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Marchessault’s Hat Trick Performance Another Reminder He’s Earned An Extension

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It’s pretty clear after this past week’s Stanley Cup defending acquisitions, that cap space is shrinking for next season. The Golden Knights have set themselves up for the future with younger weapons under control. Unfortunately, it’ll make for some difficult decisions in the offseason.

On Saturday night the Golden Knights were stuck in a frustrating, late-game tie with the Detroit Red Wings. Vegas’ leading goal scorer, Jonathan Marchessault, lifted the team with his second and third goals of the game in the final 2:44. He completed his third hat trick of the season and sixth of his career. His first-star performance reminded league general managers that Marchessault will be an unrestricted free agent in the offseason.

We’d love him to be a Golden Knight forever. I enjoy coaching him. We have a lot of back and forth. Sometimes it can be contentious, sometimes it’s hugs and kisses, but at the end of the day, he comes to play. He’s scored big goals for this franchise over the years. -Bruce Cassidy

Since 2017-18, Marchessault has scored 185 regular season goals. More than elite snipers like Filip Forsberg, William Nylander, JT Miller and new Golden Knight, Tomas Hertl. All four of those players earn $8 million or more per season, which is likely above the average the Golden Knights are willing to pay Marchessault.

Top Goal Scores Since 2017-18

  • 1st – Auston Matthews: 313
  • 2nd – Leon Draisaitl: 288
  • 3rd – David Pastranak: 282
  • 4th – Alex Ovechkin: 282
  • 5th – Connor McDavid: 281
  • 6th – Nathan MacKinnon: 249
  • *10th – Sebastian Aho: 219
  • *22nd – Sidney Crosby: 200
  • *27th- Jonathan Marchessault: 187
  • *50th – Tomas Hertl: 159
  • *67th – Jack Eichel: 151
  • *70th – William Karlsson: 144
  • *83rd – Mark Stone: 137

Amongst the most prolific scorers in the game, Marchessault cracks the Top 30 of all players over the last seven seasons. Add in his 30 goals scored in Florida the season before, the 33-year-old would be higher up on the list. More importantly yet, Marchessault is fifth in the NHL with 34 playoff goals since the expansion season.

Top 5 Playoff Goals Since 2017-18

  1. Nathan MacKinnon: 42
  2. Brayden Point: 40
  3. Ondrej Palat: 37
  4. Brad Marchand: 36
  5. Jonathan Marchessault: 34

I’d like to see every guy on this team to have a good year in their contract year because you get attached to them, you want to see them get paid. They have families and you want to see them get taken care of. It can’t always be on this particular team because of the way the league’s structured but at the end of the day I’d like every guy to feel good about his game and have good results. -Cassidy

He leads the franchise in; Games Played (496), Goals (185), Assists (219), Points (404), Even Strength Goals (145), Power Play Goals (40), Game-Winning Goals (30), Postseason Goals (34), Shots (1660) and Hat Tricks (5). From playoff goals, and game-winning goals to overtime theatrics, Marchessault has provided many of the brightest moments in team history. And yet the heart and soul of the franchise is without a contract for next season.

There are no negotiations that have been done. I know that sometimes the Golden Knights like to take their time with that. We will see what it will give. -Jonathan Marchessault in August 2023 sources have indicated that still at the moment there’s no sign that a new contract is being finalized, or even really being discussed. This isn’t promising for those hoping Marchessault was locked up before the postseason began.

Since his name was announced on the expansion draft stage on June 21st, 2017, no other player has been as universally loved as Marchessault. Of course, William Karlsson and Brayden McNabb are permanent fan favorites but no one can match the highlights and moments #81 created. He’s also one of Karlsson’s favorite players as proven in the most epic moment in off-ice VGK history.

With all of this in mind, I make my umpteenth plea to the organization to get a deal done. Don’t force one of the figures on the Mount Rushmore of Golden Knights to take a better deal in a different city. No matter what happens the rest of the season, Vegas fans will be beyond furious if Marchessault is forced to walk. And they should be.




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  1. former season ticket holder

    God save our MB?P!!!

  2. Kevin C

    Marchy’s agent called and wanted to say thanks to you for doing his job for him, but unfortunately, there will not be any % sharing for you once the contract is done.

    Nice job Ken … cool article.

  3. JB

    Gotta keep Marchy ….. period!

    • Carl

      With Jonathan Marchessault and Wild Bill Karlsson, we have the Vegas FUCKING Golden Knights.

      Without one or both of them, well, its NHL team #31…

      • JB

        I agree! Those two represent what was started here seven years ago and continues! You never see these two take a game off!

