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Looking Back At VGK’s League-Leading Nine 3rd Period Comeback Wins

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Last night the Golden Knights registered their Western Conference leading 35th win of the season. They did it in a fashion that has come quite familiar to Vegas, coming from behind in the 3rd period.

The comeback victory was the Golden Knights’ ninth win in which they trailed at some point in the 3rd period. That means more than a quarter of Vegas’ wins this season have seen them behind on the scoreboard in the final 20 minutes.

No team in the league has more 3rd period comeback wins and VGK’s 6-12-0 record when trailing to begin the final frame is tied for the best mark in the league with the 7-13-2 New Jersey Devils.

Last night was a first though for the Golden Knights. In the previous eight 3rd period come from behind wins, Vegas had never started the 3rd down by more than one goal in a game they came back to win. Against the winless at T-Mobile Arena Flames, VGK trailed 3-1 before scoring twice in regulation and winning it in overtime.

Let’s take a look back at the nine games to paint a picture of just how resiliant the 2022-23 Golden Knights have been.

at San Jose – 10/25/22

VGK trailed 2-1 heading into the 3rd period. Scored 0:55 (Kessel) into the 3rd to tie the game. Added two more goals at 13:13 (Karlsson) and 14:15 (Stone) to win 4-2.

at Washington – 11/1/22

VGK trailed 2-1 heading into the 3rd period. Scored 14:04 (Carrier) into the 3rd to tie. Won in OT (Theodore)

at Toronto – 11/8/22

VGK trailed 3-2 heading into the 3rd period. Scored a shorthanded goal at 11:43 (Smith) to tie. Won in OT (Smith).

at Vancouver – 11/21/22

VGK led 2-1 heading into the 3rd but gave up three goals in the first 6:11 to fall behind 4-2. A goal 40 seconds after VAN’s 4th (Carrier) took it to 4-3 and then another two minutes later (Smith) tied it. VGK won in regulation with a goal from Pietrangelo.

at Winnipeg – 12/13/22

Tied heading into the 3rd, WPG scored at 0:41 (Scheifele) to take a 4-3 lead. VGK scored a PP goal at9:38 (Marchessault) to tie. Then added another PP goal at 17:44 (Marchessault) to take the lead. An empty netter made it 6-4 before the Jets scored late to finish it at 6-5.

vs St. Louis – 12/23/22

VGK trailed 3-2 until late in the 2nd when Amadio tied it at 18:34. The game was tied for half of the 3rd until STL struck at 10:45 to take a 4-3 lead. VGK scored a power play goal at 18:24 (Stephenson) to tie it and won in SO after trailing 1-0 after two rounds.

vs Florida – 1/12/23

VGK trailed 2-1 heading into the 3rd period. They tied the game at 8:37 (Eichel) before taking the lead at 17:24 (Carrier). Vegas added a PP goal into the empty net (Karlsson) to win 4-2.

vs San Jose – 2/16/23

VGK trailed 1-0 heading into the 3rd period. They tied it at 6:22 (Cotter) before Carrier netted the game-winner with just 18 seconds left to play. VGK won 2-1.

vs Calgary – 2/23/23

VGK trailed 3-1 heading into the 3rd. A goal at 5:08 (Whitecloud) cut the lead to 3-2 before Carrier tied it at 12:35. VGK won quickly in OT at 0:42 (Pietrangelo)


The first five were all on the road before the last four happened at T-Mobile Arena. There are two multi-goal comebacks, two against teams currently in playoff position, and four that occured in regulation.

These nine are part of 16 games in which the Golden Knights have been behind at some point and came back to win. Only two teams in the NHL have done it more often, the Devils and Bruins.

And, the Golden Knights rarely blow leads too! They’ve only dropped nine games this season in which they’ve led at any point, the 2nd best in the league behind Boston’s incredible four. VGK have not blown a three goal lead and have only gone on to lose two games in which they held a multi-goal lead.

Add it all up and this is a huge reason why Vegas sit atop the Western Conference and are in great shape to punch their ticket back to the postseason.






  1. Sorvino

    Ken, I think it should be said every once in a while, thanks for providing this website and articles and information.

    • SMH

      Cheers to this comment – I couldn’t agree more! Massive thanks to Ken, Jason, and the weekly insightful cameo from Mike McKenna.

      • Emmanuel

        Thank you.
        I remember this being the 1st VGK website I found. I also appreciate everyone is allowed to speak their mind in the comments section. Sticks & Stones!

    • A Fan

      Per Elliotte Friedman on Kane going to the NY Rangers:

      On Kane/NYR: last 24 hours or so has been about lining up everything from cap situation to third-party trade partners to roster machinations to Kane’s approval. Making sure everything in place; no detail is missed. We’re grinding towards a conclusion, no one wants a misstep.

  2. TS

    Agreed to above! Thanks for keeping it interesting!

