Five business days, four new hires to the Vegas NHL front office. Today’s addition is  Misha Donskov as the Director of Hockey Ops. He joins Wil Nichol, Katy Boettinger, and Kelly McCrimmon on George McPhee’s staff.

Donskov was previously with Hockey Canada where he served as a manager and in hockey operations. He was also in charge of Analytics and Video making him the first on the Vegas staff with a direct connection to analytics.

Misha Donskov

Misha Donskov

He also has NHL experience in his past working with the Atlanta Thrashers and Columbus Blue Jackets  in hockey development, community development, fan development, and marketing.

Those last three are very interesting as we’ve been harping on the team that they have not done enough community engagement activities. Maybe with the addition of Donskov that will change in the near future.

He has an incredibly strong background in video analysis which will be crucial over the next year as the Vegas organization must study both current NHL players as well amateurs they may choose to draft or sign.

Donskov also has roots in Russia where his father immigrated from and he still has relatives, so he could find himself in a European scouting role as well.

Here are a couple good links about him. First, one on his analytics background, and another about his previous position with Team Canada.