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Marchessault’s Low Mileage A Draw For Vegas And Other Suitors

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As we all know by now, Jonathan Marchessault was a late bloomer. He dressed for just four NHL games before the age of 25 and didn’t hit the 70-game mark in a season until he turned 26. It was probably a frustrating journey. Well, maybe up until his 30-goal breakout season in Florida which captured the eyes of the Golden Knights. Since then, it’s been gravy for Marchessault. He’s become a fan favorite, a 40-goal scorer, a Conn Smythe winner, and a household name.

Now, it’s time for the player, his agent, and the Golden Knights front office to decide on the future. Sure, Marchessault is 33 years old and coming off his best season as a pro, so it’s reasonable to be concerned with his age, term, and future value. If Vegas uses a traditional evaluation they would likely pass and let the player walk. However, if they factor in intangibles such as character, leadership, and career usage, then re-signing Marchessault should be the first decision made this offseason.

Don’t forget he didn’t become an NHL regular until he was 27. There’s an argument to be made that the mileage on him is not as great as the mileage on other 34-year-olds. I’ve heard that they were really having a difficult to time to find a term. –Eliotte Friedman on 32 Thoughts Podcast

Unlike most, Marchessault has seen much less wear and tear than the average 33-year-old NHL player. For example, Jordan Eberle was born in 1990 and has played 380 more games than his fellow millennial. Sure, Eberle was a coveted prospect and a rookie by age 20 but he has fewer postseason games, goals, points, and hardware than Marchessault. He may have more NHL service, but he hasn’t impacted the league like Marchessault has. And in 38% less ice time.

I’ve heard in Marchessault’s case, the biggest issue is term. He’s 33 years old, he’s going to be 34 in December. He scored 42 goals this year and he was very dangerous in the playoffs. Including in Game 7. This is still a guy who’s near the top of his game. –Friedman on 32 Thoughts Podcast

It’s unknown how many years Marchessault and his agent are seeking but you would think optimistically he would like to sign with Vegas until he retires. Based on comments by both parties, there’s a deal to be made, it’s just about finding that sweet spot. The shrewd operators of the Golden Knights front office are not interested in paying a player for a year or two too long. They haven’t caved to emotions in the past, but locking in Marchessault should be their exception.

I do think the Golden Knights would very much like to keep him but to this point there’s a limit in what they’re willing to do. I heard after the trade deadline, not like they were going to trade him anyway, but I heard the two sides were really struggling to get there. –Friedman on 32 Thoughts Podcast

It’s a good sign that there is mutual interest, but this isn’t the first time both parties have sat down together. Marchessault was playing on an expiring contract all season long and if a deal was close it would’ve been signed and filed. Since it’s been a bad start to the spring/summer for Golden Knights fans, maybe a late June extension announcement would wash the bad taste of a first-round loss out of their mouths. I can only imagine the reaction if an opposing team pillaged Vegas’ lively 40-goal scorer that’s in his mid-30’s… on paper.


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  1. Emmanuel

    He’s like a poor mans Martin St.Louis! Late bloomer, great scorer, small’ish.

  2. ThG

    he didn’t show up in game 7 this year, freaking Elliott Freeeedman

  3. Richie-Rich

    His 6 year contract was front loaded. The past few years his base salary has been $3.5 million. That leaves a ton of negotiating space for both the front office and the player.

    Consider also, the fact that #81 has missed only 12 games over the past 3 seasons as a measure of his durability and health. It would be one thing if his performance was headed in the wrong direction in the final of year of his contract, but that is not the case. This has been one of his best seasons following the great playoff run last year.

    When you take into consideration all of the factors that play into this decision, it is more likely that Marchessault will receive a contract that benefits both the front office and the player. A 5×5 contract would be $1.5 million raise, or a 6×4 contract. Either way, I believe that Marchy will be getting a new contract by the end of June.

    I think that if Marchy is truly interested in remaining here that this deal will get done much sooner than later. If it comes later it will be because he’s looking at interest from other teams around the league.

  4. Term is too long in my opinion at 4 years, VGK would probably want 2 years, Marchy will want at least 4 years, so BOOM 3 years at $6 million will be the arrived at sweet spot!!

  5. Jason – articles of this nature with nothing factual and only conjecture serves zero purpose and is no different than all the false news that the media comes up with every day. No one knows or has a clue what’s going on other than the two parties involved so all this rhetoric is just BS and of little to no value. What is even worse is it leads others to follow suit with more useless and probably incorrect information.

  6. jeffrey m sutton

    would’ve liked to see that clanger in game 7 go in…

  7. Annie

    Both need to meet in the middle and be happy he is well liked by fans and teammates hopefully he will stay and retire a VGK then they can honor him and hang his jersey in the rafters

  8. Jake

    Marshie was “the magic” that stirred the pot in Vegas’ Stanly Cup Run.

    The “magic” had its season but that season is past.

    Plus, Eichel is his “magic.”

    I wouldn’t overpay.

  9. NAM

    Ok so from this article I should assume that players playing in the AHL for 70+ games a season don’t have the wear that NHL players have for the same amount of games. WTF? Explain to me how that isn’t total dumb shit logic? So a guy like Morelli, that is an older AHL guy, and just played his first NHL game can play till he is 50. I guess I didn’t understand this crazy fountain of youth ability.

    About the only difference I see between Eberle and Marchessault is like 40 games thru their career. Maybe a some more because Eberle started midget hockey and subsequently Major Junior a year or so before Marchessalt.

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