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McNabb, Amadio, Thompson Signings: FAQ On What These Signings Mean For VGK

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Sunday was a busy day on the contract front for the Golden Knights. Brayden McNabb, Logan Thompson, and Michael Amadio all signed new contracts extending each of their stays in Las Vegas.

McNabb signed a three-year extension with an AAV of $2.85 million per year, locking him up through the 23-24 season.

Thompson and Amadio both signed league minimum salary deals with Thompson’s being for three seasons and Amadio’s for two.

Despite the contracts all being fairly straightforward, there’s a lot to consider in regards to the timing and what they say in relation to the upcoming trade deadline on March 21st. So, let’s fire up another edition of frequently asked questions.

**If you have a question we did not cover, post it in the comments or tag us on social media and we’ll add it into this article.**

Do these contracts have any impact on the Golden Knights salary cap this season?

No, they do not. Each of these three are technically new contracts that begin next season. So, the cap hit for each player remains the same for the rest of this year. McNabb – $2.5 million. Thompson – $800,000. Amadio – $750,000

Why sign now?

For McNabb, it was in the best interest of both the player and the team to have a resolution to his contract status for next season. As a pending unrestricted free agent, the Golden Knights were in a situation where they would have had to consider trading McNabb so they didn’t lose him for nothing in free agency. This deal gives McNabb a slight pay increase, he gets to stay in Las Vegas, and it has him under contract through the age of 34. Both sides benefit in giving each a clear picture of the future.

As for Thompson, the deal is essentially a no-brainer for the Golden Knights. Thompson has proven capable at the AHL level and still potentially has an NHL future. Signing him for the league minimum comes with only upside as he’ll either be as cheap a player as possible in the NHL, or not count against the salary cap in the AHL. For Logan, the second two years of the deal are one-way contracts, meaning he’ll earn the full $775,000 whether he’s in the majors or minors.

It’s a similar situation for Amadio. Vegas gets a useable league minimum player while Amadio is guaranteed more than $1.5 million over the next two years no matter where he plays. For a player who was on waivers a few months ago, that’s not half bad.

Can the Golden Knights still trade McNabb to create salary relief?

Yes, they absolutely can, but it’s incredibly rare in the NHL for a player to sign a contract and then be traded in the same season (unless it’s a sign-and-trade that happens immediately). The contract obviously would look enticing to another team both now and in the future, but the Golden Knights getting it done now likely indicates that he’s in the plans for at least this season and next. Beyond that, all bets are off.

Did McNabb get any trade protections?

McNabb’s contract includes a 10-team no-trade clause for next season and a five-team no-trade clause for the following two years. He does not have any trade protection on the current contract that runs through the end of this year.

What impact does the Thompson deal have on Laurent Brossoit’s future with the Golden Knights?

This is a complicated one. On one hand, signing Thompson shows VGK’s belief in him, which could mean they now find Brossoit expendable. Trading Brossoit and handing the backup role to Thompson would mean a savings of about $1.5 million against the cap. It certainly makes sense and could very well be an indication that this is in the plans.

However, there’s also an argument to be made that Thompson’s usage is a stronger indication of how Vegas feels about their backup goalie position this season more so than the new contract. As mentioned above, Thompson’s contract really offers no downside to the Golden Knights as it can only have a positive impact on the cap. It was clear before the season that Vegas did not have enough faith in Thompson at that time to hand him the reins to the backup job. Since, he’s played just one game in the NHL and his AHL numbers are not as good as they were a year ago. Meanwhile, Brossoit has done exactly what has been expected of him as the NHL backup. It’s still possible they move Brossoit, but no decisions on the ice have shown any indications that their beliefs have changed since the offseason.

So, take McNabb off the table as a trade piece, who is most likely to go now to clear space for Jack Eichel?

