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Las Vegas Something Knights Jersey Concepts

Here’s what we know. The team name will be unveiled sometime in November, unless it gets delayed again. They will select Desert, Silver, or Golden Knights. It’s possible the team is Vegas Something Knights rather than Las Vegas Something Knights. And the jerseys will include two things, a “steel mesh” and a Red Rock inspired color.

With those ideas in mind, we had our pair of graphic designers take a stab at what they think the team will look like when they hit the ice next October.

First off, here’s our resident jersey concept artist Isaac Palestino’s take on what The Creator may have in mind.

knights-mesh-final knights-mesh-away-final

Isaac was focusing much more on the concept for the design than the logo, so he chose to leave the space on the front for the logo blank. Here are a few logos we’ve shared in the past that may fit perfectly in the middle of these beautiful sweaters.

black-knights-logoLas Vegas Silver Knights Logo Love Vegas Silver Knights Alt Logolasvegas_logo

On to the next design, this one comes to us from our favorite Canadian admirer, Sparky Chewbarky.


First off, that Sword in the Vegas Star logo is absolutely brilliant. The designers at Adidas would be wise to utilize the Vegas Star, the Strip, or something else distinctly Vegas to link the team to the city… something the name doesn’t really do.

Sparky spent a lot of time breaking down the World Cup of Hockey jerseys to get a feel of what be believes Adidas prefers in their designs. This is what he came up with.

  • Minimal striping – more like blocks of color on uniforms
  • No waist or pants striping
  • Colors in logos don’t necessarily need to match uniform stripe colors (North America)
  • Inter-twining letter logos
  • High shoulder line with high arm numbers
  • Straight waist hem

When they unveil the actual jerseys, drop terms like “straight waist hem” and “high shoulder line” to your friends. You’ll sound like a genius.

Finally, just cause these jerseys are so amazing. Here are the Silver Knights jerseys we shared a few weeks ago.

lasvegas_away lasvegas_home_alt lasvegas_home

**If you are bored, check out the rest of our jersey concepts for names we now know will not be selected. Hey, you never know, maybe the conspiracy is still true.**


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  1. Tom

    Not bad. I especially like the helmet color. Too bad adidas isn’t gonna be asking for help on this, just like Foley isn’t asking for help on the name..but it’s nice to imagine.

  2. Matt

    I think with the red rock coloring, the team will be the Las Vegas Desert Knights, to me Silvet Knights would be with a light shade of blue and Golden Knights makes no sense compared to the other 2

  3. Stephanie

    Ok .. I’m a logo person , and honestly I DESPISE THE IDEA OF A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR ON ANYTHING RELATED TO THIS TEAM !!!! he’s blowing merchandising in my opinion ..sry …Las Vegas doesn’t have not one single thing to do with any knight in shining anything ..I think this a pure ego trip and as thrilled as I am and grateful for a professional team to be here , HE MISSED THE BOAT ..! DO YOU HEAR THAT MR CREATOR WHATEVER YOU CALL YOURSELF !? . It’s DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB ….. GOD GO WITH A COOL INTRICATE TATTOOED TYPE LOGO WHICH MEANS DITCH THAT DUMB ASS NAME AND GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY YOU IDIOT ..IM SERIOUSLY DEPRESSED OVER THE WHOLE THING ..IM NOT BUYING ANYTHING that has a whole person in the logo’s stupid …so I’ll just continue to buy Blackhawks jerseys or steelers and forget Las Vegas

    • Gene


    • Knights are whole people but Blackhawks aren’t? Oh stephie-doo

  4. Stephanie

    Also ,are you even sending anyone these ideas ? Because I’m not too thrilled with what Adidas or Nike has been putting out

  5. Jeremy

    Wish we could post pictures… I used to have my own hockey program and we were the Knights… Our logo was pretty sweet…

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