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McCrimmon: If We Can Get In… We Will Be A Tough Out

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

There are no guarantees in professional sports. In all leagues, there are highly-regarded teams each year that miss the postseason. Some by a large margin and other times by a few percentage points. Sadly, the badly wounded Golden Knights are one of those teams at risk of missing their mark.

I never anticipated that the injuries would last so long and just compound, one after the other. Sunday, we had eight guys out. In Seattle, we had nine guys out. Take that many guys out of your lineup and you lose your depth. –Kelly McCrimmon to Sportsnet

Injuries as we know are impacting results but last night’s effort wasn’t only about injuries. It was a lousy performance by 19 relatively healthy players, and it could cost them their season. Coach Pete DeBoer never mentioned missing players or a banged-up lineup in his postgame press conference. He only wanted to move on.

We were awful. We were awful in front of the net, we were awful in breakouts, we were awful everywhere. We were no good. So we’re going to flush it, move on, and get ready for Saturday.  -Pete DeBoer

Golden Knights fans have seen it countless times, some nights certain teams just don’t have it. Normally, it happens in November, or off a back-to-back or when families visit for a mild-weathered Christmas. Unfortunately, injuries make it difficult to predict when a dud of a game will occur.

If we can get in, I think we know what to expect at playoff time. We will be a tough out. –McCrimmon to Sportsnet

Last night was not the best example of Golden Knights hockey and they didn’t look like a desperate club trying to make the playoffs. It’s concerning DeBoer couldn’t get his team to play up to their abilities in such an important game. His superiors reminded Sportsnet it’s difficult to coach on any given night without their top performers.

At this point, we are living in the moment. Our challenge is to be above the cut line when playoff time comes. You just want your personnel to be as healthy as it can be, so your coach has the best chance to coach, and the team has the best chance to win. We’re doing what we can.-McCrimmon to Sportsnet

Of course, injuries will have played an enormous role if the Golden Knights end up missing the postseason but there would be other factors as well. While it may be difficult to admit, there were flaws with the front office’s vision of the 2021-22 roster.

When we (finished) the offseason, we really felt that the makeup of our roster was very close to exactly what we wanted. We liked our forward group, our D is rock solid. Brossoit coming in under Lehner, we thought was a real important add for us. In terms of the makeup of our roster, we were really satisfied. And then we added Eichel, which certainly made us a better team again.-McCrimmon to Sportsnet

There’s plenty of time to get into some of the offseason missteps but it’s important to note that it isn’t just injuries that have hampered Vegas this year. Certain decisions created a domino effect that left holes on the ice.

We’re not ashamed that we’re trying to win. I’ve said many times, it’s easy to do nothing, right? It’s easy to do nothing and just hope things go your way. Good is the enemy of great. I’m not going to say it’s easy to have a good team. But when you have a good team, it’s easy to be satisfied with it… And if we didn’t feel or we hadn’t proven that we were close, well, maybe there’s no reason to go out and get Jack Eichel. But that’s not how I want to run a team. We’re trying to win.-McCrimmon to Sportsnet

At this point, the numbers are against them. Most models show that Vegas has anywhere from 30-35% chance to qualify for the postseason. There’s a small margin of error but there is still a chance. Starting on Saturday the Golden Knights have 20 points available and they need close to all of them. Or else they’ll miss the playoffs for the first time in team history. No one likes the sound of that.



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  1. THE hockey GOD




    that’s what a BURGER is all


  2. Henderson One

    McCrimmon is just trying to set the stage for him keeping his job. It will be interesting to see what Foley does regarding the head coach position and the FO positions. They have definitely lost this team if you can judge by last night’s performance.

    • The fan base, at least most of it, has been dumbstruck by the “business” decisions of this club. Apparently team chemistry has not standing within the Vegas Golden Knights front office. Treating players as though they were nothing more than chess pieces on a board with no consideration that they are human beings with families of their own begins to tear at a teams unity and purpose.

      The idea that this team needed such massive radical roster changes and firing of the coaching staff is something that most of us fans have been unable to understand.

      I predicted before the season that the VGK would come in 3rd place and that Lehner would be proven to be a bad roster move. That prediction is well on track to coming to fruition. My opinion of Lehner is now already cemented in stone by his performance earlier in the season.