First off, it’s important to note when the Golden Knights would need to make any move happen. Until Jack Eichel is ready to play, there’s no need to make a move to free up salary cap space. Then, once Eichel can play, it’ll depend on how many other injured players the Golden Knights have. If Alec Martinez remains out, his $5 million can offset half of Eichel’s cost. If there are others hurt, it could eat up the rest. So the timing will continue to depend on not just Eichel but many others.

That being said, it does appear likely the day is going to come where the Golden Knights will have to make trades to free up cap space. The magic number of how much cap space they’ll need to clear is somewhere around $7 to $8 million. Most of that money will probably come from one of a group of seven players with large cap numbers and limited or no trade protection. That group is Max Pacioretty, William Karlsson, Jonathan Marchessault, Reilly Smith, Evgenii Dadonov, Alec Martinez, and Shea Theodore.

Smith is the only one of these players who is not under contract for at least next season, which makes him one of the most obvious options. However, like McNabb, it’s always possible the Golden Knights sign him in the coming days or weeks to sure up his future with the team.

Then, once they move one of those players, they can start looking to the players making around $1.5-3 million which include Chandler Stephenson, Mattias Janmark, William Carrier, and Brossoit.

Guessing who will go is still nearly impossible because of the number of moving pieces still involved. Vegas not only is looking to minimize the damage the move will have to their team this year, but also maximize the return on trading a good NHL player.


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  1. EK

    Ken, as far as the top tier (7-8 million salary) group of players on the trade block in your piece, my opinion (worth about 2 cents) is, Smith and Karlsson are the 2 that have have been slightly disappointing this season (the entire top 6 are kind of in a drought right now) and #71 doesn’t seem as if he will ever match those 2017 numbers. They are obviously fan favorites and original misfits but I think one of them has to go. We certainly can’t afford to get nothing for Smith if he leaves via FA. Your thoughts?

  2. THE hockey GOD

    Smith to the Rangers, Martinez to Detroit/Boston, Kolesar to Philly done.

    • Likely will be close. Patrick makes the most of the bottom six.
      Not only this year, but they are already over the cap for next year with the RFAs still to sign, so expect another move in the offseason.
      Should have never traded for Dadonov. It was widely panned at the time, and now VGK would likely have to give up picks/prospects for someone to take him.

    • knights fan in minny

      your boy kolesar

    • We all keep hoping KK will start powering the puck into the back of the net. Nolan Patrick is another guy who is net blind.

    • Vgk 67

      Hockey god hush. Are you not watching these games? Martinez being out has killed our defense. He was our mvp last season and we need him more than ever. Anybody who thinks otherwise just doesn’t know hockey

  3. Great moves! McNabb has more than earned his 3- year extension and pay raise this season He has become a formidable defender, glad to keep him.
    Glad we ” nabbed ” him!

    • I used to think McNabb was a liability. But this guy is a solid defenseman. Blocks a ton of shots, but isn’t a point getter. Very solid and worth the slight pay raise he got. He’s a focused defender and as such has a longer playing shelf life than offensive D’s.

      I can see 2 more years of McNabb. We have some good young d-men on HSK too.

  4. Blitz

    Interesting the article is about next years salary, but the real question people want to talk about is pre-trade deadline this year. That answer is finite. It will be one of a dozen choices/combos. Smith or Dadinov or another and some change. It is what it is.

    My real concern is the next year. Flat cap! We chose to keep McNabb (more or less) and paid him a little more. We have to pay Whitecloud alot more. We are also going to have to pay Hague (restricted free agent w/ arbitration). Having already trimmed the fat this year with whatever we do, that shit is gonna be extra lean next year. Add another year to Stone’s slow down, to Patches injuries, Marty and Petra are getting long in the tooth. Honestly, it may not all be doom and gloom, but you are going to be top heavy AF.

