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For the first time in his illustrious career, Marc-Andre Fleury has won the award for the best goaltender in the NHL.

Fleury finished the year with a .928 save percentage and a 1.98 goals against average. Both were the best marks of his career. He posted 26 quality starts in 36 starts and recorded six shutouts to go with his 26-10-0 record.

Fleury beat out Tampa Bay’s Andrei Vasilevskiy and Colorado’s Phillipp Grubauer to win the award. He received 14 of the 31 1st place votes.


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  1. Coyote


  2. Richard Santomauro

    Fleury wins Vezina?

    Oh, here come the hater comments!

  3. George L.

    This 100% complicates the off season. Good bye Lehner.

    • Howard

      Oy vey! NO ONE WILL TAKE LEHNER and give US RETURN. If teams wanted Lehner, he’d long time be signed to LONG TERM. Is that hard to understand? I’d rather trade him as well, but we WILL NOT GET RETURN for him. Pens want MAF back – U TRADE THE GUY THAT GIVES YOU THE BEST RETURN!


    • the hockey God

      it complicates nothing, fleury if he stays will need more rest between games and team will need a back up goalie who can win games against all sorts of competition,

      it is a shared award

      • Miri

        Amen. I’m also hoping that the Knights will decide to keep both Flower and Panda (to rotate). Also hope the FO will manage to keep most of this team intact. This is still a team that would have won the Presidents award, but for the screwy NHL tiebreaker system. Winning the Cup is tough. But I still believe in this team.

        • the hockey God

          @miri, i blame it all on covid, that is the real kicker in this whole season.

          I don’t think they will deal either goalie. Some people are saying MAF will retire. I think he will play one more season and get more rest this up coming season and be fresher in the playoffs. Assuming they make the playoffs.

          They have more room to improve their roster by getting rid of some dead wood. I think they will fill some roster slots with two or three AHLers. One slot being a center/forward and other two slots being D mean. Just like they brought up no 2 and no 14 recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if Coghlin got a shot to play most of next seaons and perhaps one more d men. VGK seem to do a decent job in developing D men. So far they have not developed a single forward/center from their farm system. Roy doesn’t count , he was traded to the team

          • Daryl

            Of course they will make the playoffs, it’s the Pacific. If they don’t make the playoffs next year then anyone who can be fired should be fired

          • Richard Santomauro

            I want to see more of Hague, Hayes and Dahlstrom, also Lechsyhyn, Glass, and Krebs. The Pacific is weak. This is a good time to let the cream rise to the top from within the organization. Thompson Thompson Thompson!

  4. Congrats Marc Andre, wow what an incredible achievement. And so we’ll deserved. It’s been a privilege to watch you this season, as well as the last 4. We are lucky to have you as a Golden Knight!

  5. Before we see any negative posts, could be all agree to be just greatful for what we have here and take a moment to celebrate together as VGK fans?

    We truly have so much to be greatful for…

    • Richard Santomauro

      Justin’s right. Let’s not take anything away from MAF’s ongoing success. If not for Fleury this season could have been much worse. Soak in the reward and let’s focus on Season 5.

  6. Blitz

    I guess it just takes a dumb fuck front-office move to motivate one of the best goalies ever to get his game back into form. Surely the next move is to send him packing to save 2 mil. Flower is a bad ass! Love that guy and love what he has brought to this team since day one. Congrats Fluery!

    • Blitz

      …and I spelled his name wrong…dammit! I forget, is it “E” after “L” except after “F” or something like that.

  7. Howard

    He’s been a really good netminder for years, and been great for VGK. Hate to see him go, but if we want to win Cup, the trade VGK will make is shipping him to Pens for Jeff Carter, then have Pens pay the extra 2M or so.

    Both players have 1 year left on their respective contracts. Tougher for Pens as Malkin could be down and out for some time. They need a goalie, we need a center.

    • Richard Santomauro

      We’ve had a goalie for quite some time. The problem is the FO panicked and brought Lehner in, a guy who has failed to stick anywhere and who comes with major off ice issues.

