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Las Vegas Team Will Be Named (Something) Knights

In an interview today with Brian Blessing on Sportsbook Radio, The Creator confirmed the team will be (something) Knights.

We went through with Adidas again last week. We have our colors picked, we have our basic logo picked, it needs some refinement. We have moved some color schemes around, and the team will be something Knights. K-n-i-g-h-t-s. We have the name. The name is trademarked, we have the domain name. That’s all I can say right now. -The Creator

So there you have it, the team will be named, Silver Knights, Desert Knights, or Golden Knights. As for the sweaters?

It almost looks like a steel mesh with another color underneath the steel mesh that brings out that Knight look. These are going to be great looking jerseys. The colors will be reflective of the name. It will have certain colors that will be reflective of the Las Vegas environment, like Red Rock. That red color.

The team name is still expected to be revealed in mid-October.

I don’t think we can make it by Frozen Fury. I don’t think we can get our jerseys, our T-Shirts, hats ready by that point.  We want to be prepared to market it and sell products.

Deep down, he still really wanted Black Knights.

It’s not as good as Black Knights, but it’s 99% as good. There was a little too much push back and frankly Army got worried about us using thew name Black Knights and I didn’t want to fight that battle.

He also took a moment to take a direct shot at me.

It won’t be Rat Pack, or what was Ken’s other name, Rat Group,or something?

My other name was Nights by the way. I kind of wish he mentioned the conspiracy theory too, which he completely eviscerated today.

Here is the interview in it’s entirety.

**Massive shout out to our boy Brian Blessing for prying this news out of him. Way to go!!!***


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  1. Michael

    Steel mesh look sounds like Silver to me!

    • James

      Plate armour is a historical type of personal body armour made from iron or steel plates, culminating in the iconic suit of armour entirely encasing the wearer.

      Steel mesh gives the impression that the hockey player is wearing armour like a Medieval knight. The Red Rock colours under the armour indicate the name is Desert Knights. That’s how I interpreted it.

      • Michael

        Yes, I was born and raised in England – we pretty much invented that type armor! My comment was phrased badly. I mean that my first instinct was that the chain mail itself was more likely to imply silver, owing to chain mail being steel. However, reading on with the red rock quotes, I think you nailed it!

        It is a pity we can’t get sparkychewbarky to do justice to the concept before we get the Adidas version…

    • JAY T

      Silver Knights with silver and red sounds better than the alternatives. At least they’ll be a “red team” like the Rebels!

  2. Michael

    Wait….the quote about Red Rock colors sounds like Desert Knights.

    • franky

      My thoughts, dark steel mesh over “red rock” color = Desert Knights.

      To me this adds up to Desert Knights..
      1.He said he listens to the fans (Desert beat Silver/Golden) easily in big polls.
      2.He wanted to acknowledge the environment.
      3.He wanted to acknowledge Vegas

      His quote is as follows…”The colors will be reflective of the name. It will have certain colors that will be reflective of the Las Vegas environment, like Red Rocks.”

      Love it or hate it it’s one of the three and the census goes Desert/Silver then way last at back of pack Golden which means nothing to anyone really and as good as Sand imo. I think it got single digit % when polled.

      If he names it Desert I understand, Silver I understand and like too but Golden? You litening BIll Golden sucks!

      • Michael

        I agree on your logic. My only concern on Desert is someone pointing out that all of the domain names are for sale, indicated they are not owned by Foley. I still think it must be Desert Knights somehow, though, as the red rock comments are a dead giveaway.

      • Tom

        If he truly listened to the fans he wouldn’t have gone with knights. He doesn’t give 2 shits what the fans want. It’s his money and his shitty name.

        • Yawn

          Exactly agree. He clearly has 0 concern for the fans or the city. It’s his name, his team, his decision, blah blah blah. Guy didn’t even give two craps about what fans wanted. So egotistical the decision was about his personal alma mater on the east coast with a mascot that means absolutely nothing to this city and he was so obsessed with what he wanted and his ego that what made sense for a city, the fans or even a brand was not a concern. Basically did exactly what never works and appears to have no clue how to build a brand, a following, get a city motivated and behind your product. Very sad.

  3. Zak

    Ugh, what a joke this is all going to be. These names suck, it’s apparent he doesn’t care what the season ticket holders think of his shit names. Where’s the poll he promised to help determine a name?

    Scorpions is a way better name than any version of knights.

    • Tom

      Dude I’m glad I’m not the only guy refusing to drink the Kool-Aid. How can anybody who lives in this town think that putting Desert in front of Knights sounds good? Like we don’t know we live in the desert. Would the Phoenix Desert Coyotes sound good to anyone? What a joke.

  4. James

    I’m more interested in the logo and jersey rather than the team name. It seems to be a foregone conclusion that Desert Knights was chosen.

