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Las Vegas Wranglers Jersey Concept

About a week ago we learned Las Vegas fans will not have the opportunity to vote on the final name of our brand new team. The Creator and his staff submitted nine team names to the league for approval and they will follow through and select one in the coming weeks.

Many have speculated what those nine names may be. We know Black Knights and any variation of the name is on the list, but the remaining names are a mystery. We’ve done concepts for names like Aces, Rat Pack, Venom, Headliners, and more, but there’s always been one name that we feel like we’ve ignored.

It’s a long standing tradition in professional sports history to take the name of a previous minor league franchise and use it as the new name for a major league team (see Vancouver Canucks, Miami Marlins, Detroit Tigers, etc.). So why not name the team after Las Vegas’ longest running minor league hockey team, the Wranglers?’ superstar graphic designer and the driving force behind all of our concepts, Isaac Palestino, took the old name and gave it a brand new look.

WranglersHome WranglersAway WranglersAlt

Wranglers W logo Wranglers skull logo Wranglers skull logo 2

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.03.00 PM

Quite the nice update to what the Las Vegas Wranglers used to skate around The Orleans wearing back in the early 2000s.

Rather than go with the “non-negotiable” color scheme The Creator set forth, we went with the same colors the Wranglers donned. There’s quite a bit more silver in the design to pay homage to the Silver State.

The tips of the W’s obviously are supposed to portray bull horns, but you may have missed what’s on the inside of the W shaped skull. Yup, that’s the Stratosphere pointing up to the Las Vegas sign star.

All in all, I have to say, I wasn’t a huge fan of the idea of bringing back the name Wranglers when Isaac pitched the idea of designing a concept of the name. Now that I see the logos and the sweaters, my mind has officially been changed. Sign me up!



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  1. Cappy

    Silver Spurs


    Sandstorm (And they can play that much more than overplayed Darude song as their theme music. )

    Vegas Strip (There’s an old song they could use for that, too. )

  2. Jay

    Yes… 110 percent yes.

    This wins by a mile.

  3. Stinky Mutt

    Hmm. I’m not thrilled with the logos but they’re alright. The silver W is rather plain. The home jersey is not bad. I could fall in love with it, or at least like like. I kinda hate the away sweater. The alternate however? It’s a ******* masterpiece.

  4. Stinky Mutt

    And another thing. The silver W, especially with red and white jersey, is very New Jersey Devils.

  5. I like this concept a lot especially the alternate jersey which reminds me of the defunct San Francisco Bulls of the ECHL

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