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Michael Amadio Among League Leaders In Cost Per Point

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Last season Golden Knights forward Michael Amadio surprised many people by scoring 16 goals and registering 11 assists in 67 regular season games. He doubled down in the postseason with five goals, five assists and one hell of a game winner in Game 3 of the opening round against Winnipeg.

Overall, the seven-year veteran put together his best NHL season in 2022-23 and was rewarded with a Stanley Cup championship ring for his effort. This season Amadio is back at it totaling 15 points (5/10) in 27 games. Not only is he on track to pass last season’s numbers but he’s doing it on the cheap.

NHL Standard Contract Forwards Cost Per Point

  1. Michael Amadio (VGK): 15 Points – $50,833 Per Point
  2. Michael Carcone (ARI): 15 Points – $51,666 Per Point
  3. Stefan Noesen (CAR): 14 Points – $54,464 Per Point
  4. James van Riemsdyk (BOS): 16 Points – $62,500 Per Point
  5. Thomas Novak (NSH): 12 Points – $66,666 Per Point

The 27-year-old is currently signed until the end of the season with a base salary of $775,000. In other words, the Golden Knights are getting one hell of a deal.

( – NHL UFA Cost Per Point)

With the exception of Stefan Noesen, all of the players on the top of the Cost Per Point list make more than VGK’s winger. His cap space is the third lowest on the Golden Knights active roster, taking up a tiny 0.85% of the organization’s entire salary hold.

In fact, Amadio is taking in less but significantly outperforming William Carrier, Paul Cotter, Brett Howden and Keegan Kolesar. Those pricier depth forwards have combined for only seven more points than Amadio.

  • Michael Amadio: 15 Points – $50,833 Per Point
  • Keegan Kolesar: 5 Points – $280,000 Per Point
  • Brett Howden: 6 Points – $316,666 Per Point
  • William Carrier: 4 Points – $350,000 Per Point

To inflate Amadio’s ego even more, he’s sorely overshadowing newly minted Ivan Barbashev’s offensive impact. Through 27 games, the Golden Knights are paying Barbashev $454,545 per point. Not to belabor the point but Jack Eichel’s linemate is 444th among all NHL players on the CPP list. Gulp. Oh, and just for S&Gs, Reilly Smith is being paid $384,615 per point by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

( – VGK Forward Cost Per Point)

The Golden Knights are blessed with several high-priced weapons that have led them to a first-place pace in 2023-24 and a Stanley Cup championship in 2022-23. However, they can’t do it alone and Amadio is VGK’s best example of getting more for your money. Heck, he’s the perfect example across the league.


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  2. knights fan in minny

    amadio should be with marchy and wild bill

  3. JB

    I like Amo wherever he plays. He works hard, has a pretty good shot and is hockey smart!

    • Emmanuel

      He’s good for 15 G’s but not an assist guy, on a scale of 1-5 defensively hes a 2. So hes a good 3rd liner, if you can get him cheap go for it, anything over 2.5M$ fuhgedaboutitt!

  4. knights fan in minny

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  5. Emmanuel

    VGK was one of the teams that sent scouts to check out Patrick laine.
    Too expensive? Bad defensively? Who would go the other way?

    Laine-Eichel-Marchie sure would look good and could set up a
    Barbashev-WK-Stone two way second line.

  6. ThG

    let’s take a look at 22 -23 Amadio Card from Strat o matic

    Michael Amadio >>>>>>>>>LW/C/RW
    Tendency (5 stars!! that is better than Eichel and best on team, meaning
    he has tendency to penetrate better against defense to get a good
    outside/inside, or pass)
    intimidation 1-5, skating 1-8 , faceoff 0 (that is average) ASSIST rating

    Offense 3 Defense 2 (1)
    Penalty D (that is low, so he doesn’t make many penalties)
    Breakaway/penetration – 4 of 4 , that is excellent

    outside shot – 2 goal 1-6, 3 Xdc 4x DLD 5 goalie raitng 6 X DRW
    7x Dany player 8 x REB 9 xDC 10 x DLD 11 XDLW 12 XDRD

    inside shot – 2XDLW 3 goal 1-13 4 XDLW 5 x DRD 6 x DRW 7 goalie rating
    8x REV 9 X DLD 10 goalie rating 11 and 12 X DC

    breakaway / penetration
    2 X drw 3x DLD 4 goalie rating 5 x any D player 6 goalie rating 7
    goalie rating 8 x REB 9 x dc 10 GOAL 1-17 11 12 X DRW

    PASS column
    A outside shot B lose puck inside shot for center C lose puck
    D outside shot E lose puck Flose puck G lose puck H lose puck
    I lose puck J inside shot K and L lose puck

    defense COLUMN
    1 2 take away puck 3 inside shot for center 4 inside shot LW
    5 outside shot C 6 outside shot LW 7 -10 takes away puck
    outside shot only 11 penalty 12 takes away puck 13 outside shot
    14 outside shot

  7. Tim

    I’ve got to hand it to you Ken to come up with interesting articles that I would never think about is a credit to your journalism skills. This article about Amadio is a good read. Just watching the games he hustles doesn’t have a bad shot a good pickup and he plays for minimum wage. What a country.

  8. Pistol Pete

    Hopefully Cotter (also $775k but through 2025-26) can scale up as Amadio has (thanks to Bruce Cassidy btw). Then I’ll shut up about Dorofeyev. But for now mark my word, Cassidy is saving him for a rainy day and he’ll get a half a point a game minimum when he comes back in and and skates with Karlsson and Amadio again!

  9. Emmanuel

    Spot on…..

  10. Henderson Knights

    just think, in Oct of 2021 the Vgk signed Ben Hutton and picked up Michael Amadio on waivers.

    They have been 2 of the best utility/ fill-in depth players in the league over the past 3 years. and their low cap hits have made it possible to have the high priced stars too. Kudos to both of them.

    There is a lot more to value than just point totals. Defensive play, positioning, hard work, hockey sense, aggressive physical play, compete level, defending and supporting teammates, team play and cohesion, locker room likability, etc etc all factor in to a complete team player.

  11. ThG

    here is VGK waiver claim history . I = incomplete, + and –

    Vegas Golden KnightsGrigori Denisenko was claimed on waivers by the Vegas Golden Knights after being placed on them by the Florida Panthers- status I

    Adam Brooks was claimed on waivers by the Vegas Golden Knights after being placed on them by the Montreal Canadiens-status –

    Logo of the Vegas Golden KnightsMichael Amadio was claimed on waivers by the Vegas Golden Knights after being placed on them by the Toronto Maple Leafs ++

    Valentin Zykov was claimed on waivers by the Vegas Golden Knights after being placed on waivers —–

    Ryan Carpenter was claimed on waivers by the Vegas Golden Knights after being placed on waiver by Sharks ——

    Malcolm Subban was claimed on waivers by the Vegas Golden Knights after being placed —–

    Howden was acquired by Vegas in a trade with the New York Rangers just over a year ago that included former Golden Knights defenseman Nick DeSimone and a fourth-round pick from this year’s draft.- 2021

  12. ThG

    nolan patrick remains
    an unrestricted free agent

    and his name was not engraved on SC

  13. ThG

    HSK are in funk winning only 2 of last ten games, after a reasonably good start

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