    T-Mobile Arena’s design bridges the desert, via its rock-inspired exterior. Hopefully the jersey will look more appealing. It sounds very modern to me. I can see why Murray Craven referenced the Oregon Ducks.

    • nick

      Excellent catch James! Didn’t realize he took a nod from the T Mobile arena wow…has to be Desert!

  5. Cappy

    What? No “Sweaty Knights,” or “Steamy Knights,” or maybe “Dirty Knights?”

    Bettman would have a heart attack, so a really good reason to choose one of them!

  6. Tom

    Desert Knights is just a corny ass name, and as I’ve said before, a complete oxymoron. I pray that ain’t it. I don’t think it is. Remember Foley didn’t want just Knights anyways because he wanted to portray a tough team. Desert isnt a very tough descriptive word. It’s not even a descriptive word. It’s just stupid. Yeah we live in the freakin Mojave Desert. I don’t see the need to slap it on the front of Knights. So in my mind that leaves our 2 colors silver or golden. He could either continue the pointless nod to Army and go Golden Knights or he can totally rape Los Angeles of their identity and go with Silver Knights. I think it’s gonna be Golden. Gold and red would be not that bad of a combo for colors. Somebody with pull had to have warned him that Silver Knights is too similar to the other medeival-named team in L.A. who play in black and silver. I mean both knight names suck balls, but I guess Golden Knights would at least not be setting us up to be wannabe Kings. Let’s get this shit show over with.

  7. Tom

    And that cracks me up that he said it’s 99% as good as Black Knights. He also says he listens to the fans. Well if that were true then he’d know the cast majority of us hated the idea of Black Knights. So this name is gonna be almost as good as a name most of us hated. Can’t wait.

  8. James

    ‘Remember Foley didn’t want just Knights anyways because he wanted to portray a tough team. Desert isnt a very tough descriptive word.’

    Playing the devil’s advocate—The desert is a tough terrain.

    Golden Knights is my favourite of the 3, but it appears to be the consensus least favourite. Most consider it to be a slap in the face due to living in the Silver State.

    ‘Somebody with pull had to have warned him that Silver Knights is too similar to the other medeival-named team in L.A. who play in black and silver.’

    I agree but the jersey concept sounds truly unique. L.A. don’t play in chain mail silver and Red Rock red.

    I’m more concerned with the jersey concept than the team name at this point. At first blush it sounds in the same league as the Anaheim Ducks “Wild Wing” jersey and the LA Kings “Burger King” jersey.

    I finally came to terms with the team being named (Something) Knights a while ago. I don’t love the name and some of Foley’s hires, but what can you do? It’s his money and his name.

    • Tom

      My biggest problem with Desert Knights is it just sounds stupid. Theyre 2 words that don’t really go together at all. Have you ever seen a knight out in the middle of the desert? It sounds like a triple A baseball team. It’s really hard to get behind, doesn’t roll off the tongue, and it’s just the result of stubborn refusal to go with something un-knight related.

      • James

        ‘Have you ever seen a knight out in the middle of the desert?’

        I have read about knights out in the middle of the desert. During the first crusade over one hundred thousand knights perished in the desert.

        Surcoats were worn both to keep the desert sun off of the metal armour and to provide a way to identify each man.

        The Crusades were predominantly a series of religious wars undertaken by the Latin Church between the 11th and 15th centuries; historians cannot agree on any single definition of a crusade, or which specific military campaigns should be included. Crusades were fought for many reasons: to capture Jerusalem, recapture Christian territory or defend Christians in non-Christian lands, resolve conflict among rival Roman Catholic groups, gain political or territorial advantage, or to combat paganism and heresy.

        • Tom

          Bit of a reach but I know you like to play devils advocate lol. I think you know what I mean though. It doesn’t sound right. It sounds like 2 words that don’t go together. It basically sounds like “dammit I want knights in the name, even if it sounds ridiculous,” So I rank it last out of the 3.

  9. Joe Mama

    First off, how will this not be ready by Frozen Fury? Seems like a huge missed opportunity there. Chain mail/mesh looking jerseys sound ridiculous. Sounds like a wee bit of desperation after picking a lousy name. Which by the way, it sounds like it’s not even his favorite choice of names. It’ll all be changed in due time anyhow…Mighty Ducks anyone? Jerseys will undergo their own evolutions as well, so just announce it already and let me start buying the merch…

  10. Dwayne Lucyk

    Las Vegas Desert Knights does not “roll off the tongue” like Nevada Knights would have , if Knights alone was an available choice, but it will catch on eventually, if it is not an immediate hit, in tandem with the color and logo choices. I prefer siLVer Knights because of the potential of a third “worded” jersey down the road with the LV popping out of the players’ chests. Vegas Knight Owls would be a good connotative choice for adults and children alike. Since the kids are the next generation of season ticket holders, then keep them in mind for school promotions. A knight and snowy owl mascots or a hybrid of both would be fun for children growing up. If the mesh design of the new jersey is similar to Spiderman’s, half way up the leg and full chest, that would be cool. Just change the red color to rock red, and substitute the blue color with silver (or gold if it is Golden Knights).

