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Last Chance To Beat Up On A Tired Opponent

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When the Seattle Kraken take the ice tonight, they’ll be playing the second half of their eighth back-to-back this season. That’s the second-lowest total of any team in the NHL.

The team with the least… the Vegas Golden Knights.

Vegas has had one of the most favorable schedules in terms of rest of any team in the NHL this season. The Golden Knights not only had just seven back-to-backs this year, but they also faced 15 teams playing their second game of a back-to-back. Only five other teams have had more.

Tonight’s 15th game will give the Golden Knights a chance to clinch the division (with some help from Colorado) and lock in home-ice for the first two rounds of the playoffs.

However, the Golden Knights haven’t been great playing against teams on a back-to-back. They’ve won just four of the first 14 in regulation and added three more in OT. The seven losses saw just two go past regulation giving VGK a 7-5-2 record in games against tired teams.

VGK’s record when they were on the back-to-back was also not great this season coming in at 2-2-3. As points out, in four of those seven games, the other team was on a back-to-back of their own as well. Vegas went 1-1-2 in those four.

All the Golden Knights can do is play the schedule in front of them, but there’s been no doubt the schedule makers helped out quite a bit this year.

If the Golden Knights can take advantage of it one more time, they’ll likely have carved out a slight advantage in the first few rounds of the playoffs too.


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  1. Jailbird

    All that’s important, today, is WIN tonight. Period! Just win tonight. WIN! Let’s go boys! WIN!

  2. Blitz

    Calgary got eliminated from that last wildcard spot last night. That is a positive if VGK can seal the deal on the west.

    Really need the AVS to take down EDM tonight to relieve some pressure. I don’t like gambling on VGK winning both of these SEA games with a banged up crew.

    Here are the scenarios:

    2 wins – play 2nd wildcard WPG/NSH

    0 wins – play #3 pacific SEA (slim chance wildcard LA if EDM also wins 0)

    1 win –
    —AVS win all 3 remaining we play 1st wildcard SEA/LA
    —EDM wins out we play #3 pacific LA/SEA
    —EDM wins 1 remaining we play 2nd wildcard WPG/NSH

    • THE hockey GOD

      too many choices, and too complicated !

    • Who really cares? Regardless who they face playoffs are a whole new ball game and whether you think so or not anyone could win, yes even the wildcard. A looser could become hot, Vegas could experience issues like they have I the past, they could even buzz through every round Ike original team did. Unlikely but dream on

      • Blitz

        I care. Just compiling some data, thinking about it. I am not sure why I even try on this shit site. Fuckin simpletons.

      • TS

        Blitz, thanks for your input. IDK why you’re getting crap for your post. It’s HOCKEY- related, not controversial, not a 1000 word essay, just a SIMPLE post! Carry on!!

  3. Jailbird

    Like I said, forget all the maybes, right now, just win the F’ing game tonight. Simple!

  4. vegas fan in

    playoffs is a whole different animal you have to beat the good teams to get to lord stanley

    • TS

      Kfi, it’s gonna get REAL very soon —-
      I’m already PSYCHED!! I Worry a lot about those EAST BEASTS…boys better tighten up those helmets, cause heads are gonna roll!!!

  5. Emmanuel

    Western teams have longer flights they SHOULD play less back to backs.

  6. Blitz-?What’s your point – your caring or don’t caring is irrelevant and makes zero difference regarding the out come. Are you a frustrated accountant by any chance or just someone with a lot of time on your hands?

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