      The VGK won’t be a tough out because they are likely not getting into the playoffs. Foley will allow this shit show to carry on into Season 6 as well.


        Their first and sec. yr team needed tweaks and the ones they didnt sign and the ones they didnt trade were the first mistakes .and its been a cumulative disaster ever since

      • Pistol Pete

        I would have said moving players in trades is standard. No team should not trade a player just out of loyalty. I would expect all players expect that as part of the business. Here some “fans” are quick to criticize management for it. I recognize the MAF situation should have handled differently perhaps although I always thought MAF and his agent had a clue what was coming just because they were trying to trade him and agents hear about it.

        • Moving players is standard, but this front office threw the baby out with the bathwater. It is actually amazing that they have been as successful as they have been since Gallant was booted. It is even more amazing that they still have a small window to make the playoffs this year.

          Moving players is standard, but completely gutting the team and dumping a successful coach – no – that was a knee jerk reaction to something…..

        • PP, Hmm, how about #63 are you assuming he new?

        • sb

          All of this loyalty, loyalty, loyalty talk on this site is nonsense. Loyalty never wins a team the Stanley Cup. Bringing in the right players to correct the deficiencies is the goal of EVERY team in the league that has a genuine desire to be a champion. Montreal of the 70’s won five Cups and loyalty was never a determining factor. Habs MGT constantly moved players to fill in the holes and build championship teams. Vegas was in it’s second year and many on this site were screaming loyalty, loyalty, loyalty. Loyalty to players that had only been here one year? Perron and Neal? Loyalty to guys who played less than 82 games in Vegas? Loyalty goes to Steve Yzerman who put in 20 years leading the Wings. Not some player who’s only been around a couple years. All of this crybaby loyalty, loyalty, loyalty is nonsense and has zero to do with winning the Cup.

      • Although your opinion, here, is well written, all you’ve proven is how spoiled, and petulant, a fan you are to our team.
        It’s a process. Trust it, and trust that the, very experienced, hockey management team know what they’re doing.
        Have faith.

    • THE hockey GOD

      he’s not going to lose his job, Foley won’t fire him
      based upon this year’s events.

      any owner can see this.

      team wins five in a row, and one loss, and co gM lost the team/???

      bull shit

      • Thg – it wasn’t the lost, it was how they lost that speaks volumes. I know you enjoy always defending these people with your bull shit post, but the facts remain you are not that stupid that you can’t see the issues as well as everyone else. Your “Mary had a little lamb” crap is nothing more than your way of looking stupid which apparently you enjoy for some reason. The MCs should lose their jobs because their actions have put this team in cap hell with little escape short of a fire sale. Yes the buck stops at Foley which you so often point out after defending the morons he has working for him. This team is dead in the water, they won’t make the playoff and the challenge will be to turn things around and changes will be made and Foley didn’t make his millions accepting sub par performance so heads will roll and that they should. IMHO

        • I was against the Eichel trade, but his performance has been good. BUT, in this last game I saw something that didn’t sit too well with me. That was Jack’s pompous asshat attitude after scoring. Instead of skating over to his teammates he did a Gladiator like skate around the rink looking for fan glory. I’ve also seen him make some pretty sick faces when he isn’t getting a pass or his mates are out of position. Seems like the stories out of Buffalo, that he’s a jerk off, may be correct. If so, that’s a $10,000,000 locker room dividing shit that McIdiot just bought. I will continue to watch to see if this continues.

          • Ulf

            Yeah – interesting that Buffalo is fun to watch now that the trade is done .
            Hope Eichel takes care of that attitude.

          • Pistol Pete

            R-R, Eichel captained BUF so he has experience in the role of team player. He is also very competitive. I like his arms up glide and the embracing of teammates that follows.

          • I hope I am wrong Pistol Pete – He’s a great addition to the 1st line. I’d like to see if Marchy might be a better line pairing. Stone and Patches, if healthy would be the way to go.

            I think Marchy got another post in the last game. He’s really stood out this season.

            We’re now 4 points back of LA with a game in hand! Laser focused on winning every game. Too bad Toronto couldn’t hold on for a regulation win against Dallas. That tip in goal to tie it in the 3rd was SICK.