    • Tom

      @Dwayne Lucky
      I hadn’t thought of the layout of siLVer on the jersey. That actually sounds cool. I wonder if Foley/Adidas realized that. That kinda makes me change my opinion a little. Now I’m thinking maybe Silver Knights my be the one they go with. I’m really holding out on hope that Desert Knights isn’t it.

    • Tom

      @Dwayne Lucky
      I hadn’t thought of the layout of siLVer on the jersey. That actually sounds cool. I wonder if Foley/Adidas realized that. That kinda makes me change my opinion a little. Now I’m thinking maybe Silver Knights my be the one they go with. I’m really holding out on hope that Desert Knights isn’t it. I don’t think it is though. Foley said “the color will be reflective of the name.” So I think it’s either silver or golden. At first I figured it must be Golden, but as you pointed out, if silver might be displayed as much as I hate the name, I can’t deny the marketability there. I just hope it doesnt copy LA too much.

  11. nick

    Accept the reality guys it’s one of the three tm’s, hate them all if you want but new suggestions are a waste of breath. In order of popularity Desert and Silver share the top spot, Golden a very distant 3rd. If he chose golden he’d be just adding to the insult imo. Silver State, in a Desert picking golden is ridiculous.

    • Tom

      You’re right. I’m officially done bitching. Won’t change anything.

    • James

      Waste of breath, but Las Vegas Green Knights should have been considered. The Green Knight hails from the West.

  12. A Fan

    It’s too bad he seems to be so stuck on any Knights name, they are all bad. At this point as some other have said, I just hope the colors/logos try to make up for a shitty 4 word name. Oh well.

  13. RJ

    Silver Knights is quite decent, Gold Knights is almost acceptable. Desert Knights and Sand Knights are terrible, terrible names.

  14. DaveVegasNews

    I see a new poll on twitter and Desert Knights is winning again at like 70% and Silver Knights second then Golden last again.

    I can go with Silver or Desert but if he choses Golden he has alienated the fans and stuck to both his army and knight obsession. It is disrespectful of the Silver State and its citizens deserving a nod in some form. Besides what is the point of naming it after a Parachute group, seems desperate and by an army that didn’t want you associating any ways. No Gold please.

  15. Dwayne Lucyk

    Since the Stanley Cup is made of silver, not gold, the ultimate goal, some day, is for the Las Vegas siLVer Knights to win the silver Stanley Cup. So that should settle it, siLVer it is, not Golden and not Desert for the first part of the name. Usually, athletes play most sports to win gold, but hockey is the exception, those athletes play to win the silver cup.

    • James

      @Dwayne Lucyk
      That’s a good point! I would lean towards Silver if it were between Silver Knights and Gold Knights. I just think Golden Knights sounds better. I don’t buy the argument that the UCF Knights dumped Golden, so we shouldn’t use it. In an ideal world I would also name the team Las Vegas Knights instead of Las Vegas (Something) Knights.

      I guess it doesn’t matter, but is there such a thing as a Silver Knight in mythology? I googled colours of Knighthood and found White Knight, Red Knight, Green Knight and Black Knight.

      To be honest, I don’t think there’s not much difference between them. I don’t feel that strongly about one over the other. It’s not like we’re comparing apples to oranges. There’s not much variety with only (Something) Knights to choose from.

      • Dwayne Lucyk

        I agree with you James and Nevada Knights would sound even better than Las Vegas Knights. Simplification is better than complication when it comes to pro sports names and logos. Yesterday, I toured the new 5 seating levels at Rogers Place arena in Edmonton and it sure has similarities to T-Mobile with the charcoal grey seats and all. The jumbotron is huge and is the largest in the NHL with 1,200 other tv screens and so is the large 34,000 sq. ft. winter garden entrance, sponsored by Ford, so fans will not get cold or snowed on when waiting in line to get security clearance to enter the main concourse.

        • James

          @Dwayne Lucyk
          Generally speaking, simplification is better than complication when it comes to pro sports names and logos. However, Las Vegas is a world renowned brand. It would be the biggest mistake possible regarding the name.

          Rogers Place arena in Edmonton is supposed to be the best in the business.

  16. James

    @JAY T
    Just out of curiosity, I googled ‘Desert’ sports teams and the Glendale Desert Dogs were the only match.

    The Glendale Desert Dogs are a baseball team that plays in the West Division of the Arizona Fall League located in Glendale, Arizona.

    The Yuma Desert Rats were a professional baseball team based in Yuma, Arizona, in the United States. From the 2005 season to the 2011 season.