      At least we have Logan Thompson ready to fill the void. That void will happen much faster with Lehner than Fleury, believe me.

      • Howard

        Ya Rich, that’s why NO ONE WILL TAKE LEHNER and I agree it was a dumb move by VGK front office. Now, if we were able to move Lehner, this fanbase CANNOT EXPECT any kind of return for him. It’s all about leverage. Trading MAF NOW gives team most amount of leverage.

        Personally, I’d rather keep MAF and move Lehner, but this is BUSINESS, not personal. Biz wise, moving MAF would in fact be the best move VGK can make NOW, if it wants to win CUP next year.

        Biz wise, I’d offer up MAF for Carter as both have one year left on their respective contracts. Carter is old, but still an effective #1-2 center. We can add another center this way by trading Theodore. I’d pass on Eichel because of his unknown neck injury status. Now, VGK could pull a Tampa, trade for Eichel, then sit him until the playoffs next year, which is an awful long time, then add him in for playoffs which in and of itself, is a big risk.

        • Richard.Santomauro

          Ultimately VGK would end up with Thompson as the starter much sooner, so I am okay with that.

        • Julie

          But Howard, I see what you are saying about leverage, but do you think Vegas will actually trade Fleury – especially now? I mean, Vegas is nothing if not showy.

          • Howard

            Julie – if they want a real shot to win The Cup, yes. If they only care about making fans happy due to some personal bias over an individual player, they’ll keep both goalies and there will be yet another season without a Cup. This team IS NOT currently constructed to win The Cup, period. Next season will be a regular longer season.

            Time in and time out, this team lacks depth, gets tired, and can’t finish the job past round 3. AVS are only going to get better as they are still very young. AVS will be chief competition in the Western conference next year. We were lucky to beat them this year on fluky goals, otherwise we played them almost dead even. AVS are certain to address their main issue – NEED BIGGER D PAIRS.

            VGK is only getting older. However, Pacific division should be a joke next year, so VGK should take a lot of nights off, don’t try to win President’s Cup, and perhaps we get back to round 3, but this team would lose to AVS next year in that round.

            If you and other fans want a Cup, a trade of one of the goalies is a must, even if just to free up cap space, that and trade Theodore.

            I was pleasantly surprised to see Granger on the same page as I am concerning Theodore.

            I’d also trade Marshy – he’s not the type of forward on a 2nd line to win a Cup. As much as this fanbase hates on Smith, he is a suitable winger to win a Cup – he gets to the net and can fight back, Marshy gets so beaten up in playoffs, that by round 3, he becomes grossly ineffective.

            That is all.

  8. the hockey God

    where’s Doc ?

    and his panda ?

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Man Hg.

      You just can’t get along without me.

      You’re gonna miss me in about 8 weeks when I’m done with this place. ha ha

      PS – WHAT does Panda have to do with Fleury winning the V? I supported BOTH goalies all year. Unlike some of you!

  9. the hockey God

    “My teammates, like I said, they’ve been amazing,” Fleury said. “Playing consistently good defense in front of me. My partner Robin Lehner for his support throughout the season. The goalie coach Mike Rosati. Tweaked a little things here and there and I think [he] helped me throughout the season. The fans. At the beginning of the season with nobody in the stands and having them at full capacity in Vegas in the end was so much fun. It just brings the emotion and the atmosphere into the building and it was a lot of fun.”

    • Great news more than well deserved. You are an inspiration to any and all who aspire to be great. Enjoy the summer and be back to win it all next season.

      • Julie

        HD, I believe he got it in part for how he handled the chaos last year, too. He was very professional, good attitude.

        • the hockey God

          local media hysteria , rumor mongers, and haters

          nothing more

          • Pauly

            The Buckner Award will always be on him…cost VGK the series

  10. Mike StG

    Congratulations Marc-Andre!!

