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It’s Maxime Lagace’s Net To Lose Now

Oh come on, not again!

For the third time in nine and a half games, the Golden Knights watched their goaltender succumb to injury. For the second time, that goalie was taken out of the game and a replacement came in.

Yup, we’ve got a Max Lagace picture in the archives. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

First, it was Malcolm Subban taking over for Marc-Andre Fleury. He was great. Then, it was Oscar Dansk taking over for Subban. He was great. Now, it’s Maxime Lagace taking over for Dansk. He was… we’ll hold that til tonight at least.

The Golden Knights entered the season with six goalies under NHL contract. They traded Calvin Pickard on the morning of the regular season opener and were then left with five. At the time, that seemed like plenty. Two in the NHL, two in the AHL, and one stashed away in juniors. It wasn’t.

It wasn’t.

Fleury’s concussion isn’t seeming to be going away anytime soon, Subban’s out at least another two weeks or so, and Dasnk is on IR out for at least the rest of the road trip, So in the net goes Lagace and up from juniors comes Ferguson. (Yes, they can do that.)

The question now is, can you actually ride out the rest of the road trip, and possibly a bit longer with Lagace in the net and 19-year-old Dylan Ferguson as his back up.

It’s crazy, obviously you never expect that but you’ve got to be ready. Didn’t go the way I wanted it to go, but it’s a new day tomorrow. I was a little nervous very excited, I think it showed a little bit, I was a bit nervous in net. But now I know the feeling and I’ll take the experience into tomorrow night for the game. -Maxime Lagace

From a strictly competitive standpoint, Lagace is essentially the same as Subban and Dansk. Young goalie prospects finally getting a chance in the bigs. All three have been around professional hockey for a few years now, so the moment shouldn’t be any different for Lagace than it was for Subban or Dansk. In fact, Lagace was actually starting in Chicago for the Wolves prior to all the injury madness in Vegas, and he was the first goalie called up when Fleury was injured.

If you were comfortable with Dansk in the net, there’s no reason not to be comfortable with Lagace.

And you better be comfortable, cause other options are thin. The normal first thought would be to go out and make a trade to bring in someone else. However, that option doesn’t have much appeal to the Golden Knights as an expansion team as they’d have to give up an asset for a goalie that would be rendered more and more useless as each injured goalie returns.

The other option is the free agent market. There are capable AHL quality goalies out there that the Golden Knights could sign, but in the NHL a contract must be for at least a year. So, if Vegas wanted to bring in another goalie, it would cost them at least $650,000.

Instead, by calling up Ferguson, they have a nine-game window in which he can be on the active roster without burning a year of his entry-level contract. Assuming at least one of the three goalies are ready to come back by November 22nd, Ferguson will is free for the Golden Knights, while getting him some NHL experience along the way.

As ugly as things are now, they get real bad if there’s another injury or if Lagace is awful in the net. But for now, we are going to pull the wool over our eyes and ignore those possibilities. Join us, it’s dark, but not as scary as the other option.




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  1. Cappy

    The way GMGM likes goalies, the VKs should have a whole lot in their system. Unfortunately, they’re usually “in development.”

    Small consolation, but since they let McFlurry go, the Pens haven’t done too well.

    The curse of Fleury.

  2. Billy

    You would think all these injuries would shed light on the completely unacceptable ice surfaces across the league. Our fans need to be educated that there’s a certain standard or else you’re just wasting your money. That 7-0 win against the avs was embarrassing. Shouldn’t take 50 people with snow plows at each commercial to scoop the ice. This team will get rolled tonight probably 9-1 or something

  3. Julian

    Way to be a fan Billy jesus.It sucks this is happening to them.The really had a chance to keep it going but after last night who knows.
    Rangers are awful so they might win tonight but it’s gonna be tough rest of trip
    No more goalies will be hurt
    Things run in 3s so we lost 3 goalies already.

  4. VGK4Life

    Please please play Ferguson. I’ve seen enough of Lagace to know I never want to see him ever start for the knights again. I know the Knights defense could be a bit better, but this is becoming absolutely ridiculous that he continues to feature.

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