            Playoff hockey is already here.

        • THE hockey GOD

          that’s on FOLEY he’s captain of ship, the FO only does what he tells them to do.


        • Gerald

          The true problem is these players are not playing according to their ability, and for the guys like pachareddy he’s a distress to stay out on it with a wrist problem , since when does it take 3 months to heal a wrist , I had both arms operated on for carpel tunnel from the elbow to the wrist and I was out two weeks , I really think if he really wanted to play he’d be in the ice regardless, a true team member helps his team not his bench…

    • knight life

      they will fire the coach that was fired by the sharks. Never should of been hired ! Mc Crimmon can’t manage a cap either

    • Howard

      The statements KM made that Ken points out are asinine at best. “Good isn’t great” lol? In any sport, postseason is somewhat crap shoot. Nhl especially, whacko bounces happen. But, if KM had half the brain of his overblown ego, He’d know that the great majority of past Cup winners all HAD 4 LINE DEPTH and that top heavy teams don’t win cups.

      Ok, if everyone was healthy, someone should remind ego man that team would be over HARD CAP by $10M.

      In my strong opinion, VGK owner should dump this ego driven front office and get some real hockey men in there.

      I can live with PDB somewhat, but I don’t think his system will ever win a cup. He’s not the main issue here. Main issue is the overblown child-like egomaniac front office here, period.

      • THE hockey GOD

        “In my strong opinion, VGK owner should dump this ego driven front office and get some real hockey men in there”

        Foley can’t fire himself ?

        • Howard

          Foley isn’t part of the management team, doo-doo ball. Don’t you have some conspiracy sites to read over tonight?

      • Pistol Pete

        McPhee and McCrimmon are not real hockey men. What an absurd implication that is. Howard, I really hope your resume in executive management does not include gaming lol.

        • THE hockey GOD

          hey leave my man Howard alone !!
          next to you and galdom he’s only one who posts
          some times !

    • I love how armchair quarterbacks sit back and pontificate about something of which they have no practical experience.
      We have spectacular players, our GM has built an amazing stable of, not only players, but coaches and support personnel. Not to mention the stellar ownership.
      If you believe our team, or our management team is not doing extremely well, especially given our record, over the past five seasons, since our inception, you are a very impatient, and petulant, fair weather fan, and you need to know the facts before you decide to spew your angry misinformation to the world. Capice?

      • Daryl

        Facts or opinions? Because all you have were upteen own opinion on things then try to push them off as facts. And you say Arm chair QBs when she have questioned moves before it turned out to be a bad move.

        Yes this team has done great but they’ve had the benefit of playing in the Pacific. The FO will spend every cent on trying to get some great talent, but some are indivifua players which isn’t good for a team sport.

        You can disagree with some of us all you want, but remember, it’s only your opinion, not a fact

      • DC

        Being an armchair GM is my specialty.

      • Hmmm, interesting take Marie. I am not angry, nor am I spewing misinformation. I simply have a different perspective regarding the massive amount of roster changes. To be fair, it is in fact absolutely amazing that the front office has torn this team apart and has had the success it has enjoyed during this span, injuries notwithstanding.

        Capisco, e per dirla semplicemente, non sono d’accordo

  3. have another donut

    the cap hell was CREATED by McCrimmon. *(and of course his buddy McPhee) iow, the f.o.

    the trades were MADE by McCrimmon.

    the SC coach was fired by McCrimmon. and f.o

    and McCrimmon says that “We liked our forward group, our D is rock solid. Brossoit coming in under Lehner, we thought was a real important add for us.”

    this guy is delusional. rock solid? they give up more odd man rushes than any team in the league except Columbus, and Brossoit is unneeded crap, LT is better than him.

    then he says “We’re not ashamed that we’re trying to win. I’ve said many times, it’s easy to do nothing, right? It’s easy to do nothing and just hope things go your way.”

    but that is exactly why there must be more changes, cuz if the previous 4 seasons were not good enough to satisfy the f.o., to keep the group together, then this season, the worst in franchise history, is certainly reason to fire and trade and tinker even more.
    Face facts f.o. shills, injured older players are NOT going to get back to their old self on the ice. 23 and 3 and 67 have already proven that this year.

    no, McCrimmon and his f.o. buddies have made this mess, and removing them, and their mistakes, is the first step to improvement.

