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Last 10 Games Typically Tell VGK’s Future In Playoffs

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There’s always a belief in the NHL that it’s crucial to be hot going into the postseason. For the Golden Knights, it has absolutely proven to be the case in their five previous trips to the playoffs. In the four seasons they ended the year well, they went on extended runs to the Conference Final or beyond. In the two years they stumbled down the stretch, they missed the playoffs and were eliminated in the First Round.

Vegas is currently 3-1-0 in the first four of the final 10 games of this year’s regular season and they have a playoff berth all but officially wrapped up. There are games still on the schedule against two of the three possible opening-round opponents, Vancouver and Edmonton. Here’s a look back at the history of how the season finished and how it turned out.

Last 10 Games: 6-1-3
Playoffs – 16-6 (Stanley Cup Champions)

The Golden Knights were winning and scoring in bunches down the stretch last season. They scored three or more goals in 11 of the final 13 games and posted at least four in eight of them. A pair of dominant wins over the Seattle Kraken ended the regular season and helped lock up the #1 seed in the Western Conference. That meant a home game to start the playoffs, which was a dud, a 5-1 loss to Winnipeg. VGK would go on to win each of the next four and start the Second Round with a win as well.

There were two games against an eventual playoff opponent in the final 20 games of the season, a pair of games played consecutively against the Oilers. VGK won in Edmonton and fell at home three days later.

Last 10 Games: 4-2-4
Missed Playoffs
VGK needed every point they could get in the final 10 games and ultimately they couldn’t amass enough of them to reach the postseason. Three consecutive shootout losses were the nail in the coffin as Vegas fell to San Jose, Dallas, and Chicago in the span of four days.

Last 10 Games: 7-3-0
Playoffs: 10-9 (Lost in Conference Final)

What a weird season this was. 56 games, consecutive games against the same opponent all year, and just seven different teams on the schedule. VGK were in a race for the President’s Trophy down the stretch this season and eventually came up a tiebreaker short. There were multiple games against both eventual playoff opponents and the Golden Knights split them with each of Minnesota and Colorado. 7-3-0 in the final 10 was part of a 15-3-0 run to end the season. This team entered the playoffs about as hot as can be, and it paid off until they had to play a new team for the first time in 10 months.

Last 10 Games: 8-2-0
Playoffs: 9-8 (Lost in Conference Final)

It wasn’t just hockey that got interrupted, it was the entire world as the global pandemic shut it all down. The Golden Knights were red hot before it happened wrapping up what ended up being the final 10 games of the season at 8-2-0. They were battling some serious injuries that healed before the resumption of games five months later. When hockey returned, VGK won three straight in the Round Robin and then went on to win a pair of playoff rounds. The only meaningful game against an eventual opponent was the Round Robin game against Dallas which VGK won 5-3. They then lost to those same Stars in five games in the Conference Final.

Last 10 Games: 3-5-2
Playoffs 3-4* (Lost in First Round *#NotAMajor)

The only VGK team to ever lose in the first round is also the one that struggled the most heading into the playoffs. After a 10-1-1 run to secure their postseason spot, the 2018-19 Golden Knights entered the postseason having lost seven of their final eight games. They lost in overtime to San Jose in Game 79, but beat them a few weeks earlier 7-3. In the opening game of the playoffs, they were blown off the ice 5-2 in San Jose. They came back to win the next three games, and we’ll choose to ignore what happened after that.

Last 10 Games: 5-3-2
Playoffs: 13-7 (Lost in Stanley Cup Final)

The inaugural season finished on more of a sputter than a bang as the Golden Knights dropped the last two games to a pair of non-playoff teams, including a 7-1 drubbing in Game 82 at Calgary. However, there was a 6-1-2 run right before that including wins over playoff teams Colorado and San Jose. It took no time for this team to get back up to speed though as they ripped through the first round in the only sweep in franchise history and ultimately won 13 of their first 16 playoff games.


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  1. Emmanuel

    If Hertl, Stone & Pietrangelo return the last 10 games wont matter….

  2. In response to your poll as to who we might face in the first round, you listed 3 opponents, oilers canucks and stars:

    My preference would be canucks stars and oilers in that order, however the avs and jets are very much and clearly in that mix as to who we might face as a wild card, bacause based on the king’s schedule they are very likely to be the 3rd place finisher.

  3. knights fan in minny

    nucks with a no namer in net tonight

    • John W

      Yea, but he gave up 3 goals total in his first 2 games, off to a good start

  4. ThG

    time to get out the crystal ball

  5. JB

    Well maybe some good news that Hertl will play tonight. But, no Petro, Roy and a couple others. Vancouver will play hard tonight still fighting for first in the division. We’ll see if we can bounce back after that collapse vs the Yotes!

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