The practice facility planned for Far Hills and the 215 has a face for the first time ever. Here are the pictures from the official Twitter account of the team.

The facility was originally planned to sit on Clark County land on Durango near the 215, but a better deal popped up through the city and now the location in Summerlin will get the go ahead.

The Creator expects the facility to be fully operational in 18 months, so the team will be able to practice there about half-way through the inaugural season.

You may be asking, how are they building a practice facility without a team? We have some interesting background on that courtesy of The Creator himself. He asked Gary Bettman directly if they should get going with a practice facility and the league responded by saying, “it’s your risk capital.”

Reading in between the lines, any answer other than “no” essentially gives the go ahead, and that’s exactly what happened.

The facility is moving along the planning stages quickly, and will likely break ground moments after the announcement. But it still should be mentioned, if there’s no team, there’s no facility.