was traded he was our Misfit treated badly. Shall I go on Bellemare great guy good fourth line center we dump him another Misfit bites the dust and of coarse Flower Power and that’s what he was to this team ridiculed stabbed and finally traded another Misfit gone. You don’t think the fan base cares your all wrong if you think thats the case. To win a cup there not going to win and destroy our chemistry and fan base was it worth it. Like I said before as a long time resident and I mean long time combined my wife and I have over 120 years in the Valley they keep fucking around and you’ll be able to shoot off a cannon and not hit anyone in T-Mobile trust me on that.

    • Daryl

      I think you missed my point… I was t saying ll those trades were good just that we didn’t go overboard with our thoughts and comments. I was ragged for weeks when I said VGK should sign Engo for one more year even though I knew he and PDB did not get along at all. Ppl on here said it was a waste of money, etc. So what did the do, they signed both Reaves and Holden to a bigger contract and let Engo go. Then Holden, who cost more than $1m more than Ngo was put on the vacation squad and VGK just wasted his salary.

    • Neal

      So you wanted to just keep the 2017 lineup and never make a change? So the team has to schedule trading players around their wedding dates? How crazy is that? They had to resign Bellemare because you think he’s a great guy?

      Getting Dadonov makes/made perfect sense. On a team that isn’t filled with injuries Dadonov moves into a position that makes this team deeper and tougher to play against. The lose of the top line has moved players where they weren’t designed to play in the lineup. It causes problems up and down the entire lineup. Players are traded for a specific role. When that role gets changed then they of course may not perform as you might have hoped. The guy has played 5 regular season games and you’re already writing that move off as a bad one? That makes no sense at all.

      I guarantee you this, if and when this team wins the cup, NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE will care who is in the lineup especially if one of your beloved original “misfits” is in the lineup or not. This league is about evolving and changing in an effort to get better. Get used to it. Your favorite player could be gone in the next 15 minutes. That’s hockey.

      One other thing the 2017 team would have never recreated that season again in a 100 years. Everything fell into place that season and lightening struck. That team had no business going as far as it did. It was a magical thing and keeping the lineup together would not have recreated that season no matter how much you wish it would have.

      • Tim

        Neal you have no idea of the pulse in Vegas keep the whole 2017 no keep the ones better then they traded for. Cap problem would be a non- issue camaraderie between fans and players would be high, locker room would be united. Dadanov is going to save us versus a younger Conner Garland who’s having a great start in Vancouver. Read my lips there is no cup in our future hopefully we can be an playoff team year after year.

      • sb

        Exactly. This original misfit stuff is stupid and childish. This isn’t how Stanley Cups are won. When you miss the Cup, you figure out the holes and fill them. That’s exactly what MGT has been doing. One week before the season began, article writers were saying this is the deepest team Vegas has ever assembled. Then seven injuries came along. No one’s fault. It happens. It’s a business, not a social club.

        • Daryl

          The hole VGK has needed to fill is at Center, yet they took the money from the MAF trade and wasted all of it. And nothing against Petra but one again, they used extra money and wasted it on a player they didn’t need. Probably the same with their backup goalie

    • If the VGK gets near the top of standings again, the fans will be there. Winning counts more than the “faces” of the team.

  10. Vlad

    More to it???

    Ya…Mcrimmon in desperation trying to cover his ass after gutting the heart and culture out of this team by ridding it of all the originals who were so successful

  11. Vlad

    What a brilliant idea to trade for Eichel

    … a player who needs surgery so can’t play right now and after having major surgery may never play again

    Maybe worthwhile gamble if you can dump Pylon Krebs and some other garbage Mcrimmon has brought in … dunno

    • sb

      In case you missed it, the run for the 2021-22 playoffs is over for Vegas. By Thanksgiving, they’ll be out of the race. You won’t see the Top Line players back until after Jan 1. Too late then. MGT understands this and is putting together a plan for Year 6 …. the year Mr. Foley wants that Cup won. The plan now is to get back healthy for next season Tuch, Stone, Pac and Eichel centering the Top Line. This year is over. MGT is putting a plan together for 2022-23. They will not resign Smith, McNabb and Janmark ….. that’s the $10 mil they need for Eichel.