    • BC

      Leaner Looks Like A Whale Flopping On Ice Spends Most Of The Time on his Belly Or Back GET RID OF HIM


      Also , i do believe in shot blocking but when consistently the massive amount needed to get a simple win is that high .And players keep getting hurt .something is wrong with your game plan I dont even get where McMunchkin is coming from

    • THE hockey GOD

      no it wasn’t they were acting on direction of FOLEY and the owners

  4. Karl

    that loss yesterday was brutal. it was embarrassing. i’d think you could kick yourself in the butt and pick yourself up over a thrashing like that, but what players are left on the team with that kind of character? schmidt, haula, bellemare, perron, fleury, reaves (the list goes on). these are the guys who would be the ones to pick the team up after a spanking like that… but they are all gone

    sure, stone or smith could maybe command enough respect in the locker room to do it… but they aren’t there either.

    eichel hasn’t been with the team long enough to do anything like that.

    lehner has contempt for the city.

    i’ve only seen marshy get fired up and move the team one time (and that was when we had a few more names still on the team from this list^)

    i understand that the injuries’ have caused a domino affect that have ended us up where we are at… and nobody could have predicted that… but this situation we are in is of our own making.

  5. Norman Sunday

    And he rode San Jose into the ground and now………..

  6. George L.

    Obviously the VGK Front Office doesn’t take drug tests. McC is stoned AF

  7. Stephanie

    I kinda feel like the injuries are all excuses ,for his questionable choices from coaches ,players,the cap

    • knight life

      Bingo don’t need to go further. team lost its chemistry and coach they hired was fired by a div rival. says it all

  8. Rick

    The real danger is that VGK will lose it’s winning mystique – if it hasn’t already. Teams know which other teams are a consistently a tough out and it’s an advantage before the game even starts. Once you lose that mystique it’s tough to get it back. Ask Pittsburgh who has had the same core of those cup teams playing at near the same level for years or Chicago who had the same core up until a couple years ago. But at some point other teams realized they were beatable. And, paradoxically, even though VGK is one of the league’s newest teams it looks on paper a lot like a quickly aging ex-contender hurtling toward a downhill run.

    Everything is accelerated with this team. Right now they should just about be hitting their window of contention with budding stars like Suzuki and Brannstrom and who knows who else from picks they either traded away or weren’t very high because of where they finished. Guys who grew up together and struggled together, seasoned with vets like Karlsson, Smith, Tuch and Marchessault; Schmidt, McNabb and Theodore. But they’re five years beyond that with an aging roster starting to break down.

    I don’t envy their front office figuring out where to go from here. There’s no transcendent talent on the way and you have to really suck to get picks high enough to gain it. And then you have to develop it. They have almost no choice other than to keep going all in like San Jose eventually started doing. McCrimmon and McPhee really sort of f’ed the whole thing up.

    • Galdom

      Stop trading away draft picks and spend your money on European scouting and get talent over there that you don’t have to draft

      • knight life

        Bingo don’t need to go further. team lost its chemistry and coach they hired was fired by a div rival. says it all

    • Pistol Pete

      I don’t think either Suzuki or Brannstrom have evolved into big missed opportunities. Suzuki fine but VGK made two conference finals with the help of Pacioretty and imo Suzuki is not going to be worth the $8m MTL is paying him. Yeah, VGK would have been able to sign him for a lot less but I like having had Pacioretty even his future is now in question.

      As for scouting there is Morosov an undrafted Russian and Brisson who they will not have to trade in signing an elite UFA if that is the course they take.

      • I agree with PP. It will be interesting to see what Buffalo does in the off season after adding Tuch & Krebs. Suzuki has been an okay player, Brannstrom’s name rarely comes up.

        I am more concerned about the health of Stone and Pacioretty at this point. Their absence is definitely impacting wins and losses. The defense is pretty much back to full strength but the damage may have already been too great to overcome this season.

        I believe that the goaltending question for next year would be set with Lehner/Thompson as the tandem. Logan still has a few years left on his contract at $800K/yr.

