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Max Comtois Sees Vegas As The Perfect Fit For His Play Style, Vegas Agrees

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Two years ago, Max Comtois led the Anaheim Ducks in scoring across the 56-game 2020-21 season. It was his first full season in the NHL and it appeared his career was taking off. His 16 goals were four clear of his closest teammate and his 33 points outscored veterans Rickard Rakell, Ryan Getzlaf, Jakob Silfverberg, and fellow youngster Trevor Zegras.

That offseason, the Ducks rewarded Comtois with a contract just north of $4 million for two seasons. That meant upon expiry, the Ducks would be required to extend Comtois an offer of about $2.5 million this summer.

His 16 points in 52 games and 19 points in 64 games did not warrant that type of offer from Anaheim, and thus, the 24-year-old former 2nd round pick became available on the open market.

Comtois and his agent were patient though. They knew to get his career back on the right track, Max shouldn’t be chasing money, but instead looking for the perfect fit. He was not short of suitors, but ultimately felt Vegas was the one.

It just seemed right from the beginning to come here. I had some other options but to me (the Golden Knights) had the best play style that fit with me. -Max Comtois

Aside from being the reigning Stanley Cup champions and having a clear hole in the starting lineup with the departure of Reilly Smith, the Bruce Cassidy style of play was attractive to Comtois.

It’s a team that plays in a straight line, north-south hockey. Obviously, they have guys with talent but they play the game the right way. They play the game heavy, they play fast, and that’s the kind of game I like and that I’m good at. -Comtois

VGK’s head coach agrees.

He’s a big-bodied guy that gets to the net and scores his goals from the top of the circles down. He had a good junior career and was on a good path and then played some good hockey in Anaheim, so when a player like that is available you get, for lack of a better term, a free look. -Cassidy

Comtois is going to have to prove his worth, and quickly, in Vegas though. Cassidy mentioned both Paul Cotter and Pavel Dorofeyev as players they expect to take the next step this season, and in the initial line rushes to start camp, Cotter skated on the wing of Karlsson while Comtois went with Dorofeyev and Byron Froese.

Sometimes a guy leaves a certain organization and comes to another one and things go well and other times it doesn’t. We like his pedigree. -Cassidy

There is a recent precedent of this from a player Comtois sees a lot of similarities to himself. At the deadline last year, the Golden Knights brought in Ivan Barbashev, stuck him on the wing of Jack Eichel, and his game took off. Comtois knows with his style of play, he could see that happen in Vegas as well.

I’m not a line driver but I know my way to finding soft spots on the ice and finding scoring opportunities, that’s my biggest asset. -Comtois

With back-to-back road games on the schedule to start preseason, Comtois will almost certainly get his first chance to prove himself in a Golden Knights uniform on Sunday or Monday. The opportunity is there for the taking, it’ll be up to him to go out and take it.


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  1. CupBoy

    He is an absolute steal and a great pick up!

  2. TS

    Big body, confidence, experience, likes to score…what’s not to like? I like his attitude!

  3. George T

    I see this as a very positive “get”.

  4. Im a big Cotter guy….have been since his first cup of tea netted 2 goals….ive flip flopped on dorofeyev so many times ive needed cases of dramamine to tide me over…there of course will be injuries to deal with and id much rather have vegas killer comtois on our side rather than another uniform…i dont want to see froese or rondberg(if he is actually still on the roster?) when injuries hit…comtois and then dorofeyev will be better suitable to fill roles as needed.

  5. Jailbird

    Of course I’m rooting for Cotter and Pavo even, but bringing in Comtois was a good move. It’s always good to have competition for an open spot!

    • Mister Mister

      I was thinking he didn’t find contract because he was a participant in the R*pe shit that happened in with team Canada

  6. Jailbird

    I’m not sure if he is a very good fighter, but he’s sure doesn’t hesitate to drop the gloves I noticed. Plus he’s good in front of the net and has a good shot . Well, starting Sunday we’ll get to see this competition play out. Should make pre-season games interesting!

  7. Angelo Joseph

    Comtois is a great player. He’s won Gold in World Jr’s and the World Championship for Canada. He also had a knack to score against the Knights when he was with the Ducks. I hope he sticks around.

  8. JV

    If Comtois makes the team, and I think he will, who gets waived? They will be at 24 players.

    • XLR0

      Brayden Pachal gets sent down to AHL since he’s on a two-way contract that doesn’t require waivers for sending down

  9. Emmanuel

    Leading the ducks in scoring is like being the prettiest girl in mens prison…..
    16 points in 52 games and 19 points in 64 games……
    Not good defensively….
    So whats his role?

    • Mike Paine

      I worked for the Calif. Dept. of Corrections for 23 years. Your response is very funny.

  10. Jailbird

    A new team and playing with better players might benefit him? Who knows. We’ll see.

  11. Sorvino

    What may very well happen is that he has a decent camp but ends up being placed on waivers, regardless hoping that he clears and provides some depth.

  12. Jailbird

    That would make sense.

  13. Steven

    He will be a better player now that he is away from GM Verbeek. .who has ruined this team

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