  4. Tim

    Hard to argue Karlsson and Marchessault haven’t been the heart and soul of this team. Where others take a game off these two go balls to the wall every game. Hertl and Hannifin great pickups I’m hoping that Mancha gets inspired and puts in a solid two months. We just need to win 12 of the next 18 games or it will be a mute point.

  5. VGK Fan

    I really hope they find a way to sign Marshy and Hanifin. Just my opinion that these 2 players will have the greatest impact on next season out of all the pending UFAs.

  6. Pistol Pete

    I assume McCrimmon has a plan that extends Hanifin and Marchessault, carries Hertl’s $6.75m and extends Dorofeyev. Given there is only about $21m for all the aforementioned it looks like Marchy will have to settle for less than his market value and that Amadio will have to walk. I wonder if Hanifin and Marchy can be offered contracts that increase beginning year #2 as the cap goes up? These guys have to know the VGK will be cap-constrained. If they want to stay here concessions will have to be made. I think this may apply more to Marchy as I don’t see McCrimmon not extending the 27 year-old Hanifin no matter what happens with Marchy. Given his age Hanifin is the bigger part of the VGK’s future.

    • VGK Fan

      Pistol Pete,

      NHL contracts are all annual averages.

      What they maybe be able to do, and someone can correct if I’m wrong (Ken) is offer Marshy a one-year contract let’s say for $3 or $4 million. Then when next season begins sometime around October 20th offer him a 2-year extension for 7 or 8 million.

      • Pistol Pete

        VGK Fan thanks for the clarification. I was only guessing graduated amounts are possible. I googled it and it seemed they are. I trust you are correct.

        • Pistol Pete

          P. S. I suppose the way around wanting to increase a player’s contract beyond year one is as you suggest make a one year contract. Seems unlikely Hanifin would agree to that but Marchy might. If he can just get Marchy for $5m that would help. The lower the better of course.

      • TS

        Vgk, that’s very promising.. all I’ve heard is there’s not enough $$ for resigning Marchy… if the terms can be flexible, as you say, that is indeed GREAT news!

  7. ThG

    “The VGK have more man-games lost than any other team in the NHL, & it’s not even close.

    The fact that they are still in a playoff position is a remarkable testament to their depth.

    This puts things in perspective.”

  8. Rashaad

    THG, that’s 100% correct however this team will always be near the top of the league in injuries. It is the style they play. If you are going to block shots you are going to break bones. Without researching it and just off the top of my head, Karlsson, Pietrangelo, Whitecloud and Martinez have all broken bones stopping shots. I believe Whitecloud and Martinez more than once.

    • ThG

      the injury list says otherwise, most of injuries are upper body

      here is list, only lower body ones are Marty. which could likely be from blocking shots. other lower body ones like Eichel , Bjonfort, Miromnanov were not.

      Here is list, Whitecloud was back on ice today, not injured,

      • Rashaad

        I wasn’t talking about this year in particular, but the history.

        Alex Pietrangelo broke his hand a couple of times blocking shots when he was in St. Louis and on October 13th, 2023 he took a deflected puck to the head. Pietrangelo is a premier shot blocker.

        Alex Martinez played the entire playoffs with a broken foot last year and has a broken bone in his foot right now. He is also premier shot blocker.

        William Karlsson missed 6 weeks blocking a shot with his foot in 2020. Broke his hand a couple of years later blocking a shot killing a penalty.

        Zach Whitecloud broke his foot twice blocking shots and I believe the last time it was in 2022.

        Again, this is without doing research. There are several undisclosed injuries as well that can possibly be attributed to blocking shots.

        This is not the most unlucky team on earth that keeps setting record of man games lost through injuries every year. Their style of play is conducive to this. It’s also helped them win a Stanley Cup.

        Last year they made shirts that say “It hurts to win”. You might’ve missed it last year, but that was one of the mottos on this team.

        This is a wonderful article. One of the paragraphs state how they are committed to blocking shots.

        Did not even mention Brayden McNabb who is also excellent at blocking shots. Thankfully, he has avoided really long absences from blocking shots however, two years ago on March 3, 2022 injured shot and missed the next 13 games.

        If you believe they lead the league every year in injuries, just buy bad luck and Coincidence then that’s your opinion.

        If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


        • ThG

          my post was about this year, mainly regarding other posters who seem to pooh pooh the idea that injuries are not important , or to be used by an excuse.

          I have nothing more to say about it, it is pretty clear.

        • TS

          Rashaad, great post
          Makes you realize just how much pain these guys endure to stop goals, sacrificing bones and bodies.

