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Marchessault: “Maybe They Should Start Giving Out Fines And Guys Will Think Twice About It”

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With the exception of last night’s Game 5, at the end of games in this first-round series I catch myself having the same thought, how do players have the energy to beat each other up after a playing a grueling 60-minute playoff game?

Come to find out Golden Knights forward Jonathan Marchessault has had the same concern.

Yeah we were actually talking about this. I think the league should start giving out fines when games are out of hand… it’s just stupid stuff that happens. It’s not only our series. -Marchessault

Of course we can’t let the Golden Knights off the hook but San Jose was out of control up until last night. Evander Kane, Timo Meier, Marcus Sorensen and others have created several barroom brawls at the end of their three losses. Causing multiple game misconducts, and unnecessary injuries. Vegas got a quick scare when Cody Eakin was bloodied up wrestling with Meier after Game 3.

With little consequence why would a losing team stop instigating when the game is out of hand? If a penalty is assessed it won’t matter to an angry player because penalties don’t carry over. In a strange way, physical scrums late in one-sided games can benefit the losing team.

There’s a time and a place for it. When you’re up 5-0 last thing you want to do is give them any advantage. That’s all extra stuff. At the end of the day, you just want to win games. That’s what we’re all here for. -Brayden McNabb

Mucking it up after the whistle is one thing, but intent to injure another player when a game gets out of hand is beyond the code.

Maybe they should start giving out fines and maybe guys will think twice about it. They had Meier clearing the puck on Miller on purpose. It’s just stupid. We don’t need this. You really want to injure a guy? I think it’s something they should look into.”-Marchessault

Last night’s game was tight down the stretch so neither team could risk a minor or a severe penalty. Both teams played more disciplined and kept it clean after the horn. With two elimination games left I’d expect Vegas and San Jose to control their emotions and focus solely on winning, but if a game gets out of hand in the third, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if the extracurricular stuff comes back.

That being said, don’t worry about the end of series handshake line, both teams respect the game and their opponent enough to forgive the insults, elbows and left-hooks.

In the immortal words of Omar Little, “A man must have a code.”



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  1. JV

    A 5K fine isn’t going to deter anyone. I thought there was a rule about starting fights in the last 5 minutes of a game you get a 1 game suspension. But the league only enforced it against guys like Carcillo. When Malkin did it, they looked the other way. I guess they quietly rescinded the rule

  2. D

    I don’t know if McNabb is a good person to quote in this article when after game 5 he tried to take Sorensen’s head off and then kicked Hertl in the leg right immediately after.

  3. Dave

    Marchessault needs to STFU! The reffing has been all one sided in favor of LV. Logan Couture gets high sticked & loses his teeth on the ice & LV gets 2 minutes instead of 4? WTF?? Also a fresh Reves jumps on the ice to fight Kane at the end of his shift. That’s BS! Tell Reves to follow “the code”.

  4. SH

    Just like politics one side gets it in the other side gets away with it

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