The new T-Mobile Arena on the Strip is the current desired venue for every big act coming through Las Vegas and will be for a long time.

We’ve seen Guns N’ Roses, The Killers, and Billy Joel already and Garth Brooks, Coldplay, Drake, UFC 200 and many more are all booked in 2016. But the staff in charge of getting the biggest acts in Vegas into the new arena have been given some interesting information directly pertaining to the NHL.

“We don’t want to impact the potential of having a team,” says Daniel Rush, VP of global sports and event sales for MGM. A handful of corporations have booked the venue for meetings, but MGM is aiming to keep October through June—the NHL season duration—as free as possible. -Matt Swenson,

As a hockey fan this has to be music to your ears. MGM is so convinced the NHL will eventually award Las Vegas a team that they are unwilling to bring in major events and jeopardize the hockey schedule.

The NHL has to work around prior engagements in arenas across the country all the time, but they have to be very pleased with Las Vegas that even without a team (yet) the arena is being held to accommodate anything the schedule makers would like to do.

The I’s are dotted, the T’s are crossed, it’s just a matter of Gary Bettman and the league to finally give it the green light.