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Betting On The Golden Knights; Bad Idea Unless You Know When To Do It


Roles Are Reverse but Vegas’ Veterans Don’t Mind


  1. R. J. Smith

    Woo-hoo! The Stone Age has officially been cemented!

    Onward Knights!

  2. Jehovah

    Now let’s lock up an established D man

    • Ricardo Martinez

      With what cap space? I just took a look and with just 17 players signed for next year, the team is already 3 million over the provisional cap limit. By signing Stone are they basically going to let William Karlsson go in the off season? Last year I thought McPhee was a genius, this year I think he lost his glasses and calculator.

  3. Joe

    I’d love to know the odds on whether this will be a compliance buyout after the next work stoppage.
    The window is at a maximum of three years.
    Still only have two defensemen that are top 4 quality. Don’t bring up Pittsburgh on how it can be done without. That team has generational talent up front. Banking on .940’s from Fleury isn’t a good strategy.
    There will be trades made in the offseason. McNabb, Miller, and Reaves are names that should be on that list, but it will be something like Haula and Eakin.

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