    I think you move either Stone or Patches in the off season. Yes that is drastic, but you got to look at the money allocation. You can keep slashing the middle to low tier guys till 2/3 of your team is min salary or you can take someone off the top. On defense you need to down size too, especially after giving everyone a bump in pay. I think you sign Hutton (UFA) for 800k and bail Martinez. Marty last year was great and all, but never should have gotten a raise and years extended. He is much better than Hutton, but he isn’t 4.5 million cap dollars better.

    • Daryl

      I agree Blitz…. VGK will have to lose 2-3 players this year to fit in Eichel but the real story will be about next year. Between this year and next VGK is going to have to move several big players. I wonder how that will affect the team next year.

      • Blitz

        The truth is $750k players are great and all, we all need a couple/few, but at the end of the day they make that amount for a reason. They either haven’t played good enough to make more, low ceiling etc or they are young and coming from the bottom up. That happens too and great, that is what you hope for. Develop players Whitecloud/Tuch/etc, the next gen of good players. The problem with top heavy team is even if you find great players in the minimum pay rank, they either suck or you are gonna have to pay them or lose them. The revolving door if you are lucky enough to get good ones. Next thing you know you are putting Kolesar on the top line cause your elite player throws his back out, breaks a foot, wrist surgery, the wu flu, etc etc.

        If I was to play keyboard tough guy GM for a day. I would build a team of mid pay level players. Then I really could say I have depth. I could almost build two misfit lines (that level of player anyway) for the price of our upcoming L1. Build lines around different strengths. L1 guy gets hurt you have replacements without a big drop off. You run 4 real lines, not just pretend you do in pre conferences. My top line is NOT going to be as awesome as your top line, but I will smash you in waves or find mismatches across my lineup. Maybe my 3rd or 4th line will be built to shut down top lines like MTL did to Stone/Patches last year. Can’t remember all of them, but Danault was a 3 mil player now making 5 mil. Top heavy teams suck.

    • Kristeena Kincer

      Can’t move Stone or Petro, unless they wanna move

  5. Tim

    We gave Fleury away to comply I would trade Dadonov ( 32 ) 5 million and Pacioretty ( 33 ) 7 million both with one more year on there contract. Lets face it we gave up a lot for Pacioretty and he has helped but to many injuries. I think we could all agree that Dadonov hasn’t lived up to expectations. RFA Nick Hague sign long term with a similar contract to Whitecloud.
    Our defense will have a nice mix of young and old for at least the next 3 years, Petro, Theadore, Martinez, McNabb, Whitecloud, Hague, Coghlan plus we’ve got a few D-Men on the Silver Knights that show promise. I’m good with that.
    Resign Reilly Smith for 2 years and keep the misfit line together. Eichel shooter, Stone passer, and Stephenson speed line 2. Janmark, Roy, Carrier line 3. Howden, Kolesar, Patrick line 4. Again with some decent forwards on the Silver Knights that show promise.

  6. Rashaad

    Trade Pacioretty

    Players we can bring in for cheap

    Evander Kane
    Wayne Simmonds
    Anthony DuClair
    Pierre-Edouard Bellemare
    Josh Ho-Sang

  7. knights fan in minny

    whats wrong with whitecloud

  8. Rashaad

    Minnesota, I don’t understand what you say but I like you. You are funny.

    • knights fan in minny

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      • Rashaad

        Thank you for acknowledging Black History Month. You are a good friend. If your trailer ever blows away from bad weather give me a ring and I gotcha back.

        • knights fan in minny

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  9. Let me get right to the heart of who should be on the CAP resolution list:

    39 Laurent Brossoit 2,325,000 (Thompson becomes the backup)
    19 Reilly Smith $5,000,000
    41 Nolan Patrick $1,200,000

    The 3 players above get you there or almost there. But then again, maybe no one leaves this season depending on LTIR.

    67 Max Pacioretty $7,000,000

    We have some young forward talent who I believe can make a big difference on this team. Moving Patrick is really a no brainer with the talent waiting to come up.

    While I hate to see Smith leave, he simply hasn’t been lighting the lamp. It is quite obvious he’s going to be the guy.