        • Pistol Pete

          R-R, I would not be surprised if they want to move Pacioretty. They may have to give something up for that is the problem. Smith I doubt they sign. Karlsson is not producing offensively (would also cost) and Stephenson would make a good 2C. Roy 3C. Howden 4C. Get the drift? Sign an elite UFA.

          • Yeah, I think Smith is finished in Vegas. Pacioretty is likely gone too. We have to hope Stone’s back isn’t going to impact him going forward. He hasn’t been the same player since last year.

            Karlsson hasn’t been producing the points. He had a career season 2017-2018. His numbers are down across the board, even +/- he’s at -2 this season. His shooting percentage average (career) is 13.1%, this year it’s 9.1%. He’s obviously not injured and has been fairly healthy the past few years. I have to attribute his drop off to the DeBoer system, at least partially. Maybe a change of venue would be best for Karlsson. He probably would fit in nicely on the Rangers roster. I would like to see him bounce back, but at this point the VGK need to find players that fit with DeBoer’s game strategy.

          • ulf

            In order for them to sign a UFA who wants to play here, you’re right they’ll have to get rid of a lot. Because if it’s an elite UFA in some position (forward), they’re gonna need to dump a couple of big salaries. The UFA will simply take the salary of someone like Patches.
            You’re also right in that Patches is on a bad contract. He’s never been a playoff performer (except for 2-3 seasons over his long career) and he’s injured more and more often. Hefty for a $7m price tag approaching his mid-30s. Will def need a sweetener to take care of that one.

  9. OMG, Vegas is going to make the playoffs and they are going to do very well. Stone, Pacioretti, Reilly will be back once the playoffs start. They will play with a $92M salary in a $81M salary cap league. The Kings lost tonight and face Minnesota and AVs next. Vegas plays Arizona and Canucks next, if the Kings lose those two games, which is a very good possibility, and Vegas wins its next two games, Vegas may be back in 3rd place by this time next week.

    • Daryl

      I said when all these injuries took place that VGK was doing an all in on the Cup this year. They would leave all injured players out until the playoffs then use everyone. If they didn’t make the playoffs they would just use the injuries as an excuse.

      IF VGK makes the playoffs and all players return, then we will know I was right and VGK was playing the system. If they don’t make the playoffs, we won’t know what is the truth or not

    • ulf

      I wouldn’t be so sure. Even healthy, Patches isn’t a stable playoff performer and Stone is solid but not star-like. Based on opponents down the stretch I like LA’s chances better, but the thing with VGK is they better get in the playoffs or next year is going to be the beginning of a long slow descent. Very few prospects in the system, not many picks, ageing beat-up players.
      LA’s rebuild is looking good, even though there’s ageing stars you can see the new crop. I’d have preferred them to hold off on Byfield for another year but he seems to be doing ok.

  10. Daryl

    Sounds like he is saying vryin would be healthy as soon as th playoffs start. They tried to trade Dadanov to make room for someone injured to return but not that person can’t. Maybe he is hoping they can win enough to pull a TBL?

  11. Pistol Pete

    Sometimes I wonder if reading this board is really just a complete waste of my time. It would be nice to pick up an insight once a while instead of listening to the nonstop whining and crying from armchair GM’s and coaches who have jack knowledge when it comes to actually running an NHL organization. And to criticize one that turned in an unprecedented maiden run. Ridiculous. Mike StG, sb and a few other reasonables, where are you? Galdom btw you are not bad and I can actually learn something reading you. Some of you others are ok as well.

    • Pistol Pete

      Sorry about the venting it’s just that with organization that has accomplished so much so soon, most of the criticism especially how obvious the situation is, namely taking a chance in buying veteran star players, with all due respect the potential pitfalls are pretty obvious. Just run with it and hope for some off season moves. For one, pick up an elite UFA requiring no prospects or draft picks. Those opportunities are fairly rare.

    • Daryl

      You notice how when others post something you agree with they are reasonable but anyone who pays something you don’t agree with they are unreasonable??? Why is that?

