With the news that Commissioner Gary Bettman will address the media on Monday, rumors began to swirl about the possibility of an expansion announcement at the press conference.

Unfortunately, we’re here to once again deny those reports.

There are still a few steps which must occur before the league officially unveils Las Vegas as the NHL’s 31st franchise. Those steps include an Executive Committee meeting in which the 10-man group formulates their recommendation on expansion. Then that recommendation must then be presented to the full Board of Governors who will then vote (we’re still hearing unanimously).

The response we got from the league this morning confirms this process has yet to commence.

There is an annual Executive Committee meeting scheduled prior to the Board of Governors meeting each June, and this year is no exception to that. -Jamey Horan, NHL VP of Event Communications

When we asked if exact dates for those two meetings had been set, no response was sent.

Horan added this in the original email.

The agenda for the Executive Committee has not yet been formulated or distributed. No decisions have been made at this time as to whether there will or won’t be a formal recommendation on expansion brought before the Board at the upcoming Board of Governors meeting in June.

So, now you know everything you want to know? Right?

The process continues!!!