    Will they have to move Max? He’s been often injured. I think if it is between him and Stone, you have to move Max not the Captain.

  10. If you want to play with all the numbers go to capfriendly and have some fun. Be a GM and see how you would resolve the issue.

    • Galdom

      I’ve done this many times and McNabb was never part of my plans.

      • Yeah, take him or leave him. He’s solid on defense. Not outstanding. You get what you pay for. There are several d-men on HSK who could come up and play well focused on defense. I am not upset they resigned McNabb.

    • knights fan in minny

      kudos to you guys who do this salary cap mess glad its you guys it would drive me crazy

  11. I realize all you hockey experts know there is much more to hockey than just scoring goals (while important) represents only one aspect. Smith is one of only a very few knights who give you a 60-minute effort most of the time and is a very good two-way player. What he may lack in putting the puck in the net he more than makes up for that in other ways. Assuming the FO can find buyers they can get to cap dumping some dead wood on way or another. When trade talks went on last time and Smith’s name came up if I recall someone (FO) said no way. I would not be surprised if nothing happens, and Vegas plays the TB game with Eichel the big addition at play-off. Given he is the player that everyone thinks he is or was chemistry will not be a problem despite what many of you have posted. Assuming they keep plugging along winning there is no value in rocking the boat. A case could easily be made that to do otherwise the risk is far greater than the immediate value. I know many of you don’t like that approach but consider him starting tomorrow and getting hurt shortly down the line then what?? Fans will get their chance to see him perform it doesn’t have to be immediately. The FO is in a perfect situation to play the TB game so why not capitalize on it? Foley is a smart businessman and didn’t become successful making emotional stupid decisions. Bottom line it is all about ROI.

    • THE hockey GOD

      finally we agree on something, again HD

      the REAL HG (see purple icon ?)

  12. Galdom

    Yes. If you somehow circumvent the cap like Tampa did you can go into the playoffs with an extremely deep team. If Nic Roy is your fourth line centre and Hague and Whitecloud are your third line defence pairing that is pretty ridiculous.

    Pacioretty – Eichel – Stone
    Marchessault – Karlsson – Smith
    Janmark – Stephenson – Dadonov
    Carrier – Roy – Kolesar

    McNabb – Pietrangelo
    Martinez – Theodore
    Hague – Whitecloud


    • Tim

      Galdom, That would be the ticket probably impossible but what the hell it’s always good to think positive.

    • THE hockey GOD

      don’t be surprised if PDB breaks up misfit line, and somehow finds a way
      to put Howden in the line up.

      • Pistol Pete

        Howden has been excellent. At just 23 years old I can see him growing well north of .5 pts/game. He’s a C and so far this season his points production and +/- are equal to or better than Karlsson. Based on Howden’s +6, it looks like he’s defending, backchecking. I think he may have found the team where he can play to his potential as a first rounder. Players like playing for the Knights.

        Howden: 6 G/8 A/+6 (32 games = .44 pts/game)

        Karlsson: 6 G/7 A/-1 (30 games = .43 pts/game)

      • The smart move is to shop Smith. Get picks. We are pretty deep at the F position. I won’t be upset if they don’t or give him an extension, but it’s not the right money move unless it is for the same salary. Even then, getting under the CAP next season is going to be tough.

    • Pistol Pete

      Galdom, that would be wonderful but I think the strategy is to bring in Eichel ASAP. Howden has been doing damned well, playing the equal of Karlsson so far this season…he’s +6 too (Karlsson is -1). If Karlsson is the big piece moved I put Stephenson as 2C and Roy and Howden as the bottom six C’s.

      • Daryl

        I also think they want Eichel on the ice as soon as he is available. He basically hasn’t played in a year and a half and he’s coming back to a new team, new linemates, and a new system. You don’t want his first game being a playoff game.