  3. Daniel Burns

    VGK played with some heart in the 3rd period against Calgary. They had pretty much been sleepwalking the first two periods. The elephant in the room is the PP situation. I I hear lots of rumors about trades. We need a goalie (unless Hill’s injury is minor), but we need a power play that other teams fear before the playoffs. Frankly. I thought it was odd that Calgary didn’t challenge for goalie interference after the Carrier goal. I mean, why not challenge. Calgary, like every other NHL team, must know our PP is pretty worthless right now. Even if Calgary lost the challenge (which they would of), they only risked giving us a power play.

    • Timo Meier

      Because it’s a penalty if you challenge and lose. Vegas would’ve scored on the ensuing pp easily, they had all the momentum

    • THE hockey GOD

      the final aggressive PK kill is what set up this game to be a winner for VGK

      forget the PP, the PK is more more important.

    • TS

      Daniel, good question on Carrier’s goal …it was questionable, wasn’t it? Flames’ loss for not challenging….

  4. Daniel – pretty astute observation -” why not challenge – Calgary, like every other NHL team, must know our (Vegas) PP is pretty worthless right now”. That is pretty sad but unfortunately true – it also gives teams who play tuff liberty to man hand Vegas with little fear of consequences and a PP opportunity means little to nothing. It was a fortunate win last night as Calgary ran out of gas in the third which up till then they were all over Vegas. Saturday with be interesting – hopefully a win but they will need to play 60 minutes to accomplish that.

    • TS

      HdbikerYou got it. Our PP is just running time off the clock most times. 7 wasted PP recently was the perfect example..(.vs Chicago, was it?) Opponents use it against us. Our Achilles heal, absolutely.

  5. Thg – the best PK is stay out of the box to begin with. Yes, PK is important as you pointed out but forgetting about a poor PP is a receipt for disaster.

  6. JV

    Pens put Kapanen on waivers. Doesn’t cost any assets to claim. Team currently has the space and you figure one of Hill, Brossiot, or both are not here next year. Kessel probably won’t be back either. There’s the money.

  7. Sorvino

    We are getting towards the end of the season, and if there was an award for most valuable commenter on this blog I nominate the HOCKEY god for providing comments that are intelligent, informative, funny and entertaining all at the same time.

    • TS

      Sorvino, he CAN be quite entertaining. Until…..POLITICS. I must say, though, he has been quite disciplined with his BS, so it is refreshing for us ALL!

    • THE hockey GOD

      what ?
      I am humbled and honored ! And I nominate Sorvino
      for providing a new twist on board.

      THE FIFTH LINE !!!!

      PS where’s Arnold ?

      • Walt

        Come on The Hockey God, we know you and Sorvino are one and the same. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

      • Walt

        To find Arnold, just look in the mirror.

        • Arnold Rothstein

          Arnold is not Sorvino, or Hockey God !

          To Hockey God, watch out i think Sorvino is playing you and reverted to his sarcastic posting again !

          Arnold the Brain !

  8. Emmanuel

    I noticed the Yotes have Chychrun, Schmaltz and that G with a last name that sounds like a milk based drink on the trading block. I wonder if a 1st, a 3rd, Whitecloud, Hill and a prospect could get it done?

    • Sorvino

      In my opinion, that would definitely get it done, but I think that would be a mistake and then overpay

      • Sorvino

        Sorry, I take that back. I missread that. I thought you meant giving all that up for only Chychrun

    • JV

      Vejmelka? I like him. Only 26 with a reasonable cap hit of 2.75M for next 2 seasons. With Thompson would be a decent though untested in the playoffs duo. But what would they do with Lehner and his 5 million? ( OK, serious answers only).

  9. Bobby

    AT&T SportsNet facing Chapter 7… It’ll be interesting to see who carries the games next season. I like having Fubo at around $75 mo with AT&T sportsnet…

  10. Jailbird

    A few weeks back Dallas dominated us here at home. PDB walked out with a big smile. We need to erase that smiles tonight! Effort is what will win. Without that we are doomed. With it we can beat any other team in the league! Get them tonight boys!

  11. Sorvino

    I think if we trade for Timo Meier and sign him to an extension, it will change the roster quite a bit next year as they would likely have to get rid of both Marchessault and Alec Martinez. It would make them much younger. I do think the roster does need to change that as it is getting a bit stale.

    I would much rather prefer to see two or three impact additions. My dream deadline day would be Ivan Barbashev, Tanner Jeannot and Joonas Korpisalo.

    • Emmanuel

      Domi n Barbashev.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i like Domi more than Timo, recent games I have watched not overly excited about Timo. Rangers are clearing space and looks like they are making a run at Kane.

      Meanwhile GG cuts Jake, will VGK pick him back up , on waivers today ??

      ps not the elwood and jake , jake.

  12. Sorvino




    Kessel and Amadio to the bench

  13. Sorvino




    Kessel and Amadio to the bench

    • Emmanuel

      Id take Kessel over Howden on the 4L and 2PP. That ‘1st’ line looks like sheeet.

  14. Sorvino

    I would take Kessel over Howden as well. I agree with you.

  15. knights fan in minny

    looks like kane to broadway lysischen on waivers

  16. Jailbird

    Better grab Domi in a hurry!

  17. knights fan in minny

    NIEDERITER TO THE JETS vegas better get going

  18. Jailbird

    You know they will come up with something minny. But, will it be the correct thing?

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