      • Daryl

        They need that money before the end of the season… and then they need the money to replace those players as well as the ones used for the trade

  12. Jim

    those who should have been kept?

    Perron for sure. he has scored more since he went back to the Blues than most Vgk players.

    he has 192 pts and 15 game winning goals since he left.

    in his one season with Vgk he scored 66 pts with 4 GWG, and he scored 9 more pts in the playoffs.

    and he only wanted a small raise from $3.750 to 4 for 4 yrs

    big blunder letting him go

    • Vlad


      Reeves. Bellmare. Quality character players who were able to contribute tangibly and intangibly

    • Neal

      Really easy to say after the fact right?

    • Tim

      Jim absolutely and worse trade Tatar until the next blunder.

    • sb

      Problem is for Perron is he is weak defensively. A typical season average +1 player. Pac and Stone are typical +20 players. In 2017, the line of Neal, Perron and Haula did score a lot of goals. But they were ALL weak on D. Yes, they scored but gave up as many goals. MGT replaced them with more complete, two-way players. In the Playoffs, Washington’s second line ATE UP the Neal/Haula/Perron line and was the Number 1 reason the Caps took home the Cup. That second line was a nightmare!

      • Daryl

        You talk about great offensively but weak on defense but isn’t that exactly what VGK picked up with the money from trading MAF. I’ll even add the Petra is somewhat weak defensively. He’s gotten beat several times, he can’t block a shot, he can’t knock someone off the puck, he makes really stupid passes. He does have good stick handling and decent poke check, but VGK picked him up for his offense only

    • Russ

      I believe the plan from the beginning between the Blues and VGK was to only have Perron for the 1 year. He went right back to where he came from and where I believe he wanted to be.

  13. Vlad

    There is no one player that could be brought in that will make this team a cup contender.

    Mcrimmon has reduced it to a rickety 3 legged stool. Saw it in last years play offs with stone and pac shut down so easily. And you see this year the heap of crap that’s left over without those 2.

    And there is nobody in the wings that would be a top 6 or even top 9. See it for what it is

  14. Pistol Pete

    We won’t know until a deal is announced how it’s cost could negatively impact the prospects for the postseason. If it’s perceived as high it could across as “build for next year and move on from this one” a risky move in terms of prospective fan base alienation.

    I like to imagine a deal can get done and the team still has 2021-22 post season potential, but I’m kind of dreaming lol.

  15. Pdawg

    The Knights will not win the Cup this year with their current roster, even if healthy. They are missing a top line center who can drive scoring, particularly on the power play. When healthy, Eichel is an elite top 5 player who is just scratching the surface of his potential. The Knights should make this trade if they want to get to the next level. Period. It will hurt in the short term by losing guys who are currently helping (Krebs and Hague). And health is a risk. But it will give the team a much better chance, long term, to win the Cup.

    • sb

      Pdawg – absolutely, 100% correct.

    • Daryl

      That’s a huge risk for a player you don’t know when, if ever, he will be ready to play again. One cheap shot could out him out for good. Then you lose a oitw trial 1C n Krebs and a starting Dman along with a draft pick

    • Richard Santomauro

      Eichel is nothing right now. Eichel WAS a an elite top 5 player. No one knows what his surgery will do to him. Even the best prognosis is nothing more than a wild ass guess when it comes to spinal surgery.


  16. Galdom

    Here is some perspective for Peyton Krebs haters. First of all, you’re very impatient and also not thinking intelligently. Give the guy a chance. He only has one point but it’s still just getting his feet wet. So let’s compare how Vegas top two offence minded players did in their first 10 games in the league. He is just 20 years old.

    Mark Stone made his debut when he was 21 years old. In his first 10 games he had 2 goals, 1 assist, 3 points.

    Max Pacioretty made his debut when he was 20 years old. In his first 10 games he had 0 goals, 1 assist. Sound familiar.

    How about Nick Suzuki. The one that got away. He played his first 10 games as a 20-year-old with the Montréal Canadiens. In his first nine games he had 0 goals, 1 assist and a -9 rating. He got his first goal in his 10th game.

    Give the guy a chance.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Galsom makes sense. You can see a bright future for Krebs. He seems to improve every game. He has excellent speed. Toughness will come. When it does Krebs is going to be in the top 6 if not on line 1.

      Dadanov had the game winner tonight.

