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MGM Considering Charging For Parking

Here at we love things that are distinctly Vegas. Things like the Rat Pack, luxurious food, bottle service, stripper cards, and much more. One such thing is free parking. Aside from the nightmare that is parking Downtown, finding a spot in Vegas is as easy as losing your rent money at the slot machines (it might be easier). But there have been some grumblings about changes, and that has us angry.

In other words… “MGM will charge for parking when the arena is finished.”

One of our all time favorite Las Vegans, County Commish Steve Sisolak makes an interesting point.

This is correct, but how many other stadiums are attached directly to a casino? How many other stadiums can you legally wager on the game you are about to watch? How many other stadiums are in cities where paid parking is essentially non-existent?

There are much better ways to take our money. Concessions, souvenirs, heck, anything else. We are all going to spend our money when we come to the games, it’s what sports fans do. There’s no need to change something fundamentally awesome about the city we love just so MGM can steal $15 extra dollars from our pockets.

This change would frustrate one single group of people. Locals. The one group of people the team absolutely needs to keep happy to have success. Step up Mr. Creator, and put an end to this madness. We’ll be there, we’ll spend our money, just don’t take it on something petty like parking.

Here at, we DO comment on bullsh**.

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“I Know It’s Gonna Happen, It’s A Matter Of When”


  1. G

    MGM sucks. They are greedy ass bastards that care nothing about anyone other than themselves. They can all drop dead.

    • Harsh. But if they charge us all for parking (and don’t advertise on we may have to agree.

      *We do not condone the death of anyone*

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