  9. sb

    It would be a mistake to ignore how this MGT team conducts business. Look at Neal, Englund, MAF, Pac and Smith. MGT does make the tough decisions – whether that’s at the trade-deadline or in offering contracts. MGT wisely considers the player’s age going forward and that, most often, there’s a drop off in production as age progresses. This MGT team is different! And that’s why they are winners. To these guys, winning is paramount over loyalty. It’s a business decision. Foley, McPhee and McCrimmon value winning – which the fans DEMAND and EXPECT – over the opinions of the crowd. Look at the results – whether it’s popular or not. They replaced MAF and Smith with 27 year olds Hill, Thompson and Barbashev. They will replace 37 year old Marty with 27 year old Hannifin. They will quite likely replace 34 year old Marchy with 30 year old Hertl. Fans are strange sometimes – they demand that the team gets younger while also demanding that they are loyal to older players. That’s a contradiction. That can’t be done. Winning is everything in sports. Trust Foley and the McGM’s to keep this team winning and enjoy the results.

    • Pistol Pete

      sb, per usual another incisive post. I go on and on sometimes/often in repetitive circles. You come in every so often and in one fell swoop provide a great deal of clarity. Much appreciated!

    • ThG

      quit bashing the FO !

  10. Rashaad

    Sb, they really have a knack for moving players at the right time. The timing is so impeccable that some of it has to be luck. Their contract terms seem to be bang on. It’s like they knew that Alec Martinez was about to expire. I want Marchy to stay but whatever management decides, it usually is the right decision.

    • Pistol Pete

      Hertl $6.75m + Hanifin $7.0m + Marchy $5.0m = $18.75m. Subtract from $21m = $2.25m. Way more than enough to extend Dorofeyev but not Amadio also. I’m sure NcCrimmon has a plan. Marchy would more than likely get more elsewhere so it could come down to if he wants to stay in Vegas.

  11. Rashaad

    There will be some backlash if Marchy is not extended. I get it. Fans get attached. I love the player. It will be similar backlash as when Flower was traded. I despised Fluery so I did not care but most loved him,

  12. Give marchessault 1 year $5.3 million with guarantee of 2 year extension at $8 million then promise him a 10% ownership, at a steep discount when he hangs them up . Kind of like the Lakers did with magic. Nice guy with a nice family , let’s keep him around . As for wild Bill , offer him top billing at the Wynn when he hangs them up , call his show ” the speech “

  13. Just remember there are two sides to every negotiation – and often they are not on the same page. Cassidy said it all – they need to be paid – as a player your responsibility starts with yourself and family and whoever comes up with the best deal is where you will go. Yes, Vegas has a tax advantage for players that other franchises don’t enjoy but that won’t be the deciding factor where anyone signs but it will be factored in for sure. As business owners they will figure it out factoring in some of the mistakes they have made – Lehner is a perfect example. I would think it would be in everyone’s best interest to resolve the Marchy thing ASAP however, no one knows that isn’t in their plan. Let’s just keep winning – first things first.

  14. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    I know this comment isn’t about the article, but anyone else notice the pure joy on Hertle’s face talking about coming to the VGK? I am sure his wife will be pleased that he is not paying that CA state income tax.

    • ThG

      but i bet she will miss going to beach, all homeless on street, sitting in traffic jams for hours, using those fake straws that explode half way through your sip, waiting in line to charge your EV car, earthquakes, fires, Goobernor D Newscum promoting high crime, illegals climbing the fences, housing illegals in your home/hotel, smog, etc etc etc.

      • Earl the Replanted Transplant

        sadly you did describe what Vegas is becoming. Woe to the city if it becomes the “new hollywod” like Wahlberg wants Vegas to be. Leave the pedo-rapist-satanic place where it is.

  15. NHhell

    trading away 55 and Howden would add another 3.3M and give them about 18.5M to sign Marchy and Hanifin
    Carrier, and Amadio and Dorofeyev, who will be fit in with the remainder.

    Mantha and Martinez are definitely gone, and Stephenson is likely gone because he will likely be looking for a big raise from his 2.75 of the last 4 years.

    • JB

      Why would you trade away Kolly? And Mantha hasn’t even had a chance to see what he can bring? Howden and Marty probable. Stevie stays!

      • NHhell

        you obviously don’t get the fact of cap compliance.

        the Vgk would be about $17.5 MILLION OVER the cap if the 5 guys you mentioned are brought back.

    • knights fan in minny

      this is my opinion i dont think chandler would ask for a big raise i think h really enjoys playing in Vegas but i could be wrong

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