    Great career, terrific human being. I’m very happy for you, as are so many fans here in Vegas and in Pittsburgh as well.

    Just one more achievement and accolade on your way to the HOF. I look forward to the day your statue stands at the entrance to TMA and your number is retired in the rafters.

    Whatever your future holds, you have burnished your indelible mark and joy of the game in the hearts of VGK fans forever.

    • Pauly

      Dumbest fan base in all of sports…laughable comments for a guy who made the Buckner move to cost VGK the season…

      • Daryl

        Awwww…. The dumbest fan base is backing the award winner…. So what does that make you clown hahahahah

        • Mike StG

          Daryl, not to mention the fact that the GMs vote for the Vezina, not writers. So I guess that makes the NHL’s GMs the dumbest sports executives “in all of sports”! 🙂

          • Pauly

            Most of you idiots don’t realize that Fleury didnt make first team all star – he made second team…the award is a joke – he cost them that series.

            Dumbest fan base in the history of sports

          • Mike StG

            Pauly, normally I wouldn’t respond to your ignorant, repetitive blather. But your post was exceptionally dumb. So, I guess if we the fans are dumbest then that makes you ‘dumber than the dumbest’ (historically speaking, of course)! 🙂

            The writers (PHWA) vote for the All-Stars. The teams’ general managers actually vote the Vezina. That’s why Vasi is 1st team all star but Fleury won the Vezina. Duh! I’ll take the opinion of the GMs over the writers all day long.

            Sorry, Dummkopf! 🙂

          • Daryl

            Exactly Mike!


  11. Rich

    The Buckner Award will be the one remembered, since it cost VGK that series…

    These awards are a joke

    • Daryl

      You are the joke…. Exactly how did it cost VGK the series? VGK came back and WON the next game. I didn’t hear anyone saying Petra tur over leading to a goal which VGK a GA. E was all that anyone would remember nor how it was going to cost VGK a series. Get a grip

    • Blitz

      Martinez dip shitted a pass right to MTL for a goal the last game. Where’s your “he cost us the game” for him. The truth is it was a bad pass in a quality game. Flower fucked up and they got a goal out of it big deal. He had a great game otherwise. Flower is the reason we won several games, because he stood on his head. No love there. Every one fucks up. Stone forgot how to play hockey the last series. It doesn’t matter. It is like blaming a football game on the kicker. “Well the team shit the bed all game, but because of a missed kick we lost”. Truth is if VGK didn’t go ZERO for 15 on the PP we probably would have won the series.

    • the hockey God

      correct Rich, just because someone said they came back and won next game, means nothing and does nothing about the game he lost. It was a tough loss to overcome.

      Game three in semi’s is a must win game to take the series. Everyone with a brain knows that.

      • Daryl

        One game is no more important than the other. If MAF flub cost VGK the series than do did Petra turnover that cost then a fake ad will add every other player who made costly turnover…. But we all know who’s fault it wasn’t, PDB lol

        • the hockey God

          game three is most important game in 7 games series, everyone knows that.

          if you don’t win game three your odds of winning in the semi’s and finals goes down astronomically , the flub was too steep of hill to over come for VGK in this series. Everyone with a brain knows that. It came back to haunt them in games five and six, there was too much pressure from game three loss to overcome. That and the bad ice.

          • Pauly

            For 99% of this post, I thought this idiot had a knowledgeable hockey fan ghost writing the missive…he is correct about the marc andre buckner move – it cost them the series, plain and simple…hopefully we can unload him before he leaves for nothing in return.

            But then he tossed in the bad ice…

            Dumbest fanbase in sports

          • Daryl

            Wrong again… The most important game is game 5. If VGK hadn’t come back and won the next game then I would agree his fumble cost VGK but the fact that they won completely makes your claim false.

            If your take is the case, then I cometely blame PDG for his mistake in the COL game which ultimately ended VGK Cup run!!!! VGK could either have rested a majority of the team and give COL the win OR going after the win with your best goalie in net, the one who got you where you were at. So really, it’s the coaches fault

  12. Julie

    Congratulations, Marc Andre! This is wonderful! Well-deserved! Simply fantastic!

