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Listen Up VGK, Honesty’s The Best Policy, So Says MLB’s Best Executive

When it comes to building a winning franchise from the ground up, no one in the history of sports is better than current Chicago Cubs President and General Manager, Theo Epstein. He’s the mastermind behind ending not one, but two, of the longest championship droughts in the history of sports.

Epstein began his tenure with the Boston Red Sox in 2002. In 2007 they won the World Series for the first time in 86 years. Epstein then resigned and took the same job in Chicago with the Cubs in 2012. In 2017, the Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years.

In short, this guy knows what he’s doing.

It started with trying to be really transparent with the players. The more you do that, it’s kind of like a drug. You realize it’s just easier when you’re transparent. You don’t have to worry about remembering your lies or your slants or your coverups. Then you realize it works with everyone. It works managing up, it works with the media, it works with agents, it works with your fans. It’s kind of the best way to do things if you can pull it off. Something as simple as transparency is really scalable, because it quickly impacts the culture. And the culture is something everyone feels. –Theo Epstein, Chicago Cubs GM, President

Be honest with players. Be honest with staff. Be honest with agents. Be honest with the media. Be honest with the fans.

It’s something we here at have been harping on for a long time and are often met with resistance with people telling us, “it just doesn’t work that way.” Well Theo disagrees.

If upper management is really transparent with everyone, that has this amplifying effect. Then you tend to attract players who operate that way, on the same wavelength, coaches and fans. -Epstein

Now I’m not here to say the Vegas Golden Knights aren’t being transparent and open. Much the opposite in most cases. The Creator himself is one of the most honest sports owners out there. But there have been some hints from this budding franchise of wanting to go the Belichick route at times rather than the Epstein one.

It’s kind of the best way to do things if you can pull it off. -Epstein

When you can’t pull it off is when you are making decisions that are not in the best interest of your paying customers. Remember when MGM instituted their parking fees. This is how they sold it.

After months of analysis, we believe these enhancements and new technology solutions will become welcome additions to our overall guest experience. –Corey Sanders, MGM Resorts Chief Operating Officer 

That’s not “pulling it off.” That’s the type of slant Epstein was talking about. Sure we all love the little red and green lights telling us which spaces are open, but it’s certainly not worth my eight bucks every time I go to the Strip. And don’t get me started on the process of getting in and out of these garages. Have a feeling most agree.

So how about a Golden Knights one?

Silver Knights was an option because this is the Silver State, but Nevada is the largest gold producer in the country. -The Creator

When we pushed names around in meetings, they asked me what I thought of Golden Knights, ‘That’s my favorite.’ It was almost unanimous. It was almost everyone’s favorite. -George McPhee, General Manager

These are also slants. What they really wanted to say was, “Bill likes Golden Knights best, and he put up a lot of money to have the right to make that choice.”

So, say it.

And don’t take it from me, take it from Theo Epstein.

Epstein cites that transparent culture — the honesty in his interactions with his bosses, coaches, players, agents, media, and fans alike — as a foundation of the Cubs’ turnaround. -CBS Chicago

Locals in Las Vegas want to love this team, and millions more around the world who identify with Vegas for whatever reason they choose want to be on board as well.

One of the most successful people in the industry has laid out a blueprint on how to do it, and all it really takes is a principal that’s said thousands of times in this country every single day.

I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.



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  1. A Fan

    What a concept, telling the truth. Good luck with that now-a-days. Just think of our everyday life, all the lies and BS that come out of politicians mouths for decades now, regardless of party. All the commercials we see everyday on TV, the internet, etc. I could go on, but I can sum it up with one sentence. ‘We Live In A World Of Lies.’

  2. Ryan Bayer

    Just a little fyi the Red Sox won their first championship 86 years in 2004, won their next in 2007, and their third in 2013. For the Chicago Cubs they won their first in 108 years last year.

  3. Phisig150

    Interesting another article about ownership being honest and praising Foley for his honesty. Still way too early to definitively say he’s one way or the other. He hasnt had many opportunities to lie yet. We’ve already caught him stretching the truth and putting the spin on a few issues. Just not sure what exactly you’re using to judge his honesty. He had a couple of scotches and kind of winked at you about a coach candidate he still hasn’t hired. What exactly has he been so honest and transparent about? The practice facility? Ticket pricing? I’m drawing a blank on things he was truly candid about but I can point to several instances of bull shit regarding the name. I guess maybe the budget for his head coach but everything else seems to be typical owner speak. I really hope Foley and McPhee walk on water like you keep telling us they do but I got this nagging suspicion that you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

    • Do me a favor and listen to some of his hour long segments with Blessing. He never shys away from a question. Whether it’s on jerseys, mascots, arena stuff, expansion payments, anything. He’ll tell you what he knows.

      • PhiSig 150

        Mascots and jerseys (both of which we don’t have yet) and an arena he owns 15% of don’t seem to be things you would go out of your way to lie about. Expansion payments I’ll give you I guess. The real test comes when we actually have a roster. What do most owners typically lie about? Spending in free agency, potential trades, firing a head coach or GM, how much money they make or allegedly lose, raising prices, etc. None of which he has had to do yet. Just put me in the wait and see camp. For some strange reason I have trouble trusting a multi billionaire right from the git-go. How many really honest and forthcoming owners are there really in all of sports? Not many that I can think of off the top of my head. Mark Cuban comes to mind. Chances are much more likely that Foley will fall into the camp that spins, stretches the truth, omits, and even occasionally lies straight to your face, than not. I sure hope he stays the owner that you’ve experienced and expect him to be but there has been enough bullshit that makes me have my doubts. Nothing wrong with a little healthy skepticism. If he turns out to be half as good as you hype him up to be I’ll be amongst the loudest to sing his praises. Check in with me in 2 or 3 years.

  4. Karl

    Cubs haven’t won the World Series in 2017, yet…….. Maybe?
    They won it in 2016.

  5. Slack

    All I know is, I hope our GM GM is modeling his Pacific Division franchise to compete with Calgary and Edmonton and not LA, Anaheim or even San Jose.

    • Dwayne Lucyk

      I agree with Slack, not even San Jose. The Sharks came close to winning it all last year, but their window for winning a cup is closing fast this year with each loss down the stretch, only 4 wins in the last 10 games. Either Edmonton or Anaheim will only be two points behind SJ this evening. The Sharks started a stretch of their last 11 games, which will see them travelling each day to play 9 games in a row, (2 losses already), with 7 more travel days to go. For a team fighting for their playoff lives to get in, LA Kings sure came up flat in both Alberta games and are out of playoff contention. After more than two decades of futility, it looks like the Battle of Alberta is on again. GM George’s initial focus should be to build a team that is strong down the middle, goalies and centers. LW, RW, LD, and RD side positions can be added after to compete against Edmonton and Calgary for the next five or more years.

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