        • Pistol Pete

          I agree—they want Eichel in ASAP. Close to half the regular season remaining.

        • Sorry Darly – I should have included you on the post to PPete. What you’re suggesting has some validity however another month or two could do wonders for Eichel – I know PPete thinks his neck disc replacement is all healed but I also know PPete doesn’t have MD or anything else behind his name to justify stating so – I am equally sure he is not clair-voy-ant. I guess time will be the determining factor as to what happens. ROI suggests waiting and managing the risk reward aspect of the decision.

          • Daryl

            It’s all good…. and when I say he needs to play right away, I don’t necessarily mean the first day he’s available. I definitely wouldn’t rush him but IMO I want him back a month before the playoffs

      • Galdom

        Definitely. Wasn’t really insinuating that Eichel be the guy. Just wondering if a guy like Mark Stone who doesn’t look like he’s 100% might “mysteriously” need some time off to heal his back further

        • Pistol Pete

          That is possible. Stone may have a lower disc problem that is not yet herniated. If so, tough spot to be in.

      • PPete = ROI says there is no reason to start Eichel ASAP. The risk is toooo great and the fall out could be disastrous. Why would anyone do that when it is not necessary to put the team in that position. The TB guy was out all year and started the playoff like he never missed a game. If Eichel is that great a player there is no difference. HE can skate, practice etc with the team which I am sure took place with the TB player. Your immediate desire to see him in action for whatever reason is clouded by your common sense if you truly look into the situation. It’s all to do with managing risk and reward – very simple, emotion aside.

        • I have to agree with HD. You definitely do not play Eichel before the trade deadline and maybe not during the regular season. If you do then you trigger either major moves or have to fiddle with the LTIR (possibly unethically). Further, you take an enormous risk to your $10,000,000 investment by subjecting it unnecessarily to a season or career ending injury — and for what? To get him some ice team during the regular season? The VGK is going to make the playoffs and will likely be the 2 or 3 seed.

          There’s no reason to rush Eichel to the ice.

          • RR – it appears you understand the business side of hockey – no reason to shoot yourself in the foot when not necessary.

          • Daryl

            I actually agree with PP on this… I don’t think he starts before the all-star break, but I do think he plays before the end of February. My reason is, he’s been out for 1.5years, he is with a new team, new system, new linemates and a new coach. You can’t practice game situations, game speed and game atmosphere. You bring him back for the playoffs, you are only asking for trouble. Players will be out of position, missed assignments, bad passes, turnovers, etc….

  13. Arnold Rothstein

    Buffalo come ripe into town, on road trip. VGK returns from long road trip back east. Stats show a dead cat being thrown out window.
    We have Tuch playing 12 games, a point a game four goals. Revenge factor.
    We have Krebs hot now, 10 games , 5 points, 3 goals. Revenge factor

    Buffalo odds spread +115 to +150
    Buffalo money line +260 to +380

    Will VGK play their back up goalie ? Likely.

    Arnold ‘the Brain’ has the boys in back room working the phones and social media.

    • Galdom

      I did pick Vegas beating Tampa in overtime on Saturday so I will try being lucky again.

      Vegas 3
      Buffalo 1

  14. Pistol Pete

    Galdom, to address your points about how good TBL is, I am less concerned about Kucherov and Hedman being better than their VGK counterparts–that may more or less be the case–it’s Vasilevskiy that’s the difference maker. One could argue VGK wins both games without him in net. I still say they remain beatable in a series, particularly if Eichel shows up and of course if they are able to stick to their defensive structure.

  15. Rashaad

    Hello Knights Fan In Minny and all Knights fans. God bless you all on this special day. Good health to all and me the boys defeat the Sabres tonight.

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        • Daryl

          Archie Bunker was a great show!!!

    • Daryl

      What about all the comments about your race being pushed out???

      I don’t worry too much about what gets said online…. most who talk trash online can’t really back it up in the real world. That goes for this or anything else.

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