  13. Tim

    May I make a suggestion to my fellow posters with a brain, Mike, Daryl, Richard, Julie, Howard, Doc, HDbiker and others who always have objective comments whether we always agree isn’t an issue. Can we together just ignore these posters with idiotic comments your just feeding there ego. Don’t respond to there stupidity and they’ll go away. On a Happy note congrats Flower you are and have been the heart and soul of the Knights for 4 years. No matter what happens this summer in the eyes of the fans your the man.

    • Daryl

      I agree with you, and I try, but sometimes I just wanna have fun…. But I will try a little harder

    • Pauly

      “There” stupidity
      “Your” the man

      This guy is even dumber than the typical VGK fake ignorant fan

      • the hockey God

        give the guy a break pauly, Tim (among others like daryl and his other brother daryl) can barely figure out how to power on their computer/tablet/social media device every day. Tim is over 80 years old, for one thing. It’s truly amazing that these 80 year olds can even type on a keyboard! Give them a break !

        • Daryl

          You are right behind him in age… Maybe it’s just the bad ice slowing him down

        • Pauly

          Thanks for the update…adding dumbest AND most senile to the fanbase

    • Julie

      Tim, you are right. I liked the video acceptance exchange with Brodeur. Pretty cool.

  14. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Congrats to Fleury.

    Figured it would go to the big “V” again.

    • Blitz

      Big Vagina?

      • Blitz

        Drinking and commenting. What is it something like CUI or MUI? Commenting/messaging under the influence. Its always interesting when you look thru comments the next day and find little surprises like this. It reminds me of the old cereal commercial where the person starts as an adult, takes a bite, and ends up a little kid. Same principal.

  15. Mike StG

    I agree with everything you said except for the first line about Marty. He didn’t make a bad pass that ended up on Weber’s stick. His stick broke as he was launching the puck, so it landed way short and right in front of Weber to rip it past Fleury. It was just a bad luck play. Your point that other players made critical mistakes is well taken though. 🙂

    • the hockey God

      he still was going the wrong way with the puck, he has free player on other side of net. Instead of going back behind the net to his team mate he goes into zone where there is a VGK player and HABS player pinching in. Bad decision all around.

      the bad ice didn’t help either.

      • Pauly

        Bad ice! HAHAHAHAHAHA

        dumbest fan base in sports history

        • the hockey God

          the players complained about the bad ice more than once in post game interviews

          maybe if you watched them you would learn

          • Pauly

            Bullshit, you moron…so, so dumb

          • the hockey God

            Bullshit, you moron…so, so dumb.

            not bull shit it is a fact.

            go and watch the post game PLAYER interviews, instead of wasting your time here.

            also, go watch the games themselves, did you see how many times players were falling ? The ice was bad, really bad. See my other posts detailing all the bad ice tells.

      • Richard Santomauro

        The only bad ice is the ice that melts too quickly in my 21 year old Scotch.

        • Blitz

          I do enjoy scotch on the rocks. I have friends that think I am ruining it. They believe that just a splash of water is the proper way.

          • Richard Santomauro

            The single ice cube to chill 2 fingers is good. Don’t let the ice melt. If I am doing 3 or 4 fingers then I get a solid square stone from my freezer to chill it.

          • Daryl

            I used to drink J&B but have since switched to whiskey

        • arnold rothstein

          hey I said that in my post , got back and see my PS.

          What brand of Scotch to you favor ?

          ARnolD the BRAIN Rothstein

          PS the mob is sitting on pile now and can afford the GOOD STUFF

          • Richard Santomauro

            Glenlivet or Glenfiddich, sometimes Balvanie or Macallan.

