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Letdown Periods Trending In Round-Robin Games

No one knew what to expect in Vegas’ first round-robin game against the Dallas Stars. Some Golden Knights players talked about bringing intensity, some said they would play it safe, making sure they were healthy for the first round. So when Vegas won 5-3 in a roller coaster game, it was no surprise that it was a forgettable victory.

While their 3rd period, four-goal outburst was outstanding, the 2nd period letdown may have some Golden Knights worried. However, trends are showing that most round-robin teams have had a letdown period in their first game. Five of the eight teams allowed two or more unanswered goals in a period, and three of those five teams lost.

Vegas vs. Dallas

We all watched it, Vegas looked like they were toast by the conclusion of the 2nd period. Then Dallas decided to sit back in the 3rd. Both teams allowed three or more unanswered goals and had extended moments of sloppy hockey.

VGK 2nd Period:

  • Allowed three straight goals (One PP goal)
  • Outshot 13-10
  • Faceoff Wins 43%
  • Committed one penalty (Theodore/Hooking)
  • Lost the lead

The puck was deep in Vegas zone for the majority of the 2nd period and Dallas took advantage, scoring three unanswered goals. Dallas took six out of the first seven shots taken in the period. At one point it looked like Vegas would never be able to clear the puck from their own end. Thankfully the Stars made it easy for the Golden Knights to come back. Dallas equally broke down and gave Vegas the room to snap off four goals in the final period.

DAL 3rd Period:

  • Allowed four straight goals (One empty net)
  • Outshot 16-6
  • Faceoff Wins 44%
  • Lost the lead/game

Both letdown periods changed the game. Dallas controlled the game in the 2nd, but came out flat in the 3rd. Vegas erased their 2nd period struggles by taking advantage of a sluggish opponent.

St. Louis vs. Colorado

In the other three round-robin games, similar occurrences happened. St. Louis took an early 1-0 lead into the 3rd period but slipped up at the end. Colorado tied the game in the third and jumped on a bad Blues penalty late in the game to win in dramatic fashion.

STL 3rd Period:

  • Allowed two unanswered goals (One PP goal)
  • Faceoff Wins 29%
  • Committed Hooking Penalty 1:17 left in game
  • Gave up winning goal with .01 seconds left
  • Lost lead/game

Boston vs. Philadelphia

The Bruins allowed the Flyers to score three goals in the 2nd period. Boston got within one late in the period but Philadelphia scored :08 seconds later completely crushing the Bruins momentum.

BOS 2nd Period:

  • Allowed two unanswered goals
  • Allowed three total goals (All even-strength)
  • Outshot 11-8
  • Power Play 0/1
  • Tie broken

Washington vs. Tampa

Both teams had good moments and a few letdown moments. However, neither team had a full period of mistakes. Tampa jumped out fast to start the game but put themselves in a jam in the 2nd period. The Capitals were awarded a late power play and tied the game with :28 seconds left in the middle frame. That changed how the game played out, as both teams battled to extend the game into a regular season overtime situation.

We’ve seen blown leads, shaky special teams and extended play of one-sided hockey in the early round-robin games, there’s no doubt the final two games will be crisper. Heck, and maybe feel like a postseason game. While the qualifying 16 teams are fighting to advance, the eight round-robin teams are playing in preservation mode. Either approach, letdown periods can sink any team.


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    Max Pacioretty LW, Vegas Golden Knights
    Max Pacioretty will make an appearance soon, according to Golden Knights coach Peter DeBoer.

    Pacioretty missed the start of the round-robin due to a “minor” injury that he sustained during the training camp. He hasn’t joined the Golden Knights in the Edmonton bubble.
    Source: on Twitter
    Jan 19, 1970, 6:29 AM ET

  2. Tim

    To play or not to play that is the question. On one hand the Knights wanted to come out smoking from what we’ve read and then we lay an egg. Now some players are taking it easy worrying about getting hurt before the tournament starts. Then if thats the case who should even give a shit about the game if their just going through the motions. In my opinion you either have a motor and you play 110% all the time or you don’t and your overpaid and would be on the trade block. Why they extended Nick Holden for two more years is something I’ll never understand. Paul S. right now is just putting in the time at 6.5 million do you think were getting our monies worth? George and Kelly know what there doing but sometimes I wonder. Patch is another example of should of we at 31 good player but have had his injuries last year and this year or keeping Nick S. at 21 who’s looking pretty good in Montreal. Tatar was our worse deal and then there’s not resigning David Perron at 4 million who’s doing a good job in St. Louis. In fairness Chandler Stephenson and Nick Roy were great moves.

    • Daryl

      I couldn’t agree more…. You either give it all you got or sit your ass on the bench. Besides playing it easy is one of the easiest ways to get yourself injured.

      As for Holden, I shake my head at that extention all the time. For whatever reason PDB limes him and I’m not so sure. As stated earlier, he was on the ice for 20-something of 20-something goals against and even knocked the puck in his own goal twice yet PDB praised his play

  3. Yes they won – great – they lucked out this time. That said they have to do something about their LACK OF POWER PLAY performance which I have noticed hasn’t received much attention in your recaps etc. Refs seem to be calling a substantial number of penalties watching pretty much all the hockey going on and Vegas is anemic in that category particularly the exhibition game as I recall. Opposition is going to take advantage of that situation banging Vegas around knowing they have little or nothing to be concerned about when they do. As you are well aware that kind of thing can lead to injuries which Vegas can ill afford. Murphy’s law suggests that when injuries happen it is more likely to occur to the dominant players for whatever reason and you all know what that could do. Just an outsiders observation but having played and watch hockey for years, way before Vegas even was thought about having a team this is a serious concern.

    • Daryl

      I’d say the PK hasn’t been that good either. They’ve had trouble getting the puck out of their own zone and making bad clearing attempts. Both goalies have made huge saves on the PK or the perce Tage would be even worse

  4. Doktor Hockey

    WOW! After just ONE game (which we won, bye the way) and here come all the negatives. I wasn’t happy with their effort for 40 minutes of that game, not at all .. but, they came back and won. Right now, that’s what I am taking from Monday.

  5. Doktor Hockey

    We’ll learn a lot about where our boys heads are in todays game vs the Blues! I think they will be ready!!!!!!!

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