      • Pistol Pete

        Hi Daryl, really it’s the negativity together with the armchair criticism, not my disagreement with the view. I’m positive, sometimes but by no means always to a fault, but you don’t hear me critiquing like I know better than the GM or coach. People are entitled to say what they want and I am free to say they are not qualified for the job. You know I’m right. We’re fans not NHL insiders. It’s all fan talk here, none of us really know jack when it comes to managing an NHL team. Just tired of hearing the baseless BS bashing of the FO. You know what the insiders have to say about Foley? Good to have an owner with plenty of cash.

        • You say that bashing of the FO is baseless? Well, that’s an opinion. Feel free to wield your own. Disagree with our opinion? Fine. But name calling (by some – not you) is unacceptable. I get it. The result is going to be analyzed by the pros, the pundits and yes the fans as well. These moves will eventually all play out and we shall see what the official record says about it all.

        • Daryl

          And those insiders also comment ob Foley trying to buy a Cup. And your are right, none of us really know what it takes but at the same time, how many of us were critical of certain moves and were proven right??

          • Pistol Pete

            You’re right some of the criticism has proven out. It’s the mootness of it that’s
            annoying at times. If a fan is basically negative on how the team is managed why not move on or at least try to contact them with their grievances.

          • Pistol Pete

            I admit fans can be well informed in the industry and have meaningful insights. I respect that. As far as criticism is concerned a knowledgeable fam might have opposed the Lehner and Dadonov deals which ended up being the right call. Not knowing one way or the other I went with the FO on those trades and hoped for the best lol. If the owner and top brass decide to fire the GM over those trades that is their call. I know there are those who feel McCrimmon should be fired but honestly I don’t have enough information to make that call.

          • Daryl

            You do realize this is every fan base of every team in every sport. While I refuse to watch NFL, my team has always been the Dolphins and over half the fan base has been against Tua since day 1….. And so far we are right

          • Dolphins fan, eh? Talk to me about frustration. I’ve been a NY Jets fan since 1962 (back then they were called the Titans). That organization has been shit, shit owner, shit GMs and for the most part shit coaches since 1970. After the 2nd or 3rd week we have a motto: J-Just, E-End, T-The, S-Season!

            We have a Yahoo groups similar to this forum and have the same pro-owner, pro-front office, pro-coach members as well as those of us who tend to look at each move the team makes. For example, I have been saying for two decades that the Jets need to draft, trade for the Offensive Line first. But for decades the Jets keep trying to replace Joe Namath who really wasn’t the primary reason they won Super Bowl III. They won SB III because they had a great defense and running game built around a great offensive line.

  12. Pistol Pete

    Like how Eichel handled himself after the game. I had been meaning to say besides his experience captaining BUF which gave him team player experience, the word is that he is extremely competitive.

  13. Season Ticket side note:

    Opportunity to move closer to the ice in Section 11, Row B (2nd row) AT 3X THE PRICE I AM PAYING RIGHT NOW in the 12th row! Two seats $39,000.

    That’s crazy money but I’d be able to sniff the Vegas Belles!

    • THE hockey GOD

      too much sniffing has impacted your brain cells.

      just because you buy a seat doesn’t give you the right to
      have a say in how the team moves forward.

      To whoever said “eichel is a showboat after he scores” go watch ALL the goals last nite. Especially the MOORE GOAL in LAK game and the OT goal by MATHEWS. AS matter fact only player who didn’t show boat was tying goal by the C of the STARS last nite.
      Most unsophisticated fans in league, truly on display in this forum.

      • Howard

        Matthews – LOL. That was funny show boating stuff after he put in the game winner in OT. Now, which person on this board WOULD NOT WANT Matthews on their team?

        Eichel is fine, guy’s an elite 1C whose current pace for an entire year would see him over 50 goals scored, and perhaps over 80 points.

    • THE hockey GOD

      is that DOC’s defunct site which no one goes to , because, well


      (Jason’s boy)

      • Daryl

        Doc hated MAF…. Kind of like you and Galdom

        • Lehner never looks like he is having a good time, ever. The guy is perpetually pissed off and that attitude can’t be good for any team. It’s one of the many reasons why he hasn’t been able to secure steady employment. Yet, GMs keep on taking a chance on his size.

        • Contact Tracer

          Birds of a feather …..

      • Contact Tracer

        The Hockey Turd just can’t stand the fact that Fleury has ALL the RIGHT STUFF. Irrefutable, legendary CLASS.

