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Marc-Andre Fleury Saves The Day With One Of The Best Saves Of His Illustrious Career

It was fun. A little lucky because I didn’t stop the first one it was off the crossbar right? It’s cool when you get those second chances to redeem yourself and yeah it was a lot of fun. -Marc-Andre Fleury

I just enjoy it, have a little giggle, a little smile. I’m just happy it didn’t go in. -Fleury

As a goalie, those are the saves that make you feel like a player when they score a goal. Those are the saves I love to play for. -Fleury

Lots of emotions because he beat me with the first shot so I wasn’t happy. Then I heard the post and I thought, oh yeah maybe it’s not in and then I found the puck and I had to dive for it and I got a piece so it was good. -Fleury

I don’t think the guy shot it as hard as he wanted to so I had a little time to react to it I think. -Fleury

I didn’t know how he saved it, he just threw his body across the crease. It was like a save you see in mini-sticks or something and he ended up just pulling it off. -Cody Glass

Yeah, he does it all the time. It’s good to see him be that unbelievable. -Shea Theodore

It kind of took a weird bounce off the ref or the corner and the guy got some good wood on it but Flower is juuuusssst a little bit quicker. -Theodore

I feel like he’s done that so many times, but yeah that’s incredible. He’s one of the best for a reason and that’s one of the reasons right there. -Jon Merrill

Probably pretty similar to everyone in the building. Just draw dropping, just in awe of him. What came to my mind right away is he’s worth the price of admission every night for sure. -Merrill

I was like, ‘wow, like what’s going on.’ He was unbelievable again tonight and he saved our ass again. -Tomas Nosek

He’s pretty incredible when he makes saves like that. As a coach you’ve come to expect that from him. He makes those saves, he’s acrobatic, he never gives up on a puck and it was a big save obviously. -Gerard Gallant

I thought it was a goal, when I looked at it. That’s Marc, he just never gives up. -Gallant

It was obviously a great save, and took away a good opportunity… He made it tough. -John Tavares

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)




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  1. That was the key, without that save, it’s 2 to 2. Plus, it can hit the morale of the Leafs. My fav save since we had a team here. Great job Fluery !!

  2. Sammie Dee

    Time and time again you amaze me, Flower. You’re the highlight of my day, and Sportsnet. You give it everything you got night after night.

    You have been my goalie for 20yrs now, and I still sit and watch every game and walk away in awe of you. From the CBSE, to Pens and now VGK, I think you’re playing your best hockey.
    8 more days until your birthday, and 35 is looking great on you. You were born a day after my dad, and your son James was born the day before me. We’re connected! 😉
    Thank you for helping me find my smile again, after losing my momma Sept 25th. I look forward to all your games, it helps with the healing. You and the VGK are good for my heart.
    Much love from, Nova Scotia, MAF. You’re simply the best!

    • Welcome to the Golden Knight family, we love our Flower here, where would be without him. He is the straw that stirs the drink here. Sorry about your mom Sammie, you hang in their, their is a reason for everything under the sun. Just always make her proud, your a great person.

  3. Vic

    The expression on the Toronto player’s face behind the net was priceless. Probably the same expression we all had. Seeing the crowd rise and scream same as for a critical goal was also amazing. There were other magnificent saves in the game, but THE SAVE on the night of 11/19/19 will be remembered forever, and let’s hope it leads to even greater things. I guess we can say it happened due to a terrible call on Reaves with the score 3-1. Thanks ref for helping create another lifelong memory. How lucky we have been to have Fleury in the net for the greatest sport on earth.

  4. Unbelievable save but i think even if it goes in they were offsides. Maybe no challenge but seemed like it from our seats. Either way flower is the man!

  5. VGK2020

    great save!

    however, the question that should be asked is why does the Knights goalie have to bail out his teammates from ANOTHER 3rd period collapse??

    again, the dmen went into a total coma in the 3rd period. They began to do their old routine of bad soft turnovers, pinching stupidly at the wrong moments and situations, and chasing the game instead of staying in position and playing smart, organized hockey instead of fire drill chaos.

    until their 3rd period woes, especially at home, are solved and fixed, then it will be Fleury or bust this season. And woe are the Knights if any injury happens to sideline him for ANY length of time.

  6. VGK2020

    Another good question is “can the Knights forwards sustain that frantic forechecking pace for 60 mins every night”? occasionally yes, but not for most games, as it is too physically taxing. Thus, the 3rd period collapses happen as the Knights slow D corps is exposed and exploited.

  7. Kat G

    The Knights are a blast to watch. This 69 yr old MN Wild fan has found herself loving one more thing about Vegas. I get a lot of grief about being a “hockey gramma” in a state that prefers football, but hockey rules since high school. Iron Range has produced a lot of hockey notables over the years. What’s not to love? My two fav teams both won last night!!! Fleury is just amazing!


    F*** what a save


    Holy s*** Marc-Andre Fluery is sick



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