Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website

League Takes Down “Vegas.NHL.Com”

Here at we are always looking for little hints or clues that may give us a better indication of when the league may finally announce expansion to Las Vegas.

Well, thanks to a tip from a little birdie, we may have unearthed a clue.

The website used to point to information about the NHL Awards here in Vegas.

Now, it gives you an error. Because it’s a subdomain on, we can rule out the domain lease ending, which means, this was done deliberately.

There are two realistic reasons for pulling the site. First, and the more realistic option, the league is planning to announce the NHL Awards are returning to Las Vegas in 2016, and they are designing a new page promoting it.

Or second, the more intriguing option, maybe the league is planning on using the site as the temporary home for the expansion team while the team name is decided.

Every current NHL team’s official website is After the league announces an expansion team in Las Vegas, there won’t be a team name, so they will have to use a different subdomain. sounds awfully nice doesn’t it?

There’s a ridiculously high probability we are reading WAY too far into this. But you have to admit, it kind of makes sense.


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