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Las Vegas Silver Knights Jersey Concept (Take II)

With the news of the trademark being filed for the names Silver Knights, Golden Knights, and Desert Knights, Vegas has been buzzing with discussion over which adjective they prefer.

Way back in November our graphic design wiz Isaac Palestino designed a Silver Knights jersey that was absolutely brilliant. But one design simply isn’t enough.

Today, we were sent another Silver Knights design from Newfoundland, Canada’s, Troy Birmingham that is quite possibly the sleekest concept we’ve ever been able to share. But before we share the jerseys, let’s discuss why Silver Knights makes the most sense of the three names available.

Nevada is the Silver State. Working in the “Battle Born” slogan with the Silver State is an amazing concept that has a connection to Vegas. Ok, enough discussing, let’s see some concepts!

lasvegas_home lasvegas_home_alt lasvegas_awaylasvegas_logo

Yeah. These are sick. The blue color is pulled directly from the Las Vegas skyline and truly different than anything we’ve seen in professional sports. The “V” is obviously meant to represent Vegas but also be the stone than the sword is stuck into. The logo is simple enough to be printed at any size, while complex enough to be unique.

Troy did an incredible job with these and the NHL would be wise in my opinion to scrap what ever they are working on, throw him a couple million bucks, and unveil these bad boys next week.

If Adidas can out do this, we are in for a real treat whenever they do finally announce the name, colors, logos, and sweaters. Can’t wait!

**Huge thank you to Troy Birmingham for designing these and allowing us to post them on the site. Please do me a solid and check out more from Troy at and follow him on Twitter @TroyBirmingham**


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  1. Cappy

    That’s really nice

  2. Marco

    I would buy all three jerseys

  3. Ron Murphy

    Hard to like a “2 name” nickname, but assume like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, we’d wait a year or two and drop the “Silver”…still hoping this is just a diversion as you talked about and “Scorpions ” is quietly being tied down

    • JAY T

      Hard to like a two name nickname? What are you talking about, man? You never heard of the RED SOX???? How about the Maple Leafs? Both have one of the biggest fan bases in their respective sports.

      SILVER KNIGHTS is fine, time to go with it!

  4. Ron Murphy

    Jerseys do look sharp

  5. Tyler Collins

    Incredible. I’d own every version of that jersey.

  6. RJ


  7. Michael

    That Argon blue is a nice main color…

  8. Dwayne Lucyk

    I have been advocating siLVer Knights, siLVerados, siLVerbacks, siLVer Blades, siLVer 17’s, siLVer Miners, siLVer Sonics, etc. for two months now. The logo design could be enhanced more by making the L and V in siLVer pop out more. I know it’s too late but how about MidKnight Maurauders (Pirates) for a tough mean name that the Creator is looking for? Either way “Hockey Knight in Vegas” will be an effective slogan to advertise game dates if “Knights” is chosen..

  9. Tom

    I liked the blue in the original Silver Knights jersey. Well actually I like this one more but it’s too close to the Sharks color in my opinion.

  10. A Fan

    The logo is simple but nice. The main color is just a lighter San Jose Sharks color as Tom mentions, wouldn’t work. I still hope we end up with a bright color that pops when you see it like the Flyers have. I’m not crazy about any of the color combinations on these jersey concepts other than the Silver Knights (Take I) dark blue color, but it isn’t a bright ‘pop’ color either. (Sure dislike the name Silver Knights though)

  11. James

    @A Fan
    What do you think of Team North America and Team Europe World Hockey Jerseys? The Adidas designers were given artistic license to create. Both logos are simple but nice. The Team North America jersey is a little unorthodox. I expect something similar from Adidas.

    • A Fan

      @James Kind of like them, but I agree the Europe one looks better. The blue colors look good.

  12. T. J. Oakley

    How about the KnightHawks so you have both of the Knights and Hawks together that would be.unique and also dynamic?

  13. Dave

    Those are the best jerseys I have seen yet, clean lines, bold edges, sharp yet soft, incredible work!

    I sure hope its Silver Knights.

    Hey Ken or Troy any way to work the name Silver and Knights into the V say Silver running down left side of V and Knights the right? Not sure how it would look just throwing ideas out there.

    • Certainly could happen, but Troy wanted to make the standard design simple. If you look at most NHL logos, there’s no lettering.

  14. Hockeychick72

    Not a fan at all. The colors are too close to Sharks colors, the V with the swors coming through looks falic and the name it self is blah. This is an epic design? Say it isn’t so.

  15. Jason Adams

    From what I gathered, Foley wants black, gold, silver color scheme, similar to his army knights/west point background. I like the blue but not as a primary color. If it’s used, it’ll be for the piping to make the colors pop. Personally, I still think it’s all a smokescreen to get scorpions trademarked.

  16. Timothy Pietrzak

    As a self described expert on jerseys.. that emblem and icon for the team couldn’t be more Boring.zzzzzzz…. a knights helmet with swords.. boom.. easy.. But the design of the shoulders is epic.. But the blue needs be more Blue Jacket and less Shark..

  17. Jonathan

    I really like it. Using the sword and the V works. As far as the color is concerned, Sharks are teal, this is light blue. Side by side the colors would look completely different. Not an issue IMO.

    My only issue is with the Kinghts name and that’s mainly because we are in the Pacific Division. How many times do you think we will see the headline “Kings Rule the (Silver/Golden/Desert) Knights Again?”

  18. James

    @Hockeychick72 @Timothy Pietrzak
    Perhaps I’m colour blind but I see a colour resembling powder blue! I’ve never mistaken the powder blue San Diego Chargers for the Miami Dolphins, who play in teal.

    Granted the Sharks original sweater is closer with colour. According to Wikipedia, they currently play in Deep Pacific teal.

    A scimitar sword seems more appropriate if/when Desert Knights is chosen. A scimitar is a backsword or sabre with a curved blade, originating in the Middle East. The Desert Knight Batman Action Figure I came across comes equipped with whirling scimitar swords.

  19. James

    @Ron Murphy
    I assume that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays could have been called the Tampa Bay Rays from day 1. I don’t know if we can wait a year or two and drop the “Silver” or “Desert”…I don’t blame him, but I get the impression that Mr. Foley won’t even entertain the idea of buying a team name. Call me skeptical, but I think Mr. Foley would be more receptive to Las Vegas Knights if it was actually available.

    I predict that the team will change their name after Mr. Foley eventually sells the team. It’s a no-brainer if the team on the ice can’t get out of each other’s way. It might take a Stanley Cup for Desert Knights to stick long term.

  20. Greg

    Is this the jersey for the Las Vegas Wintergreen Swords? Decent if so.

  21. Zak

    That sword looks more like the Stratosphere than a sword.

  22. Stephanie

    I thought they had Nighthawks set aside too ?

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