      Marchy continues to show that he is a winner. Small, tough and someone who can be counted on to put the team in a good position.

      This season isn’t over, not by a long shot. The jury is still out and we have all seen improvement defensively. Panicking and making a run for Eichel would be a mistake at this point.

      The bottom 6 wannabe’s are all getting great ice time and experience. This will make the team better when the team returns to health. I am more worried about goal tending than the bottom 6 or even the lack of PP.

    • Krebs is a top prospect. There is a reason Buffalo is insisting that he is included in the trade. He plays with a great motor and sees the ice. But you are not getting a guy like Eichel for a bag of pucks. Go back and watch video on Eichel two years ago. His speed and skill just pop off the screen, ala McDavid, MacKinnon, and Barzal. Look at the numbers he posted on Buffalo. Just imagine his numbers with the Knights’ talent surrounding him. It would be scary.

      • Richard Santomauro

        That’s IF Eichel can keep his head on his shoulders. A big IF, a huge GAMBLE for a future star with no spine issues.

        • Pdawg

          This trade is on the table because of the Eichel health risk and Buffalo’s mishandling of it. Two years ago, Eichel would have been off limits. No doubt there is big risk but also big upside. Guys like Eichel (age and skill) simply don’t become available in the NHL. If you have an elite center, and there are very few, you don’t trade them. Buffalo screwed this up royally. Eichel gets some blame too, but can you see why an elite player would get frustrated with a team that has been in a constant “rebuild” for 10 years, and they just rebooted again this year? I feel for the fans in Buffalo. They deserve better.

  17. JP

    Jack Eichel is a right-handed shot. He gonna backhand his passes to Patches on a rush?

    If Eichel was a left-handed shot, I would entertain this more. But he is not, so we should not.

  18. sb

    The writer of this article has a long history of writing things to undermine the credibility of the owner, Mr. Foley. The writer claims the team has lost it’s goal. The team has lost its original players. The team is losing its loyal fanbase. None of this is true. None of it. First, the goal of the owner and the team from Day 1 is to Win The Cup In Six Years. That goal has NEVER changed. The team has lost its original players. Dry up your tears. This is a business, not nursery school. The team is losing its fanbase. NONSENSE! Games are sold out. At pre-season practice, the facility was filled to the rafters with fans just wanting to see practice! VGK fans are hockey nuts! The one thing that does matter is consistent winning. The team has been consistently winning for four years. But it won’t be a winner this year. Tuch, Stone, Pac out until after Jan 1 ……….. this season is over. Trade for Eichel and get Tuch, Stone and Pac healthy and ready for YEAR 6, the year the owner says that they will win the Cup. What would be helpful is if this writer would stop planting false ideas about the motives of the Owner and the GMs.

    • Daryl

      Just because YOU disagree with the writer doesn’t make everything he said false. There is a lot of truth in his articles but blind followers sometimes refuse to see them

    • Galdom

      sb, they got 50 games before the Olympic break. I’m hoping they could tread water and have about 54 points in those 52 games. Then get 40 points in the last 30 games when everyone is hopefully healthy. An 18-10-2 finish. Maybe that gets us a wild card entry into the playoffs. But through two periods tonight things are looking bleak. Were getting nothing from The misfit line and Dadonov.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Well the Misfit line and Dadanov actually turned up and delivered two quality points tonight.

        • Two very impressive road wins with a lot of injuries. DeBoer is rallying this team to work hard and make the most of their depth. I actually think the VGK by playing defense first, defend in the neutral zone, can make the playoffs without top players. Trick is to somehow fit Eichel in and make it to the playoffs.

          • Daryl

            PDB rallying the troops lol

          • Richard Santomauro

            VGK loses to Dallas late in the 3rd period if The Walrus is in goal. No way he gets to that puck, period.

            The best thing that VGK can do is look at Brossoit and Thompson as the future in goal.

            That will become more clear by mid-January.

  19. Here’s my theory:
    1. Put Stone on LTIR until the playoffs. That puts a big chunk of his $9.5M off cap.
    2. Acquire Eichel and put him on LTIR until the playoffs. That puts a big chunk of his $10M off cap

  20. Jake

    Nothing is “the same as what it used to be.”

  21. George

    This is one of the dumbest trades! It will go down in history as a colossal failure, lol

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