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Marc-Andre Fleury Injury Update

UPDATE (12/3/17 10:49 AM):

With Marc-Andre Fleury, he has passed his formal neuropsychology test. He is currently in the return to play protocol. He’ll be in that this week, and if there are no setbacks, he’ll be cleared for full contact later in the week.

If there are no setbacks at all he’ll be cleared, hopefully by Wednesday to return to practice, full contact. Which means in our minds his brain is 100% healed and as we’ve said often enough, that’s important now and it’s important 15 years from now. -George McPhee

UPDATE (12/2/17 11:50 AM):

Not sure what it means, but Fleury has concussion just one symptom left. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

ORIGINAL STORY (11/29/17): The Marc-Andre Fleury injury saga is a long and annoying one, and quite frankly, it’s no one’s fault that it’s gone on as long as it has. In 2017, due to the incredible advance in research on the human brain, concussions are taken as seriously, if not more, than any other injury an athlete faces.

On October 13th, Fleury took a knee to the head by Detroit Red Wings forward Anthony Mantha. Fleury remained in the game, but was placed on IR shortly after and has remained there ever since with a concussion.

The moment of impact. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The updates from the organization have been consistent, but vague. Essentially every time either Gerard Gallant or George McPhee have been asked the answer has been the same, he’s progressing but he remains day-to-day.

Today, appearing on SportsNet’s Prime Time Sports on 590 The Fan, George McPhee went as in depth on the injury as we’ve heard since October 13th.

His brain is important now, it’s important 15 years from now. He’ll be ready when he’s ready, and there’s no bright line test, we don’t know when that’s going to be but hoping that’s getting closer.

He did skate lightly two weeks ago and took some shots on a Thursday. Is he now back off the ice? -Prime Time Sports

A medical team was trying to get him out there to see how he felt, but Dave Prior who runs out goaltending department basically said “I don’t want him on the ice until he’s 100% healed because when I deal with him I’m going to go real hard with him. I’m going to push him hard and he’s going to face a lot of shots at 100% velocity and speed and everything else as hard as we can do things. That’s how he likes to train the goaltenders. He doesn’t like to take baby steps, he wants them on the ice when they are 100% healed so we are going to wait until we get to that point. -George McPhee

Gerard Gallant was asked about Fleury skating at T-Mobile Arena prior to the Golden Knights practice.

He skated where? No. He took a picture. Was he out there? I didn’t see him. I seriously had no idea. He’s not close with the team yet, but I didn’t know he skated. -Gerard Gallant

Summing it all up, it means that he’s certainly getting closer and doesn’t appear as if he’ll be out for the rest of the season like some have feared, but it also doesn’t seem as though he’ll be back with the team anytime in the immediate future.

Gallant said about a month ago that it would take about four to five days for Fleury to return to the net after he returns to practice.

So, once that final symptom of the concussion goes away, Prior will get him back on the ice, he’ll practice for a few days, and then he’ll be ready to come back and play.

The Penguins come to T-Mobile Arena in exactly two weeks, hopefully that’s the day, but with concussions, you just never know.


Gallant also gave an update on Oscar Dansk.

Nothing more than there’s been. When I see him on my injury report that he’s progressing and getting better. I’ve never seen a timetable. Obviously, it’s been four weeks, and he’s not on the ice so he’s still a ways away. -Gerard Gallant



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  1. Cody

    Honestly, as hockey players we’ve all had concussions, only an isolated few have emotional issues and even less (frown) kill themselves. People take it way too seriously “looking to the future” or whatever. Obviously get him healthy but I wish people could dial back the melodrama a bit. :/

    • Jo smyan

      Cody, didn’t know you were a neurologist. Marc Andre Fleury is too precious of a human being to play when he is not healthy. The NHL is much wiser than the NFL when it comes to concussions and caring about their players. Obviously, you’ve been hit on the head quite often

  2. Beat Navy

    It also looks like the organization seriously downplayed the injury. When football players get a concussion they miss one game at the most and from personal experience, mine only lasted about two weeks as well. To be out for two months is a serious head injury.

    By the way…how aren’t more people talking about the NHL concussion protocol? MAF’s concussion was so serious that he has been out for two months yet was allowed to play the rest of the Detroit game?! No wonder he let so many goals go…he was probably seeing three pucks.

    • Samuel Frick

      That was a joke by the staff of the nhl concussions protcal. There should be a rule that forces players that have symptoms of concussion/head injuries REDGARDLESS if they really are or not and cannot return just like the NFL. That was a BS move by the NHL.

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