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Mitch Marner Extension Or NMC Unlikely To Scare Off Vegas’ Potential Pursuit

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights are facing many franchise-altering decisions this offseason, but they aren’t alone. While Golden Knights fans are anxiously waiting for a Jonathan Marchessault extension, fans in Toronto are hoping their team unloads one of the NHL’s top line forwards. After another first-round exit Toronto Maple Leaf center Mitch Marner has become the target of local fans. The career 1.11 points per game player would be a fit for any team, including the Golden Knights. However, it would take some creativity by both clubs.

It’s a huge couple of days on the calendar that I think are under the radar. A lot of the things that end up happening at the Draft or on July 1st, those conversations were born this week in Buffalo at the combine. You can see all of the agents talking to GMs, GMs meeting with GMs. It’s all sort of playing out this week. – Pierre LeBrun on TSN OverDrive

Now, there is nothing directly linking Vegas to Marner, but I think all of us would agree, you cannot count the Golden Knights out on any available player. You name him, Vegas inquired. So, it’s safe to guess both first-round victims have been in communication. Like LeBrun reported, maybe the seed was planted for a future transaction.

All options remain on the table. Marner could certainly still be with the Leafs in camp. He could be with the Leafs in camp with an extension and they could also get a trade offer that they cannot ignore. All of those things are options. Anything can happen. –LeBrun on TSN OverDrive

We’ve seen the Golden Knights front office make an 11th-hour deal in 2018. Late in September, Vegas traded for veteran sniper Max Pacioretty to beef up their second season offense. The team immediately offered Pacioretty a four-year, $28M contract extension too. That would likely be the scenario if Vegas were to acquire Marner from the Maple Leafs. In 2019, the Golden Knights also negotiated an extension with Mark Stone before he accepted the trade with Ottawa. On multiple occasions, Vegas felt comfortable rewarding a player before he ever skated on T-Mobile Arena ice. What’s wrong with one more?

Marner has a full no-move and controls a lot of the cards. They may go to him with a trade offer over the next month or two and Marner will say yes or no. There isn’t a single team in the league that would want to make a tangible trade offer without knowing or thinking they can extend Mitch Marner. That’s a very underplayed part of all of this. –LeBrun on TSN OverDrive

One thing common among most of Vegas’ star players is they were offered lucrative deals with no move clauses. Jack Eichel, Tomas Hertl, Alex Pietrangelo and Mark Stone have full no move clauses. Ivan Barbashev, Noah Hanifin, William Karlsson, Brayden McNabb and Shea Theodore have no trade clauses. Not all were offered by Vegas, however they have shown they’re not fully opposed to them. If a possible deal developed with Toronto, a NMC would not get in the way of their pursuit for Marner.

The stud Maple Leaf isn’t the only significant player possibly available this summer. If the Golden Knights were to go big game hunting, they would have options. How would Leon Draisaitl or Mikko Rantanen look in gold? We’ll leave the salary cap gymnastics and empty cupboard obstacles to the decision makers at CNA.


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Guentzel is another one. Obviously Marchy walks and you trade Theo to make any of these work.

  2. Alex

    We need new big league goalies, not a lehner stand in and a one hit wonder

    • knights fan in minny

      we need you the one hit wonder piece of shit to vanish from earth

    • Emmanuel

      I said it from the get go, paying anyone, much less a G for being hot for a month is just dumb cause there are 50 G out there there are nearly the same, each generation has 2 that are above the pack and thats gonna cost you $8m/year better spent somewhere else.

  3. knights fan in minny

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    • TS

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      • TS

        You DO understand that POTUS travel is PART of the JOB, right?? And their SPOUSES are also included?? So WHY are you bitching about it?? The POTUS trip to commemorate the Normandy INVASION is a pretty Important trip, right??
        Speaking of wasting Taxpayer $$$$$, do you know how many GOLF TRIPS TRUMP MADE DURING HIS TERM?? HOW MANY TIMES HE PLAYED HOOKEY AS POTUS , AND WENT GOLFING AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE?? He actually bitched about OTHER POTUSES golfing too much. HEe PROMISED he woukd NEVER do that, EVER— YET, turns out he GOLFED HUGELY, SURPASSING ALL OTHERS! That cost us a pretty penny or two— yet, I NEVER heard ANY Repugnants demanding he REPAY AMERICA! Even the DEMS gave him a PASS! YET you bitch about BIDEN’S TRIP TO HONOR THE FALLEN IN EUROPE??and BTW: if YOUR son was in court, would YOU feel the need to SUPPORT YOUR SON, or WOUKD YOU SKIP IT AS UNIMPORTANT??

    • TS

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  4. Mike StG

    I think Elias Lindholm makes a lot of sense if they don’t re-sign Marchie. Nucks probably won’t be able to sign him, and he’s projected in the 6.5M range which would be affordable. He’s scored 40g and been a ppg player, usually a plus. Needs to be on a line with good players though, and would fit on either L1 or L2.

    I could see Vegas trading Theo to NJD for their #10 pick plus a 2nd and/or 3rd. Then possibly trading both 1st round picks for the upcoming draft to get into the top 4-8 position. Although I wonder whether they are really that focused on the future and prospects.

    • knights fan in minny

      devil’s need goaltending

    • Emmanuel

      Spmething BIG is coming at the draft. A 1st, 3rd, Theodore, Howden, Doro/Cotter & Whitecloud to SanJose for Celebrini? I know its a stretch but they could flip Theo for more picks.

      • knights fan in minny

        have you been drinking

        • Emmanuel

          Iced Tea. Do you think its an overpayment or underpayment or undoable in this day and age?

          • knights fan in minny

            sharks are not giving up that number 1 pick

  5. ThG

    marner says he likes toronto, don’t ask me why

    odds are he’s staying

    now back by popular demand

  6. DeezNutz

    Knights fan in minny mouse LOVES Mitch Marner.

    • knights fan in minny

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      • Alex

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        • knights fan in minny

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  7. Forget all the mental gymnastics of acquiring ….signing…and holding on to a player
    that very well could help in the short run…but what happens in the longer run…what happens is the team turns into the sharks with too much frontloaded on 4-5 guys….yes our window is still open for the next 2-3 years….and yes do what is necessary to strengthen that possibility…if we dont sign Marchy and i still say he stays for $6 million per for 3 years…take that money and invest in two 50-60 point depth guys that can solidify our third line if Cotter should not be the answer there…i think he is going to come back a much better all around player this year…I think our 4th line is set with Roy Kolesar and Morelli…July should be an interesting month!!

    • Emmanuel

      Its a darn shame, Roy is wasted on the 4th line but Vegas gotta do the “we roll 4 lines” thing. Id rather see Howden C the 4th and Roy on 3rd line LW. Hes being wasted on junk minutes…….

  8. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    knights fan in minny, please take this advice from a friend.

    Take a deep breath and relax and read some of your comments. You are beginning to sound like an angry crazy person. The hockey god used to go crazy all the time and tell multiple people posting that they are the same person. I think most people here like talking hockey with you.

    • knights fan in minny

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    • knights fan in minny

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  9. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    And now a comment on hockey. Jason Pothier, I appreciate your article but you said that Mitch Marner is a center. He is not. He is a right winger.

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          • JB

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        • ThG

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    • TS

      Tim, agreed. Though not a lockup. Stupidity, delusion and paranoia require intense intervention.
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  13. JV

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  14. TS

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