  17. Michael Perfetto

    My guess is the jerseys will be black chain mail armor over gold. It looks like we’re going to be the “Black Knights” after all with a slight compromise on the name (Golden Knights) and the colors he wanted all along. It’s brilliant and a very menacing concept. I like it!

  18. Michael Olsen

    I still say the Las Vegas Mob would have been a great name. It has historical value to the city and the casinos.

  19. Mickey B

    I am speechless if this is true. I am hoping for a miracle that this is just another curveball, because those options suck. The Creator sounds like a stubborn old git with all of these lame ass Knights options. Hard to hear him say that Aces and Scorpions were available and he vetoed both of ’em. Understood that complaining does nothing, but a big missed opportunity if this all holds true.

    • Tom

      Ive given up hope. It’s something Knights. I never thought I’d be praying for Silver or Golden Knights. But I am. Desert Knights is worst than Black Knights.

      • James

        I agree with Ken.
        ‘I think if the name was Aces they still would have used Red Rock as a color inspiration.’

        My money is on Desert Knights, but I wouldn’t rule Silver or Golden Knights out.

        • Tom

          I don’t understand what sounds good about Desert Knights. Does anybody that actually live in Vegas like it? Because I can’t stand it. I’m wondering if it’s just interesting to people who don’t actually live in the desert. It’s really nothing special. Not special enough to name a team after. It sounds forced to me. Doesn’t go with Knights.

  20. James

    As an outsider, I would be interested to hear a Las Vegans take on this opinion on Desert Knights I found on the web based upon Foley’s comments of Loyalty, strength, perseverance, “We never stop trying. We never give up. We never give in.”

    ‘Of course there still are some other “Knight” names in circulation: Silver Knights or Golden Knights. By their very nature they seem too glittery for the type of in your face, hard core warriors players Foley wants to see on his team. Desert knights has that, going away from the glitz of The Strip and embracing the traditions of the miners and railroad men who forged the state of Nevada.’

    • Tom

      I’m a Las Vegan and I can tell you I really hate the “desert” part of Desert Knights. Ok I said I wouldn’t bitch anymore and I’m trying hard, but Desert Knights sounds horrible. For me, it’s stating the obvious. Yes we live in the desert. It’s not exactly anything that locals hold dear to their hearts. Like I’ve said before, I don’t feel like Las Vegans are really sentimental about much of anything. We don’t have to pay homage to the fact we live in the desert. Its kinda like hearing “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” It’s overused and annoying. Golden Knights? Fine. Silver Knights? Too much like LA, but whatever. But Desert Knights just screams triple A baseball club name. If our name was gonna represent anything, I was hoping for something cool like Aces or Mustangs or Peregrines. Bright flashy colors would probably suit Vegas well, since we’re all about entertainment and being over-the-top. I can deal with the subdued desert colors because it is reflective of our surrounding landscape, but the name Desert Knights feels very cliche for this native. I can see how people who don’t live here probably think it’s cool but for me its just a very obvious and blah name. Like I said before I never heard of a desert knight, to which James let me know about Knights in the desert during crusades. So that’s even worst, Sin Citys team will pay homage to forced religion. How fitting. Oh well, what happens in Vegas…

      • A Fan

        Aces, Mustangs, Scorpions or Peregrines and a bright color like the Flyers. BINGO! I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Oh yeah, I have said it many times before. 🙂

    • Tom

      Going back to your origin question of what a local would think of “going away from the glitz of the Strip and embracing the traditions of the miners and railroad men who forged the state of Nevada,” I worked for the Union Pacific Railroad for a while as well as worked in a limestone mine. I dont feel like the average las Vegan really feels one way or another about our States roots with those industries, and I don’t think anyone outside of town really does either. That’s just my opinion, but as we all know, the fans opinion only matter if it’s in line with what “the creator” wants.

  21. James

    @Michael Perfetto
    “These are going to be great looking jerseys,” Foley said. “The colors will be reflective of the name. It will have certain colors that will be reflective of the Las Vegas environment, like Red Rock, that red color.”

    How would you guys feel about red rock red being the primary colour if Desert Knights is chosen? I googled desert colour schemes. The colours don’t stand out like certain vibrant colours. For example, Philadelphia Flyers orange. Desert colours are more subdued.

    My greatest fear is that the jersey will look like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with a wide array of desert colours to reflect the Las Vegas environment.

  22. nick

    It has to be Desert Knights, it wins all polls and you cannot not listen to 85% of the people, period.

    • Tom

      I’m wondering how many of those 85% of people who voted for Desert Knights actually live in Las Vegas. It’s our team, and I’m willing to bet the average Las Vegas hockey fan doesn’t like Desert Knights.

  23. Glen Cox

    I think the whole knights name is to throw us off…It’s gonna be something totally different…My hope…ready to stand behind them and buy some merch.

  24. Shomu

    You are the real Gregon

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