            Must be 18+

  16. Pauly

    But for marc andre buckner, VGK under 2 minutes away from leading the series and never looking back against a team that had zero business being in the playoffs and are about as good as the Ducks…

    Geez, this really is the stupidest fan base in sports history

    • Daryl

      I’m still waiting for you to name your favorite team… Are you scared?

  17. arnold rothstein

    Arnold “the brain ” Rothstein

    send congrats to MAF, and i am sure the mob also sends their best.

    All around a good season for everyone involved , especially the wise guys
    licking their chops.

  18. Congrats to the class of the franchise and true Hall Of Famer MAF!!!
    Only wish the FO and Head Coach had any class… The way they both have treated the true leader of this team is disgusting!
    Their egos are the failings of this franchise!

    If I was MAF I would request to leave the sociopaths that make the decisions here… He deserves better.

    As far as winning the Cup… It isn’t happening until amends are made for screwing over your year 1 season ticket holders who committed to this team before any success was attained. THE CURSE remains and if you don’t believe it look at the exits… It’s either THE CURSE OR DE BOER… LMAO

    • the hockey God

      “Only wish the FO and Head Coach had any class… The way they both have treated the true leader of this team is disgusting!” there is no evidence to back up this misinformation. Go back and find a link on internet and post it.

      Even Fleury dispelled the cartoon put out by his stupid agent.

      Try again, next time bring facts not BS

      • Daryl

        Of course he did… what do you think he was going to say? It’s like Asli. G Lehner his thoughts on MAF winning his trophy. There is only one correct answer

  19. jason mason

    The original intent of the Vezina Trophy was to honor the goalie that allowed the fewest goals during the season….that would be Fleury. So contrary to an above comment by someone constantly a victim of bad ice in his drink, it is an individual award. The Jennings is the tandem award for low goals. Congrats to MAF for being consistently good all year.

    Team defense does play a big part in the award. Shot blocks and limiting high percentage shots are important. But then so is scoring, so until MAF can score 10 to 20 goals on his own he’ll probably have to tolerate a few 1-0, 2-1 losses.

    Has a team ever traded away the Vezina winner? I don’t think so. Fleury has a year left on his deal, and he’ll honor it. Any Vezina winners ever retire after winning it? And he’ll probably sign a new deal at the end of next season…he’s got a little game left in him, provided he doesn’t use the same ice in his drinks that another guy up above seems to be using.

    Maybe someone can provide a link to all those stories about bad ice at the T-Mobile concession stands. Pierre McGuire and the NBC announcers praised all the drinks they were served in Vegas during the hottest week ever for a SC playoff. The ice in their drinks got constant praise.


  20. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    “Unfortunately”, the only way to get what the team needs, is to trade Fleury. Send him “home” to Pitt. He’ll be happy there.

    Just the facts , ma’am! 😉

    • Daryl

      Unfortunately or not, you are correct… The only way to get what VGK really needs is to get rid of a goalie. Whether it is MAF or Lehner, it really doesn’t matter, one of them has to go

  21. Karen

    You guys still arguing about why you guys lost ha ha ha ha ha

  22. B-Rad-Lee

    MAF wants to stay in Vegas. IMHO, he’s a far better GK than RL. He says he’s willing to negotiate his contract in order to do so. Here’s how we do that:
    1) Buy out MAF’s contract, $3M CAP next year, $2M CAP the following year, instead of $7M for next year only.
    2) Offer him $1M for 22, $2M for 23, $3M for 24 (AAC $2M)
    We have just saved $2M per year against the CAP.

    • Pauly

      And overpay an aging, starting to lose it goalie on a team that needs to score more goals to save a measly 2 mil? Were you in the shitter when he pulled the Buckner move to cost VGK that series?

      This is by far the dumbest fan base in sports history

      • Daryl

        Where were you when an $8.8m player turned the puck over costing VGK a game?

        Still waiting to hear who your favorite team is chickenshit!!!

        • Pauly

          You pussy mall cops are the worst…

          Dumbest fan base in sports…

          • Daryl

            Internet tough guys everywhere lol. Drink another 40

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