        The Hockey Turd is a HATER …. Billy Buc forever etched into his bone head …. along with bad ice. I believe it boils down to simple jealousy.

        MAF is as close as you get to a Hockey “god”. But even he knows there is only one God and does not take the name in vain like some ginormous ignoramus does here.

    • RR thanks, great read!!

  14. THE hockey GOD

    Prospect watch
    Forward prospect Brendan Brisson saw his sophomore season at Michigan end with an overtime loss to Denver in the semifinals of the Frozen Four. The first-round pick in 2020 led the Wolverines with 21 goals and now must decide whether to sign an entry-level contract with the Knights or return to Ann Arbor for his junior season.

  15. let's go McCrimmon

    Pacioretty is going to play tomorrow.

    we shall see how long he lasts before another tiny bump puts him on the disabled list again.

    • Rob S.

      Really? That’s your hot take: “We shall see how long he (Pacioretty) lasts before another tiny bump puts him on the disabled list again.” Just…wow! To begin with, what a garbage take. Are you also suggesting that Stone could just shake off his back injury and play again (must be minor by your thinking, right?). And Reilly Smith, we don’t even know what his injury is, but he must be dogging it so as not to jeopardize a fat free again contract, right? Some of you people need to get a life! Or, better yet, lace up your skates and get slammed into the boards at 20 miles per hour for 20 minutes a night, 3-4 nights a week.

      For argument’s sake, if this is another salvo in the “We should get rid of Pacioretty” campaign…just who are you going to replace him with? True snipers are hard to come by. On the VGK, we saw a short run from Dadonov, we occasionally see it from Marchessault, and we might see it from Eichel. (I dont’ count Stone; he’s a great player, but most of his goals aren’t true snipes.)

      Per, Pacioretty has 93 goals (.435/game, on 11.95% shooting) and also 93 assists in his 214 career games with the VGK. That’s real close to a point a game *over four seasons*! So, perhaps we should engage brain before running mouth the next time our feelings get hurt because Pacioretty hasn’t been able to play a full season recently. It’s not like anyone else has this year, either.

      • Galdom

        Pacioretty is a sniper we desperately need back in the lineup but there’s no denying that he has been absolutely brittle this season.

  16. Pete Turner

    Let’s look at this from another point of view. If I’m in the line up and playing my heart out while I see a bunch of my fellow players making 6 or 10 times what I’m making sitting out, I’d feel some resentment towards that situation. I’m not saying that’s the cause but I’m sure this feeling must be a bit of a factor in the player’s psyche right?

    And to make matters worse, if you can’t even bother to add an enforcer to your roster, it sends the message that the back office doesn’t care about protecting their top players. In which case, if I’m an elite player, I’d take any chance I can to remain healthy to keep my professional career going. I won’t care if I get traded. I’d hope to get traded to a team with a reliable enforcer.

    Just a thought.

    • Contact Tracer

      @Nic Roy, 25 years old ….. 68 GP

      $750,000 / yr

      The man has made a huge contribution this year. Wonder if FO will treat him like a used Taco Bell wrapper too?

  17. Galdom

    Perché alcuni di voi parlano italiano?

    • Qualcuno ha voluto esprimersi usando il termine “capisci”. È per l’enfasi. Quando qualcuno lo usa in questo modo, ha pochissima comprensione di se stesso.

      They’re just intolerant and expressing in such a way that isn’t very nice.

  18. Galdom

    Max Pacioretty might be back tonight. But he has several hours to get re-injured. A family member might break his ribs by hugging him or he might sneeze and pull a back muscle

  19. Galdom

    Nick Hague and Brett Howden were just placed an LTIR. That frees up enough cap space to bring Reilly Smith back when he is ready. Not enough to bring Stone back.

    • Daryl

      They’re is still time to put someone else on the list to bring him back

  20. Galdom

    Hey Ken, how come you keep conceding that Dallas is a team that Vegas can’t catch. I know they recently had four games in hand but that’s not the case anymore and you just made that statement again on the Sin Bin Podcast. They are the team that I am watching most on the out-of-town scoreboard partly because Vegas plays them in one of the remaining games which actually means they control a bit of their fate.

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